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  1. launching date and time: 20 July 5-00PM UTC Zoon.market is a distributed unmoderated marketplace with its own mineable coin ZOON and built-in exchange for many altcoins, so everyone can pay with preferred liquid token. *we only provide decentralized, highly anonymous platform without a single control center. Users themselves are fully responsible for all their actions according to the laws of their country. Coin specifications Name: ZOON (ticker - ZOON) Maximum supply: 20 million Algo: Lyra2z (migration to MTP by the end of the year) Block time: 2 min Retargeting: every block Reward: 3 ZOON per block 1-2000, after: 10 ZOON, MN get 70%, POW 30% Halving interval: ~5 years (1300000 blocks) Privacy: ZeroCoin protocol Masternode collateral: - 2000 ZOON Beginning of payments to masternodes: block 2001 (~2.5 days after the start of the coin) Maturity: 90 blocks (~3 hours) Premine: 3% (600000 ZOON) What is the project about? This is a private, modern and developing coin ZOON, decentralized marketplace Zoon.market where ZOON is the main currency. Plus, this is interaction with the exchange (http://SABEX.org) which will be built in marketplace so many altcoins can also be used for shopping. Why premine? ZOON will be used not only for self-promotion (which means bounties and airdrops) but also for Zoon.market app bounty campaigns. It will also be a friendly coin to the upcoming exchange SABEX for premium listing payment and will be used for marketing and bounties for this exchange. We also scheduled regular burnings of the premine (to attract attention and price support) and swaps/airdrops to Bitcoin@CBC (https://cleanblockchain.org) HODLers. Why Masternodes? Unlike many other coins, ZOON masternodes will actually be involved in the work of the marketplace. They will be parts of the cloud which host encrypted user data and allow to use our marketplace from thin clients (application which can be run on any mobile device) Q3 2018: ☸ Release of full node wallets for all major platforms ☸ Creating a basic infrastructure: site, block-explorer, etc. ☸ Web wallet, electrum ☸ Integration with SABEX exchange ☸ launch bounty campaigns (coin & marketplace) ☸ Technical whitepaper ☸ CryptoBridge listing Q4 2018: ☸ Raising funds to list on two big exchanges (Coinexchange, Cryptopia) ☸ Plan for further development (extending roadmap) ☸ Marketplace desktop app demo ☸ Migration to Merkle-Tree Proof algo ☸ Development of a single application Wallet/Market/Exchange Q1 2019: ☸ Desktop application final release ☸ Marketplace masternode integration ☸ Mobile application development ☸ Marketing and promotion Q2 2019: ☸ Introduction of a single type smart-contracts to coin/market ☸ Zoon.Market monthly turnover > 2 000 000$ For those who want to join and become part of the community. Anyone can help this project take its rightful place in the crypto industry, we will need not only investments, but also hashpower to maintain the network, marketers, bounty managers, developers, activists, designers, SMMs and just good advices. We are sure that all your efforts will be rewarded and the invested funds are multiplied. Make DarkMarket Great Again!
  2. Introduction Globy Coin, a Better World is within everyone's Grasp! We are a coin, which is safe, fast, economical and truly eco friendly. In its essence Globy Coin wants to create a better world, with benefits for everybody.we are going to start projects for the local environment, as well as global ones. While our coin is becoming stable, and able to produce these projects the initial investors will benefit from the ROI from the start. As the projects desire originates to create a better world, we need to reduce the heavy energy consumption, which is being caused by mining farms. As for blockchain technology mining, it is clear that we have reached a point of no return, looking from a environment friendly perspective, this is why globycoin has decided to implement the PoS Protocol, which reduces energy consumption tremendously, and is environmentally friendly and efficient. We believe this protocol will takeover the preference from mining in the near future, and with this we believe our Globycoin will become the most innovative currencies. Globycoin will be one of the safest, fastest coins to date compared to the competitors we have right now, through our projects and the coin we believe that everybody will be given a opportunity to earn money while investing in our planet to create a better environment, this is a true coin for everyone. Priority goal of Globycoin 1. Is to help the poor and needy in disadvantaged areas of the globe. We can choose to donate local institutions or aid groups of the communities choice. 2. Will order to supplies of food, water, medicine, education, medical facilities, etc. However our main intention is to help educate the population so we can build a foundation and not just provide aid. 3. GlobyCoin will also to preserve local Environment, or even import plants and animals to help sustain the local ecosystem and help create a safe haven for endangered species of that region, which will create a natural oasis for the animals.. 