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  1. Minerboard antminer manager - product of the Minerboard project Minerboard antminer manager - software for managing ASICs Minerboard Antminer Manager: 1. Finds all ASICs at your specified IP address 2. Collects all kinds of information about your ASICs 3. Makes a short and all-embracing list of your devices’ performance data What are the advantages? - You can choose a required number of ASICs - You can update or restart operation information - You can change your pool / username / password in a few clicks . Read more about "Minerboard" and about "Minerboard antminer manager" on Mining Software Solutions Development of universal software solutions for cryptocurrency mining We will answer in the branch to all your questions!
  2. Now working with Minerboard is even easier! Join in a few clicks.
  3. Check out telegram-chat - https://t.me/minerboard
  4. Now the GPU is tested on linux. Let's run in 1-2 days
  5. According to Whattomine, mining through NiceHash is now more profitable. Our software does not seek to increase your profit, you do it yourself. We just give mining assessments and optimize all processes.
  6. The software was developed for our own mining purposes, but we are OK if everyone uses it. Mining goes to the specified purse (you can check it by going to the pool) and is completely free. When we get positive and adequate feedback, we will have the motivation to continue developing and make the project more convenient and large-scale. We take a percentage exclusively from the pools with which the affiliate works
  7. did not understand your question!
  8. Our software is absolutely free of charge
  9. Thanks, Hope to meet our users' expectations
  10. MINERBOARD - Free software for monitoring and management your miners (ASIC/GPU) More info about our project: https://minerboard.com/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2379339.0
  11. Why Minerboard ? One of many reasons is ease of use! minerboard.com
  12. Good afternoon! All who filled in the form on the website minerboard.com have already received an information letter about the future activities and plans of our project! Less than a month is left before the release. Want to know more - JOIN US NOW .

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