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  1. Does anyone know how exactly programs which masks bitcoin transactions work? I've read about one such thing on https://bestmixer.io/ but don't quite understand the very mechanism of the technology, are there programmer among you, can you help me please, guys? I need to report on the subject at work for my boss asked me to do that.
  2. Is there anybody who`s ready to do some writing job for a good sum, guys? In fact the job`s not really difficult, you are to write an essay but quickly, I`d ask someone from https://domypapers.com/ or somewhere else but I simply want someone who I could contact directly, though this site is really good, my brother always use it, well, if you are ready to work, pals, write me back!
  3. Good day, everyone, some games can be really puzzling. Even those one that look simple can be rather tricky. For example, I played Brute Arena, a fighting game with PVP sessions, so I could not quite understand how to join the PVP match. Luckily, the game has a smart support, I addressed to them here and got a quick answer.
  4. My greeting to everybody. How are you? Do you want to save some cash while making transaction of crypto-currencies through the internet? Bitcoin mixing has the most suitable service fee for that task. The fee can even be reduced my getting a membership because they even provide a special discount system for their members.
  5. Does mobile bitcoin blackjack exist at all? I like different mobile apps, they are so little, convenient and cool, nice things indeed! They are especially cool when they bring money! If anyone knows where to download something like that, could you please let me know? Thanks guys!
  6. My boss is running a number of cafes in three states of America but he is not able to find a decent programmer to make our site look really beautiful and tempting. I mean, we have a guy but he's such a lazybone. The interactive menu's not working and testimonials section, the face of our business, looks absolutely chaotic. Though I am an ordinary waiter, I am planning to show Mr. Weller this site https://elfsight.com/testimonials-slider-widget/examples/ and possible solutions to the problem of lacking testimonials. Hope I will get promoted soon.
  7. I can't but say that payday loans PA has been useful to me a number of times, but still I've got a number of questions considering services they provide, do they give loans which are more than 1000 dollars, and what percents are going to be in this case? Could you please share your experience with me?
  8. Do you know the latest trend in the field of advertising? It's an explainer video. Those animated videos serve as a marvellous and yet brief presentation of your company. People don't have to read long texts, just click and watch. Some sites are especially successful in this area, my personal choice as a business owner is https://topexplainers.com/explainer-animation/. See, two types of explainer animation make it count.
  9. Considering the fact that I've spent quite much money on crypto currency mining over the last few years, I'll be more than glad to make use of hashflare discount they're offering these days, 10% off purchases is a profitable offer, especially if you buy quite much like I do, am I not right? Definitely gonna use the advantage.
  10. I do not have enough time to write abstracts and research works for studying at a university. Edu Birdie helps me with this. This is a cool site that will help you at school and at the university. Thanks to this site I have more free time. I advise it to those who study.

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