4. Our aim main aim is to be able to make these projects self sustainable, generating a profit from Masternodes, and Prices From Exchanges . Our Intention is to use 30% of the entire profit, generated by the Globy projects, to further develop and create new projects. All investors, will help create not only a truly independent charity organization, but a organization that will continue to try and improve global environment issues, and with the help of the community, Globy Coin will add Improvements to the project in the future. https://youtu.be/H9URtnPQQEs Features Eco-friendly-proof of stake-trasparent ledger-fast transaction-fast confirmation Whitepaper English : https://globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-en.pdf Ukrainian : https://globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-ukr.pdf Filipino : https://globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-fili.pdf Chinese : https://www.globycoin.org/pdf/whitepaper-cn.pdf Special Discount on private sale for first 10 masternodes,dm on discord https://discord.gg/XTayPja Specifications Coin name : Globycoin coin abbreviation : GLB Algorythm : xevan block reward : 777 decrease 5% every 250.000 blocks till to blocks 2.500.000 coin supply : Block every : 120 seconds premine : yes premine percent : 5% = 500.000.000 coinbase maturity : 20 number of confirmation : 6 minimum coin age : 12 hours pos interest per year % : masternode 75%,pos 25% to run a masternode : 150.000 coins minimum transaction : 0.0001/Kb maximum block size : 4 Mb Pos difficult : difficulty retargeting every block POW from block 1 to 2000 POS from block 2001 Has 5% Premine that will be used for masternodes presale,Bounties,Exchange Listing,masternodes stats site,hire employees and to continue further development for globycoin like upcoming Integrations and much more as Listed in our Roadmap.Thanks for your support! Team We are here to leave a tangible sign in the world of cryptocurrencies and we like to help people in need.We come from various parts of Europe, but the team is constantly evolving, no important member or false profile,modest people not hungry for profit, humble people who dedicate themselves to the cause, you will find us every day available on social channels , we want globy go to Mars,Thanks in advance. Roadmap Q3-2018 Website launch Coin launch Bitcointalk announcements Social network pages (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit and youtube) Bounty and airdrop Masternode presale Hire employees Exchange listing Q4-2018 Continuous development of the currency, blockchain and wallets Exchange listing Coinmarketcap or similar listing Masternode.pro or similar listing Start to donate to charitable associations Q1-2019 Advertising Video Creations Advertising events Listing on medium exchange. Wallet for ios and study for app android Continue to donate to charitable associations Q2-2019 Development of app “ Civilization” Development App for Android and ios Implementing payments in Coinpayment Search Sponsors and Partners Continuous development of the coin and wallets Continue to donate to charitable associations Q3-2019 Development of micro loans donation Development of Globy gift card Study about the Oasis project for Flora and fauna Study about Independent charitable organization Continuous development of the coin and wallets Q4-2019 Continuous evolution on the whole project Search and implement new tecnology Continuous development of the coin and wallets Q1-2020 Continuous evolution on the whole project Continue to donate to charitable associations Explorer Exchanges i am pleased to announcement we are applying and waiting reply from yobit and stocks.exchange Masternode stats https://mnode.club/ Bounties https://discord.gg/XTayPja translations youtube video and so on Wallets From website : https://globycoin.org/download/globycoin.Windows. Windows 32 bit From github https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore/releases/download/ Windows 64 bit https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore/releases/download/ Windows 64 bit https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore/releases/download/ Linux/Ubuntu 64 bit Github https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore How to setup your masternode https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore/wiki/Masternode-Setup-Guide Community Web : https://globycoin.org explorer : telegram : https://t.me/globycoin bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4623795.0 twitter : https://twitter.com/globycoin discord : https://discord.gg/XTayPja facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Globycoin youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZDXHp0ik3Tq_xCPXulHMLw reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/Globycoin github : https://github.com/Globycoin/glbcore email : info@globycoin.org
  3. Website | Discord | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Campaigns | Whitepaper | Explorer
