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  1. will it will be great to have a freelance platform as i work as a freelance graphic designer , video editor and translator
  2. If the opinion of Robert Schiller is seriously taken into account by investors from around the world, it is simply because he was the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2013. But when it comes to talking about Bitcoin, man does not chew his words. He is not seized by the craze that surrounds crypto-currencies for several months now. Mr Schiller believes that Bitcoin is a speculative bubble that will end up exploding, even if in itself this virtual currency should not disappear. Alternatively, it could be bad news for Mr Schiller now that he has placed his Nobel-winning reputation on the line with his remarks. His opinions might not be taken seriously by investors for much longer if it turns out he was wrong. All these "experts" should be more careful what they say, given the number of times over the years people have tried to write off Bitcoin. But after all that's been said, Bitcoin doesn't care. It carries on churning out blocks, completely undistracted by whatever criticisms are thrown its way.
  3. Bitcoin is the world’s 6th largest currency. These figures are noteworthy, but if the value of a single Bitcoin goes up to $15,000, India’s currency Rupee will pass. Ethereum ranked 17th and Bitcoin Cash ranked 20th. Ripple is located just below 20. How many years Bitcoin will need to become No.1 ?
  4. Lately, as the development of the world's cryptocurrency, many people in certain countries after hearing the news that cryptocurrency is very attractive to be used as a tool of transactions and investments, making people who hear the news want to quickly switch to the currency crryptocurrency is when in their country eyes the money is still considered and illegal. The question is, why are those people more interested in cryptocurrency when their country already has official Flat currency and why also the government forbids the cryptocurrency? In my opinion, it would be great if the two currencies are combined only. Of course the result will be very good. Well, what do you think?
  5. When do you think Bitcoin will go back to the $20,000 mark and what factors do you think could contribute to making it happen sooner rather than later?
  6. There are too many reasons, why Bitcoin is not a suitable universal currency even for internet, although it is a great thing and a huge step towards society progress. 1. Bitcoin transaction fees are prohibiting for small transactions. There appeared some altcoins which are better for that. 2. Even with Lightning Network and many other existing and upcoming developments, both the tech design and the economic model of Bitcoin won't let billions of low cost transaction per day. There appeared some altcoins which are better for that. 3. Most transactions in Internet require customer protection and hence refundability. And Bitcoin is not great for that. There appeared some altcoins and services which are better for that. And this list could go on forever, but it is easier to learn about many different use cases of altcoins. For every proper altcoin you can find out the reasons behind it's idea.
  7. Things you should know before investing in bitcoin What everyone wants is to have a stable job and get good savings, the best option is to work the money to get more income for the future and thus have a better quality of life and what better to invest in bitcoin but before you should know certain things about This cryptocurrency. it is not regulated: there is no entity that regulates and monitors this type of investment. So you should be aware that if you lose your money, nobody will answer Bitcoin is a high-risk investment: people should know that the level of risk is very high, due to volatility and inability to predict its price. " Do not get into debt to buy cryptocurrencies: this really should not be done with this or with another investment, if you are going to work your money with extra money you got. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose: "it is recommended that you do not invest your savings in this currency; on the contrary, invest 1% of your assets, something that you are really willing to lose". Use reliable pages: use safe sites to navigate and also only use reliable devices such as your cell phone, your computer and your home's wireless network. Never use public networks neither to make investments nor for any type of financial consultation.
  8. I expect that the cryptocurrency especially the BITCOIN will be international recognize in different countries and it would be more develop. Since we are in 20th century where technological advances is highly observed, it is expected that bitcoin will be still available in the market as one of the mode of payment. Many countries are starting of to recognize this kind of currency. How about you? What do you expect in bitcoin?
  9. I'm not referring to the price of Bitcoin (we all know it's going to be $250,000/coin by 2022), but the goal that it would be a legitimate alternative to inflationary government fiat currencies. When the altcoin market is examined, it is inextricably linked to the price of Bitcoin. Where Bitcoin goes, so does the rest of the cryptocurrencies. There's even somewhat of a dismissive attitude toward other crytpos in some investment circles; strangely this was a similar sentiment held by those "respectable" investors when Bitcoin was in its infancy. What do you think? I'd love to hear from some crytpo veterans.
