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  1. If you want to buy soon Bitcoin or any other major crypto would like to recommend you Linkkoin cryptocurrency exchange ( https://linkkoin.com?ad=BTCJUL1827 ) . They just got a major update of services (verification process lasts now up to 7 minutes total), and they lowered the credit/debit card fees to the lowest ones on the market. And because of that they are offering you a voucher code for purchase of Bitcoin until the end of the week. All you need to do is to quote BTCJUL1827 on their chat (or email to [email protected]), and with each transaction until the end of the week for at least 100 USD/GBP/EUR you will get $10 for free.
  2. Hodl, and even buying more right now, as we will have drops even to $300 before we start 2015-2017 run once again
  3. If you are looking for a reliable cryptocurrency exchange - give a try to Linkkoin. Really straightforward, easy to use and fast (max 5-10 minutes to finish purchase). Maybe for now they do not offer many cryptocurrencies (just 10 most popular ones for now, adding new ones ), but being able to purchase them using credit/debit card for me compensates any drawbacks. Oh and as they use the 3d secure system, you need to authorize the transaction by the phone.

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