  4. The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Masternode Ecosystem TWITTER || DISCORD || TELEGRAM || MEDIUM || GITHUB ◎ ABOUT MNOS stands for Masternode Operating System, which is a One-Stop-Solution System for Masternodes. MNOS system provides most powerful infrastructure for masternode investors. It consists of MN monitor/stats service, MN hosting(both full-node and shared-node), MN ICO platform, MN coin exchange, MN coin payment gateway, MN coin online e-wallet, mobile platform and etc. In a word, MNOS system offers multiple masternode-related services in one place in where users can use all the service by using one account. The list of potential features of the platform can be infinitely extended, and will continue growing as the platform evolves. ◎ MISSION The main goal of MNOS is to bring masternodes to the masses. What MNOS aims to cater to its users is a complete experience of accessing the available masternode services and products in the same place. On the other hand, MNOS system provides our users with infrastructure services to break those technical barriers and make the deployment of masternodes easy and simple. ◎ SPECIFICATIONS MNOS coin will be used to pay for the services on MNOS Platform. Symbol - MNOS Algorithm - Lyra2Z Type - POW & MN Address Starts - M Block Reward - 16 MNOS Block Time - 120s Max Supply - 21M MNOS Premine - 4% Difficulty Retarget - DGWv3 P2P Port - 6555 RPC Port - 6556 MN Collateral - 1,500 MNOS MN Reward - 50% Multi-Wallet Support - yes ◎ BLOCK REWARDS Block Rewards: 50% For MN 50% For Miners Instamine Protection: (For the first week: 1 - 5040 blocks) 1-15 blocks: 1 MNOS 16-60 blocks: 2 MNOS 61-720 blocks: 4 MNOS 721-1,440 blocks: 6 MNOS 1441-5040 blocks: 8 MNOS Afterwards: 16 MNOS Super-Block Rewards: (MNOS provides Super-Block Rewards) Hourly Super-Block: X2 Payout (Each 30 Blocks) Daily Super-Block: X4 Payout (Each 720 Blocks) Weekly Super-Block: X8 Payout (Each 5040 Blocks) Code: //SuperBlock Rewards if(nPrevHeight % 5040 == 0) nSubsidy *= 8; //Weekly SuperBlock (X8 Payout Every 5040 Blocks) else if(nPrevHeight % 720 == 0) nSubsidy *= 4; //Daily SuperBlock (X4 Payout Every 720 Blocks) else if(nPrevHeight % 30 == 0) nSubsidy *= 2; //Hourly SuperBlock (X2 Payout Every 30 Blocks) Rewards Decrease: Block Reward Decrease 10% Each 64,800 Blocks (~ 3 months) After #5040 Block ◎ Estimated ROI Note: Only 30 MNs will be sold during the public-sale phrase (Block 1-5040) ◎ LANUCH TIMELINE PRE-ANN on Bitcointalk: July 12th Website AND Whitepaper Launch: July 13th Blockchain Launch (Code & Wallets & Explorer): Tuesday, July 17th 2018, @2pm UTC (Countdown) Public-Sale Start: Tuesday, July 17th 2018, @4pm UTC Bounty Campaigns Start : July 17th ◎ PUBLIC SALE SCHEDULE MNOS Public Sale will start after the blockchain launch on Tuesday, July 17th 2018, @4pm UTC and last till we reach 5040 blocks. A total of 30 MNs will be sold during the public sale. The price of MNOS will increase 10 % each day until all the MNs are sold. And everyone can buy up to 3 MNs. More detailed information will be post here in the near future. Day 1: $1.5/MNOS - $2,250/MN Day 2: $1.65/MNOS - $2,475/MN Day 3: $1.8/MNOS - $2,700/MN Day 4: $2/MNOS - $3,000/MN Day 5: $2.2/MNOS - $3,300/MN Day 6: $2.4/MNOS - $3,600/MN Day 7: $2.65/MNOS - $3,975/MN ◎ ROADMAP July 2018 PRE-ANN Website & Whitepaper MNOS Blockchain Launch Wallets & Explorer Release Masternode Setup Script Public Sale Bounty Campaigns Airdrop Alpha Version Platform Release CryptoBridge Listed MNO Listed August 2018 MN Monitor/Stats Service MN (Full-Node) Hosting Service PaperWallet Release CoinExchange Listed CMC Listed Advertising on Social Medias (Google, Facebook, Twiter) September 2018 MN (Shared-Node) Hosting Service Website & Platform Redesign Cryptopia Listed More detailed information will be updated in the near futrue. ◎ BOUNTIES Note: All the rewards will be paid in MNOS after the launch within 7-14 days. ● ANN Thread Translation Bounty Rules: 1.Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 2.Machine-translated (e.g. Google Translate) content will not be accepted. 3.To Reserve a translation, please PM us on Bitcointalk with atleast 3 previous translation examples and wait for approval. 4.Translators need to finish the translation in 3 days and then send the link to your local thread to us. 5.Translators need to keep your language’s thread updated. Reward: 100 MNOS / Language Quote Arabic - disantes Indonesian Spanish Chinese Croatian German Greek Hebrew Italian Japanese Dutch Korean Philippines Polski Portuguese Russian - anayurik Romanian Skandinavisk Vietnamese - blood.maple.0401 ● Discord Invite Bounty Rules: 1.The Discord Invite Campaign ends on July 23rd 2018, @2pm UTC 2.The minimum number of invites to get the reward is 10 3.Spammers and cheaters will not be paid and banned Reward: 0.5 MNOS Per Invite Extra rewards for the TOP 5 inviters: TOP 1: 150 MNOS TOP 2: 120 MNOS TOP 3: 100 MNOS TOP 4: 80 MNOS TOP 5: 60 MNOS ● Mining Pool Bounty Rules: 1.Mining pool should be ready after the launch in one hour. 2.To Reserve a bounty, please PM us on Bitcointalk. 3.Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Only First 5 Mining Pools will get paid Reward: 200 MNOS Per Mining Pool More Bounty Campaigns Will Start on July 18th. ◎ JOIN US We are looking for the some talents to join our team: community managers, moderators, tech supporters, UI designers and etc. Or you maybe just have done some works like this before. Feel free to talk to us via PM/Discord/Email. Email: contact@mnos.io Discord: MNOS#6902(ID:466614608690675713) Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TanPkgq