  10. In addition to having a lot of extraordinary impact among the world community, surely we all know how the Dark Side against Bitcoin, Bitcoin is currently a concern because with all its decentralized and unbounded advantages in the system of transactions and ownership. But on the other hand, it is reaping the dark side of the digital currency. I think Bitcoin is very useful for criminals who want to hide money from their crimes. Because if they save money in the bank, the money from the crime can be easily traced. Bitcoin can also be abused by people who want to hide their income from government, and avoid paying taxes. Then, the state revenue from the tax will be lost because of the money that is not tracked. Not only in the criminal acts alone, the most basic lack of Bitcoin also occurs because of its unreal form. Not to mention the instability of the value of Bitcoin currency if converted to other conventional currencies are very volatile. Today, maybe the owner can be very rich by having Bitcoin worth 1,000 US dollars. However, who knows if in the future the value of money is only left 50 US dollars. some minor events that cause huge losses for Bitcoin owners. A man once lost about 600 US dollars for doing a reset on his smart phone and in fact, he accidentally permanently remove the Bitcoin digital wallet. A number of online platforms are testing the payment with Bitcoin currency, among others WordPress, Reddit, Namecheap, Mega, and Zynga. However, some countries even banned transactions with Bitcoin. The Chinese government, for example, forbids all financial institutions from receiving Bitcoin transactions. While the EU rate Bitcoin more easily stolen. In terms of investment is also bad because the currency is determined only based on market demand and has a high fluctuation rate.
  11. Im not an expert nor claim to be. I have been doing this for about a year now on and off. I have made mistakes, blown up computers and generally now only gotten to the point to where I am making a profit. So I thought I would share this and maybe stop someone from screwing up like I did, or have to spend days researching. DISCLAIMER: Use and share this as you see fit, but if you do give props back to me . (Nothing makes you madder than seeing someone using you post and claiming it as their own) Lets get started. Hardware: I have tried everything from laptops to desktops. While I have found desktops to be great, they take up too much space. I prefer a laptop, plus mining on the go. My rig is an ASUS ROG. 3.8 I7 with 8 threads. Nvdia geforce 4 gig video card. 1 TB hard drive and 16 gigs of ram. Getting the right rig is hard and expensive, but there are tricks. In the US there are rent to own place. Get a comp, pay monthly while you use it. Good part about that is you dont have to shell out a bunch of money at one time, bad is i will be paying $200 a month for 18 months. Bonus is if your paying on it and it breaks they will fix or replace it for free. So you can have 2 months left on payoff, it breaks, and they can give you a new computer that you only have to pay on for 2 months. Basically my computer retails for about $2,000 when it is over I will have paid about $3,500 for it. Still not a bad deal. Dont have a store like that? Go online. Sears and Kmart both do the same thing as well as other sites. NOTE: online payments are taken usually directly from a checking account so be careful. All these places listed have the ability to lock the computer remotely if you do not pay. There is also the option of renting a VPS. Amazon has some great ones that you only pay per minute, but very pricey. CPU vs GPU: Yes it is possible to mine only using a CPU, but not in any way profitable. My CPU nets me about 300 H/S on ETH, but my GPU nets me about 20 MH/s Even the smallest GPU will be a big difference. I sugest nothing under 2 gig though. Also some speed can be lost if you use a PCIE riser. Again this is mostly personal preference. Operating system: The main ones are Linux and Windows. I hate windows with a passion, but it has its perks. Personally I use Ubuntu. Everything is mostly command line, but options for mining are way more than with windows. On windows options are very limited to mine with both CPU and GPU. If your only mining on CPU than windows is perfect. Again, personal preference. NOTE: If you are not familiar with Linux than you will be doing a lot of research to get things done. I love research so Im good with that. Wallets: On-line of off-line, personal preference. On-line allows you to access it from multiple computers, but leaves you venerable to hackers. Offline and GUI wallets are more secure, but a pain. I use