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  1. Important announcement
    Technical information in regard to Airdrop and Snapshot timing

    XPC team has announced a snapshot will be taken on 2018/05/23 06:00(UTC) to determine XPC Airdrop amounts for XP Holders.

    We want to provide additional information and precautions to ensure everybody to not miss Snapshot.

    Due to the characteristics of the blockchain, the exact moment balance gets recorded will be the time when the particular block is generated which is slightly after 6:00 (UTC)

    Since the block interval is uncertain and we can only state as “around 60 seconds”. It is technically impossible to notify about the predicted generation time and block height.

    Therefore XPC team CAN NOT guarantee exact Snapshot moment.

    Please understand these factors and wait extra time to move XP around expected Snapshot time.

    XPC team recommends everyone to NOT to move your XP between 5:30 (UTC) to 6:30 (UTC) to avoid missing snapshot.

    XPC team will not be able to provide matching Airdrop if you missed Snapshot.

    You can check XP blockchain explorer to for current block generate status. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/xp/

    ※ If you do not understand this information fully, simply make deposit by 5:30 (UTC) and don’t make withdraw until 6:30 (UTC)

    ※Snapshot is only available for XPqt(Desktop wallet) and CCWallet (New Discord XP Bot)

    ※Airdrop is scheduled to take place in July and you will need same XPqt Wallet to complete XPC Airdrop request, so Please DO NOT Uninstall your XPqt wallet.

    More information such as how to request Airdrop, XPC Wallet (XPC Wallet will be released prior to Airdrop event for you to receive XPC) and general public Airdrop will be announced in the future.

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