  5. SCHAIN - A Healthy Environment Blockchain Net launch 21 Jul at 00:00 About Schain Schain is a block chain based on machine learning / AI dapps focused on the first step in social things, environment, medical and electric sector. Our focus is a massive institutional adoption using our dapps with some functions like pay bills on our currency, get rewards on dapps for doing some things. This rewards will be announced for each dapp we publish Coin info Website: https://www.schain.network/ Explorer: https://explorer.schain.network/ Source code: https://github.com/ZyX7/schain/ Coin statistics: https://github.com/ZyX7/schain/blob/master/README.md Wallets: https://github.com/ZyX7/schain/releases Discord: https://discord.gg/TSTnEfV Contact: team@schain.network Masternode setup script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ZyX7/schain-mn-install/master/install.sh VPS staking setup script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ZyX7/schain-mn-install/master/StakingSetupVPS.sh Whitepaper: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/465525288336621578/466813785563332609/Whitepaper_release_v1.0.pdf Coin specs Block times: - 1 minute Maximum supply: 2,500,000 (2.5 million) SChain Consensus mechanism: Proof-of-Stake (85% masternodes, 15% stakers) Algorithm: Quark-hash Masternode collateral: 1,000 SChain Featuresl: - SwiftTX, budget, treausury and masternode governance is enabled RPC Portl: - 10020 P2P Portl: - 10021 Block reward breakdown (Block height - Reward per block) Actually premine is done because POS blockchain need some coins to run at first step, blockchain its paused on block 200 to a clear start for investors until 21 Jul at 00:00 [Countdown in website] Block 0-200 Premine Block 201-30,000- 2.500 SCH Block 30,001-200,000 - 1.875 SCH Block 200,001-500,000 - 1.250 SCH Block 500,001-900,000 - 0.625 SCH Block 900,001-1,500,000 - 0.250 SCH Block 1,500,001-6,000,000 - 0.125 SCH Presale 18 of 20 Masternodes available Price : 0,25 BTC, contact ZyX7#4966 on our discord https://discord.gg/TSTnEfV Airdrops Airdrop 1 1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a discord users after block 1000 On block 1000 to 1002 we unlock airdrop channel in discord, u must put your schain addr to get airdrop Airdrop 2 1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a one masternode winner in block 3000 Airdrop 3 1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a one masternode winner in block 6000 Airdrop 4 1000 SCHAIN will be distributed on a one masternode winner in block 9000 Bounty Bounty 1 Post this ANN translated to other language and send your SCHAIN addr, u will receive 25 SCHAIN. [Block 600 >] Bounty 2 Share your own discord link, if u are in top 3 on block 3000 u will receive a rewards are here Top 1 : 250 SCHAIN Top 2 : 125 SCHAIN Top 3 : 75 SCHAIN FAQ What is SChain? Schain is a transactional security and privacy driven decentralized open source cryptocurrency. We are a experienced team on big data / blockchain who wants to focus development to boost a healthy environment in the world, this is the main reason why Schain is a full POS cryptocurrency. Why premine? Premine is needed because the team expect this on early phase : Get listed on two exchanges on 2 first weeks after main net start, now we have 2 option: 1 - Cryptobridge 2 - Stocks.exchange and graviex Fund for a massive marketing campaign Hire more devs, possibility to expand our roadmap because this Airdrops, we will bounty holders who stay since 1st day on our main net How long until i get a staking reward? Staking reward rates are variable. They vary on the number of people actively staking at any given time and how much any given person is staking. To put this another way, staking is a lottery, with a winner chosen at random every 60 seconds, however, some users have more tickets than others. My wallet is stuck syncing. How can i fix this? There’s a few different things to try Try completely closing your wallet and restarting it Add this text to your “schain.conf” file found in your SCHAIN directory addnode=node1.schain.network addnode=node2.schain.network addnode=node3.schain.network addnode=node4.schain.network addnode=node5.schain.network addnode=node6.schain.network What about scammers? We hate this. Our team is experienced in blockchain and sometimes suffer this. Some members of SChain was a part of other blockchain projects with a big names. So scam is not possible on SChain cause we want make a SChain a big thing. By the way ZyX7 helps Northern Community to fix other communities scammed.
