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  1. I created a telegram-channel, in which coins, added to the stock exchanges, will be published. https://t.me/CoinInfoNewCoins
  2. The bot shows on which exchange the coin is traded, as well as the information on the pair's rate in the context of each exchange. The coin data is updated every 30 seconds, the price is updated every 20 seconds. Also, you can create a notification so that the bot sent prices for a certain pair with some periodicity (the period can be selected when creating a notification). http://t.me/CryptCoinInfo_Bot The price display is available for the following exchanges: Bittrex Poloniex BleuTrade Cryptopia HitBTC Binance Kucoin Coinexchange LiveCoin The price is not available: Huobi Yobit Commands: >/info - Information on exchanges on which the coin is traded /price - Pair prices /language - Set language /addpricenotify - Adding a price notification /deletenotify - Deleting a price notification /notifications - List of notifications /newcoinnotify - Notices of new coins

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