both. All my gains are on thumb drive wallets, but when I am ready to cashout I use holytransactions. While not very secure, you can transfer your coins for giftcards or prepaid credit cards. So I only transfer to holy when Im cashing out. Overclock: Honestly I dont use it. I have found that the benifits are not worth the risk of frying your comp. Using ubuntu I set my CPU govorners off and max out my CPU. Unless you have a huge rig than I wouldnt suggest it, just tweak the one that you have. Pools and solomining. If your on a CPU only, than solo mining will NOT make you a profit. Pools might though. Unless you have a super rig than solo might not be the best choice. Even I do not mine solo. I have found most pools are basically the same. I use minergate. I like how they have a GUI and command line for both windows and linux. Some people dont trust them, but I have never had a problem. Their minimum payouts are a little higher than most pools, but the hashrates are better. NOTE: research PLNS and PPS What to mine? That comes down to hashrate vs coin price. I get a better hashrate mining eth than xmr, but I make more mining xmr in the long run. This is just something you will have to test. Let your rig run for an hour on each coin, times that amount by 24 and that will be close to your daily mine. Also factor in time and electricity cost. Small fast profits are way better than long term big profits. Ill explain NOTE: My comp runs on solar power, pricey for just one thing but worth it. Say running your rig 24/7 for one solid year nets you one bitcoin. Broken down at $9,000 per coin. Lets do the math 24X365 is 8760 hours. 8760 divided by 9000 is .97. So your makeing 97 cents an hour not counting electricity, internet and other costs. now say you mine ETH at $700 a coin, but in the same time frame you can mine 350 coins 24X365=8760 hours. 350X700=245000 8670 divided by 245000=2.85. So your making $2.85 cents an hour. Again not factoring in expenses. Conclusion is that just because a coin is more expensive than another, doesnt mean it will net you the highest profit. Cloud mining: If the site is reputable yes, if you found it on google, then no. Protecting yourself from hackers and thieves:; Nothing is free. There are a ton of sites that offer immediate returns for 0 work. Just send them some bitcoin and 24 hours later they will send you triple back. Use common sense. Most of the time when someone gets their coins stolen it is because of stupidity and/or greed. Sending crypto is not like writing a check. Once you send it then there is no way to get it back, Ok, those are the basics. This little info was days of reasearch and trial and error. I know it isnt a lot of information, but it helps. I have always believed in pointing people in the right direction and letting them go rather than holding their hand. If you have any questions than feel free to ask and I will answer. If I dont have the answer I will help you find it. Happy hunting.
  12. Bebars

    mining Zcash ?

    Is ther a place where i can compare the efficiency of gpu to mine zcash ? i googled it and all i found was unuseful informations
  13. Thank u , good information
  14. Well, i just thought, if bitcoin become a currency of one Country, maybe it can destroy that country? Think of it, Bitcoins do not have a tax, and tax are used by the government to make that country a good one, without tax, what will be used to spend and make that country a good one? What do you think?
  15. Having a weird issue with one of my rigs - PhoenixMiner/Claymore it seems to show the same issue, but Claymore has more information,, tokenminer even more (see error text in bottom of post) Seems to do with the miner not being able to save DAG to GPU memory? Maybe not purged after previous session? 10x 4GB RX570s, the machine has 8GB of RAM. Running Win10 with latest driver. Tested with Claymore, Phoenix, tokenminer, ethminer - Clearly not a miner issue Testet reinstall driver (with DDU), reboots and increase of swap file to 32GB+. Anyone seen this before? Including error text for search In PhoenixMiner: unable to use opencl device radeon rx 570 series for ethash mining In Claymore: unable to use opencl device radeon rx 570 series for ethash mining / OpenCL error -61 - cannot allocate big buffer for DAG. Check readme.txt for possible solutions. In tokenminer: OpenCL device Ellesmere has insufficient GPU memory.536870912 bytes of memory found < 1073739904 bytes of memory required In tokenminer: No GPU device with sufficient memory was found. You may need to change the --opencl-platform argument to 1. (this changes nothing BTW)

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