  6. InstaDEX InstaDEX is a community and transparency focused crypto-currency based on a POW/POS/DEX unique system. InstaDEX utilizes a masternode and staking based algorithm in its primary long-term use case, focused on creating a secure network which is decentralized across a large user base of nodes not owned or maintained by a single party. This ensures the network stays decentralized and has no controlling ownership, and decisions for the crypto-currency are made via community governance, unlike most current financial world currencies. Masternodes provide the backbone to the network security, they are rewarded 70% of the block reward, they also are rewarded the fees from any cross chain atomic swaps they process, while staking partners receive the remaining 30%. We believe this provides sufficient incentive to participate while reducing volatility and delivering a stable currency. [Web Wallet Before Full Release] [Important Links] [Exchanges] [Listing Sites] [Social Media] [Guides] Guide to Setup Windows Wallet on AWS: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/instadex/InstaDEX+Masternode+Deployment+Guide+for+Windows+VPS.pdf Guide to Setup on Linux: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/instadex/InstaDEX+Masternode+Deployment+Guide+for+Linux+VPS.pdf Video to Setup on Windows AWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pG-bXybpbG0&t Video to Setup Hot and Cold wallet, Windows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5YOa4mtWh0&t Video to Setup on Linux: Soon [YOU CAN BUY FROM ESCODEX RIGHT NOW, LINK IS ABOVE ON THE ESCODEX TAB]
  7. How to participate in Corium? Forget about endless problems of purchasing from hand to hand and all this trading without escrow in Discord. All you need to do is to purchase MLDN on our website using over than 20+ cryptocurrencies via coinpayments.net or click the button below! Don't forget to add your MLDN address to the comment section of payment form! You can also participate in our dividend payment platform (which is now in alpha state) by buying 5000 MLDN via https://discord.gg/kETQvgsl for special price. Dividends are being paid every hour and it don't require you to do anything more! Each alpha-tester of dividend payment service will receive a role in Discord and will be able to participate in development of Corium project! Exchanges: Coming soon! Coin specs Reward changes Bounties We have invite bounty in our Discord Full masternode reward for 1000 invites and more. Bounty will end 22 of July at 15.00 UTC Top-10 inviters will be rewarded generously, 100/90/80/70/60/50/40/30/20/10 MLDN There is also a translation bounty, check the list of needed translations below. Each translation will be rewarded in 30 MLDN Also there is a bounty for entry in Discord. First 100 members of Discord will receive 2 MLDN each! If you have any suggestions feel free to tell us about them! Links Wallets Whitepaper Guide for setting up a masternode with autoscript for Ubuntu Masternode collateral is now 1000 MLDN Autoscript Guide
  8. Discord: https://discord.gg/w6J8Pf7 Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinClever Github: https://github.com/Clever-Coin/clever Website: http://clevercoin.uk/ Explorer: Clever Coin Specifications ========================== Symbol: CLVR Algorithm: C11 Total Max Supply: 100,000,000 CLVR Block Spacing: 60 seconds Difficulty POW: DGW3 Difficulty POS: SeeSaw Masternode: 20,000 CLVR Pre-allocation: 1% (1M CLVR, for Masternode operators and bounties) Clever Coin Technology ========================== Hybrid PoW/PoS Masternodes Stealth addresses Encrypted Messaging Multi-Signature Addresses & TXs Fast 60 Second Block Times New C11 PoW Algorithm for PoW SHA256d Algortihm for PoS Hybrid Full Decentralization Roadmap ========================== July 2018 Clever Coin creation & launch Social media accounts Website ANN on bitcointalk altcoin forum Masternode presale List on exchange List on masternodes.online Submit to wallet apps Q3-4 2018 Clever Marketplace mobile app Clever Coin swap to marketplace chain Increase exchange support Community Bounties ========================== Community moderator -- contact us for bounty info Advisor -- contact us for bounty info Coin explorer creation -- 4000 Masternode guide -- 2000 Youtube custom video -- 500 Translation for ANN -- 200 Twitter follow + like + retweet -- 200 Invite to Discord -- 5 Free CLVR for joining Discord -- 5
  9. ... LOBITCOIN PROJECT... (LBT) AIRDROP AND INVITE BOUNTY CAMPAIGN IS LIVE Please check out our Airdrop form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_XcuRNBVvpq4CeaMtDffWPhRYgJq0vyzJx_xAyclOFrMKzA/viewform?c=0&w=1 DISCORD FOR INVITE BOUNTY Top 10 gets coins 1st 1st- 250 LBT coins 2nd-200 LBT coins 3rd- 150 LBT coins next 10 -10 LBT coins each https://discord.gg/3Wa5rDC ABOUT LOBITCOIN A free open source p2p electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties. Users hold crypto keys. It's minable, scalable, has high-speed transaction and all of that with zero fees! We have forked off the LTC blockchain so when Bitcoin and Ethereum fees are high and networks are slow we are still cheap and fast! Coin Information Algo: Srypt POW/POS 50 Million max supply 25 Million initial circulating supply TEAM OVERVIEW The LobitCoin team is dedicated to driving the