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  1. It's cool that progress doesn't stay still. But implementing of such technologies is a long process. That's why I rely on common methods still. I visit doctors, buy medicine perthmeds.com here, use no phone or gadgets and so on. Maybe one day I will hopefully.
  2. It's good to have such services. After all, health is a thing we must pay great attention to. I have an advice too. If you're looking for an appropriate medicine but can't decide whether buy it or not read some reviews on it on oph.reviews . They are reliable.
  3. Getting money in cryptocurrency is good and modern but there are much more situations when you need cash. Yep, crypto is our future but now without some banknotes and coins in a wallet, we can't do a lot. That's why online payday loans is a valid and relevant option to borrow money.
  4. An interesting option. I have some amount of btc and ability to pay for my trips with it is great. Maybe now I'll visit my destination. I mean the Vatican (https://rome.us/the-vatican-city/). I wish it was easy to use cryptocurrency in Italy but traveling in Europe frustrates me sometimes by the fact that even card payments are not common, much less crypto.
  5. It's so hard to manage all the correspondence sometimes if you deal with email marketing. Luckily, it's quite easy to convert EML to MSG, EML to PST, etc., that makes things easier a little bit. But still, I am even thinking about hiring someone who will work with emails, for me that would be much more convenient.
  6. Cryptocurrency is implementing into cannabis field. Interesting. Well, after all, progress is unstoppable. Who I am to argue. But unfortunately, the progress isn't everywhere. I cannot properly find the guide for using hemp oils. And only after reading guide CBD oil dosage for anxiety I finally got how to do everything correctly.
  7. I think that car manufacturers should focus more on security issues. Volvo is far ahead on that field and that's why I stick to this brand. But still, even if you have the safest car in the world and you want to go somewhere with a child, you'd have to get a good car seat, something like 4ever 4-in-1 for example. Some people for some reason think that if the car is safe enough, they can save some money on a car seat but that's a huge mistake.
  8. I had implemented devops easily too. But I didn't use any apps or so. I employed Squadex service that helped me to adopt cloud computing in my business that cut my costs considerably. I'm so happy that the efficiency and quality of my job increased so high. I'd recommend you to try out this option too.
  9. I've decided to dive deeper into what's standing behind cryptocurrencies and turned out that it's really interesting to learn what blockchain is and how it works. If you didn't bother exploring that issue, I advise you to read this article at least - https://blog.s-pro.io/blockchain-technology-explained/ . All the basics are explained in a simple language and it may inspire you to educate yourself more and find out what are the differences between various token's blockchains, how cryptocurrencies differ, etc.
  10. Well, that's not a surprise at all. I think that such big organizations would actively implement blockchain in the next few years with the help of https://www.infopulse.com/ and other companies specialized in software development. Well, the whole process of integration will take some more than few years but generally speaking, it's quite obvious what's going on.
  11. I want to get an expert opinion on one question. Is it a good thing to use online contact forms on a website? I myself prefer not to fill such forms but it's obvious that some people do that. So should I add forms on my website or not? I've already created a good-looking one with https://aidaform.com/forms/contact-form.html so maybe I should add it just in testing purpose and then decide?
  12. Insurance companies these days try to make everything to get more customers and sometimes it leads to really good consequences. You get much better service and conditions and talking about car insurance, you even can get anonymous car insurance if you want, on American Insurance website you can find out what the conditions are and I promise, you won't be disappointed.
  13. On the insurance market is fine and I don't think that blockchain application fill benefit the market somehow. Anyone easily can get cheap general insurance quotes, terms are really nice and generally speaking, I can't see any problems. But I am not an expert so I can be wrong obviously.
  14. I totally agree. Here is David Packard's quote: "Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department." and that one affected me a lot. As a small business owner, I always control our marketing strategies. And even when it comes to some issues like ordering promotional pens, I still do that myself because that way I can be totally sure that I spend money on the best product. I've spent a few hours to find https://www.promoparrot.com/pens-pencils.html/ but that is not a waste of time at all I think.
  15. Oh, I hate computer problems. I've been trying to enhance a video as it's described here - https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/enhance.html but my PC is freezing and shutting down. Tried to do it on my friend's laptop and everything is working fine. So I need a new PC I suppose. Or at least my current one needs to be repaired.

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