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  1. [[email protected]] [SRBASE] 2 Hosts My wallet is still syncing with the Gridcoin Network grcexplorer.neuralminer.io gridcoin.bunnyfeet.fi www.grcpool.com I just replied to the Uscore.net email with a payment address for starter coins.. Please send a few more.. S3Dapf2STWZYrVU8hPj5EDKBaxmLZomqtU
  2. The Gridcoin Research application (wallet) will not connect to the Gridcoin Network. The icons between the left and right panes show "0 active connections to network" and "not staking; Offline". Here is my .conf file: PrimaryCPID=INVESTOR email=INVESTOR listen=1 #daemon=1 server=1 rpcallowip= rpcallowip= rpcport=2271 rpcuser=pmcmute rpcpassword=tfHKExg9ZkryAIy boincdatadir=C:\\Users\\LENOVO\\AppData\\Roaming\\BOINC\\ boincappdir=C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\ #boincdatadir=/var/lib/boinc-client/ #boincdatadir=/Library/Application Support/BOINC Data/ maxconnections=125 maxoutboundconnections=8 upnp=false externalip= port=32748 UpdatingLeaderboard=false addnode=quebec.gridcoin.co.il # Canada addnode=seeds.gridcoin.ifoggz-network.xyz # Canada addnode=toronto01.gridcoin.ifoggz-network.xyz # Canada addnode=vancouver01.gridcoin.ifoggz-network.xyz # Canada addnode=ils.gridcoin.co.il # Canada addnode=grcexplorer.neuralminer.io # United States addnode=grcnode.nems.space # United States addnode=grcnode01.neuralminer.io # Central United States addnode=grcnode02.neuralminer.io # East United States addnode=grcnode05.neuralminer.io # West United States addnode=gridcoin.bunnyfeet.fi # United States addnode=la.grcnode.co.uk # United States addnode=miami.grcnode.co.uk # United States addnode=node.gridcoin.us # United States addnode=node1.chick3nman.com # United States addnode=www.grcpool.com # United States

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