new technology of open source electronic cash systems which is completely decentralized, offering a fast financial product for payment of goods and services globally as well as providing an equally effective product for game integration. With a team of dynamic, brilliant, experienced and sincere individuals we are committed to transparency, accountability and excellence. We remain goal oriented to ensure the creation of a product for mass adoption and acceptance in line with our core mandate. With LobitCoin we take a very brave stance in the crypto space, ensuring that transaction fees, which are akin to bank charges, are completely eliminated providing an easy and effective fast payment method for end users. OFFICIAL CHANNELS ⚡️Website http://lobitcoin.io/ ⚡️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lobitcoin/ ⚡️Twitter https://twitter.com/lobitcoin ⚡️Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lobitcoin/ ⚡️Medium https://medium.com/@lobitcoin ⚡️Telegram https://t.me/lobitcoin ⚡️Discord https://discord.gg/W5dgZVd ⚡️YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJWWjFyx_gmAw2-TNRvHsQQ ⚡️Github Repository https://github.com/Mattistorm/Lobitcoin ⚡️Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/Lobitcoin
  10. Node Lab | POW/Masternodes | Algo: X16S | Bounty Welcome everyone! We want to present you the project, that will be interesting for all cryptolovers. It targets the B2B and B2C sectors. We are developing a service for automatic listing of masternodes. These services have long been needed by all the crypto community, because the launch of the masternode is a process that is not clear to all users and investors. Moreover, for each currency, the set of actions to start the masternode is always different. But our project is not only about listing. Our project is about masternode in general. Our tokens will be used to list MN in our service, as well as to pay for other services. Accordingly, they will always be in demand, so their price will be more or less stable. We have a lot of ideas and tasks that we need to solve in order to expand the range of usual services related to the masternode. More information can be found on our website, white paper and road map. We will constantly set new goals and update both the announcement and other resources. Be sure to ask questions, if something is not clear, we are happy to answer them and it will help us to better convey information about our project. Project start - 04.07.2018 at 20:00 UTC OUR LINKS Discord channel - Node Lab discord Website: Node Lab website Whitepaper: Node Lab whitepaper Road Map: Node Lab Road Map Wallets Linux Wallet: In progress Windows Wallet: In progress Mac Wallet: In progress Miners NVIDIA - https://github.com/brian112358/nevermore-miner-x16s/releases/ AMD - https://github.com/brian112358/sgminer-x16r/releases/ Exchanges: Graviex - listing immediately after the start Our bounty programs: Full translation with images - 25 NLAB Youtube: ADV at youtube channel with 1000+ subs - 75 NLAB ADV at youtube channel with 500+ subs - 45 NLAB Discord: ADV in discord channels with 1000+ subs - 75 NLAB ADV in discord channels with 500+ subs - 45 NLAB Telegram: ADV in Telegram channel with 1000+ subs - 75 NLAB ADV in Telegram channel with 1000+ subs - 45 NLAB Invite company: 10-20 - 20 NLAB 20-30 - 30 NLAB 30-50 - 50 NLAB 50 - X - 75 NLAB Info resources (sites, blogs, etc.) - DM core ream about adv. Block Explorer - (we need 3 of those) Thank you for staying with us!
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website: https://zoombacoin.com/ Wallet: https://github.com/zoombacoin/zoomba/releases Github: https://github.com/zoombacoin/zoomba Discord: https://discord.gg/ZrnekeH Telegram: https://t.me/zoombacoin Twitter: https://twitter.com/zoombacoin Exchanges: Graviex - https://graviex.net/markets/zbabtc Coinexchange - (coming soon) Cryptobridge - (coming soon) CREX24 - (coming soon) Masternode online: - (funds raised) MNCN: - https://mncn.online/coins/ZBA --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZOOMBA Invitation Bounty 1st. Place - 1,000 ZBA 2nd. Place - 500 ZBA 3rd. Place - 200 ZBA 4th. Place - 100 ZBA 5th. Place - 50 ZBA Participation is simple! Just invite the most people you can to #invitation-contest channel on discord. Just create an invitation link to #invitation-contest channel and share it as much as you can!! Who will rise to the top!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZOOMBA Translation Bounty - Earn 10 ZBA - The translation must be of a high quality - not done using google translate. - The translation should be easily understood - all translations must be created and posted on bitcointalk ( as well as maintained ) - send Zoomba Dev direct message here: Discord: https://discord.gg/ZrnekeH to reserve translation and instructions Available Translations JAPANESE - open CHINESE - complete RUSSIAN - open KOREAN - open GERMAN - open FRENCH - open VIETNAMESE - open SPANISH - open PORTUGUESE - open FILIPINO - open ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Welcome to TierMasternodeCoin (TMN) Here is the new Tier Masternode coin system (TMN). TMN is a cryptocurrency developed especially for fast and safe transactions, provided by a new system of tiered masternodes, The main difference between the TMN cryptocurrency with masternodes is the tier system that offers safe investment for long masternodes investors. Tier upgrade is automatic by the MN creation ( detail below ) this way TMN will not Fall down like the most of “FUD” masternodes coin because nobody can really control that , only the investors/sellers. The main plan is to build a decentralized exchange running on blockchain with 0% fee and listing only premium masternodes coins with an anti-scam system, not just start up coins. Next step is a POS pool and shared masternodes. Why an exchange? The problems of any other exchange are so many but we are solving by the decentralized blockchain based order book and the multi-signature federated gateway network and there is no central point of failure, all deposits, withdrawals and all order books are transparently stored on the blockchain with a better security! LAUNCHED!! Coin Info: Algorithm: Scrypt Type: POW(premine-testing 0-2100 block) + FULL POS (2100 block - 50000 block) + POS(30%) + Tiered Masternodes(70%) ( block 50.000 + ) Block Reward: 40 TMN Block Time: 60 seconds Total Coin Supply: 21000000 Block Size: 1MB (maybe increased in the future) Pre-mine: 62000 TMN RPC port: 38788 P2P port: 38787 Masternode Collateral: 1000 TMN Reward distribution: 70% Masternode 30% Staking addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= --Premine? Why?-- Premine will be used for pre-sale in first stage , we want to get the exchange and Masternode listing as fast as possbile because this is the First target for TMN. As we get the listings fast our investors also are geting the investing ROI faster. Also the premine will be used for Bounties and Airdrops in the first week after mainnet launch. ~~ The POS(30% Staking)/MN(70% Masternode) tiers reward ~~ Block 0-2100 POW Premine (testing etc ) Block 2100-50000 Full POS Block 50000-60000 > 25 TMN Block 60000-70000 > 30 TMN Block 70000-100000 > 35 TMN Block 100000+ > 25 TMN ~~Masternode Tiers~~ The tiers will be upgraded by blocks and wallet updates time to time with a maximum of a 50.000 Collateral Stage 1: 1000 TMN = 17.5 TMN reward 3000 TMN = 55.5 TMN reward 5000 TMN = 93.5 TMN reward 10000 TMN = 200 TMN reward Stage 2: Voting on discord for ( maybe ) 15.000 / 20.000 / 30.000 collateral! we will see the votes of the community. -- ROADMAP -- Q2 2018 April to June 08.06.2018 / The pre-announcement of TMN. 15.06.2018 / Start of the main network + Block Explorer 16.06.2018 / Launching Website + Launch a massive advertising campaign. 30.06.2018 / Launch the Second tier of Masternodes ( 15.000 / 20.000 / 30.000 ) Q3 2018 July to September 08.07.2018 / Submit stocks.exchange listing 10.07.2018 / One-click mastenode setup 15.07.2018 / Rebuild the Site and maybe block explorer 20.07.2018 / Boost Trading Volume 01.08.2018 / Mobile Wallet iOs/Android 01.09.2018 / Raspberry wallet 04.09.2018 / Launch of Decentralized blockchain exchange 05.09.2018 / First listings on our exchange only for masternodes coins 10.09.2018 / Developing the POS multi pool. Q4 2018 October to December 15.10.2018 / Partner with other crypto-coins 02.11.2018 / Web wallets 05.11.2018 / Charity work 01.12.2018 / Listing at Cryptopia 10.12.2018 / Plan + Roadmap for 2019 Distribution of TMN pre-mine There will be 50000 TMN total for sale the rest of 12.000 = bounty , airdrops , developers etc. The sale will start from 16.06.2018 until all the 50.000 TMN will be sold. The main purpose of sale is to hit CryptoBridge ASAP! There will be 3 packages of sale: 1000 TMN > 0.2 BTC 3000 TMN > 0.5 BTC 5000 TMN > 0.7 BTC For a fair sale we will set an one sale / discord and wallet !! 1 TMN = ~1.3 USD Links and other info Site: TBA (under construction , waiting for the full design) Wallets: https://github.com/TierMasternodeCoin/TierMasternodeCoin/releases/tag/tmnwallets Windows wallet - https://github.com/TierMasternodeCoin/TierMasternodeCoin/releases/download/tmnwallets/tiermasternodecoin-qt-windows.zip Linux wallet – https://github.com/TierMasternodeCoin/TierMasternodeCoin/releases/download/tmnwallets/tiermasternodecoin-qt-linux.tar.gz Github: https://github.com/TierMasternodeCoin Blockexplorer: https://chainmapper.com/tmn Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinTier Discord: https://discord.gg/Pu5hhAE Facebook: TBA ( next days ) ~~Exchanges ~~ TBA Planned: Crypto Bridge ( with the first sales ) Coinexchange (depends on sale) Cryptopia (depends on sale) ~~ Guides ~~ Masternode setup: TBA ( after block 50.000 ) Masternode Tier Setup: TBA ( after block 50.000 ) Addnodes: One click masternode setup: TBA ( after block 50.000 ) Masternodes stats listings: Masternodes-online ( after block 50.000 ) MNrank ( after block 50.000 ) Masternodes.pro ( after block 50.000 ) How to buy? Contact dev on discord: . ~~The costs~~ Cryptobridge exchange = 1 BTC Masternodes.online = 0.3 BTC Graviex = ~0.3 BTC Cost for blockchain/explorer/site/hosting etc = ~ 0.4 BTC Advertise = ~ 0.2 BTC Also paying developers for fast and easy build for the coin / wallets / improvements etc The prices may change but we will do our best to accomplish ASAP the MN listing and Cryptobridge! ~~Bounties on discord only for a moment from 16.06.2018 - 26.07.2018~~ Top 5 invites: 1. 400 TMN 2. 300 TMN 3. 200 TMN 4. 100 TMN 5. 50 TMN - 500 TMN for block explorer!!
  13. Sportscash Coin WhitePaper Sportscash features Coin Symbol: SCC, mSCC, µSCC Coin Type: Proof Of Stake Total coin supply: 24,000,000 SCC PoS percentage: 10% per year Block Time: 60 seconds Algorithm: Quark Masternode supply: 10000 coins POS mature time: 24 hours Feel free to contact us: Discord - https://discord.gg/Ua9VyFF Telegram – https://t.me/joinchat/GzldMxHltxGz_ZqHSFlGPg Twitter – https://twitter.com/SportsCashCoin Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/SportsCashCoin/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SportsCash4You Sportscash Site – http://sportscash.co GitHub Source: https://github.com/FungBitcoin/SportsCash Wallets links: Linux – https://github.com/FungBitcoin/SportsCash/releases/download/v1.0.0.0/sportscash-qt-linux64 Windows – https://github.com/FungBitcoin/SportsCash/releases/tag/v1.0.0.0/ mac – https://github.com/FungBitcoin/SportsCash/releases/download/v1.0.0.0/SportsCash-Qt.dmg Block explorer: http://sportscashexplorer.co/ Bounty partners are welcomed in our discord channel (https://discord.gg/Ua9VyFF) Roadmap 2018 -05 : Create coin, Create wallet(win, linux, mac), Premining, Marketing on social platforms(Discord, telegram, twitter, youtube ) 2018-05 : Introduction, Website development, Blockchain explorer 2018-06 : Pre sale, Publish serveral game 2018-07 : List on masternods.pro, crypto-bridge.org 2018-9 : List on coinmarketcap.com, coinexchange.io, Major marketing campaign 2018-11 : Mobile wallet(android, ios), Establish sports game ticket selling online/offline company 2019-04 : Establish sports game clothes, equipment online/offline shop Master node listed: https://mntop.co.in/ gambling site: http://www.sportscashgambling.co We have launched a new coin sportscash to keep pace with your athleticism. In the future, you will purchase various sports tickets, clothes and equipment as sportscash coin
  14. ============================= Download WhitePaper coming soon ============================= Pre-Sale Discord ============================= Pools: http://neopool.net http://cvmpool.pw http://minpool.net http://asiapool.trade ============================= Masternode site: masternode.online - paid ============================= Exchange: Listing 17.06.2018
  15. *OUR AIRDROPS WILL BE HELD ONLY IN OUR OFFICIAL DISCORD* There will be an announcement on our discord when airdrop starts so stay tuned. ROUND 1 Reward 150 DXD NOT STARTED BTT ANN TRANSLATIONS Rewards 300 DXD **RULES** Direct Message an ADMIN on our Discord to Reserve a spot and get translation KIT in PDF for the images files on this announcement. TWITTER FOLLOWERS BOUNTY Rewards 100 DXD **RULES** Use this FORM to join and read carefully our RULES. DO JOIN OUR OFFICIAL DISCORD CHANNEL SO YOU WONT MISS ANY BOUNTY WE OFFER TOTAL COIN TO BE SOLD ON PRE-SALE PHASE: 500,000 DXD Node-X coins will be distributed during the pre-sale phase. The con pre-sale will enable us raise funds for the final stages of our software development, exchange listings as well as give you, the investors a chance to get our coins with amazing discounts. PRICE PER NODE : 0.25 BTC Major Cryptocurrencies will be accepted ( BTC,ETH,LTC) Please visit our website for more info about presale. ALGORITHM: QUARK TICKER: DXD BLOCK TIME: 60 Seconds MAX SUPPLY: 50.000.000 DXD MN COLLATERAL: 10.000 DXD PORT: 11220 RPCPORT: 11221 REQUIREMENTS: VPS ( Vultr,DigitalCoean) Local Computer Win7-Win10 SSH software (PuttY) MN Collateral 10,000 DXD GUIDE DETAILED ROADMAP

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