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  1. With the development of blockchains, the developers gradually have not used cryptocurrency as money, they turned it into a technology with the free transaction such as dash . And there is a very convenient trading technology -peer-to-peer trading. Peer-to-peer network means peer-to-peer computer network, it is a distributed application architecture that distributes tasks and workloads among peers. It is a form of network or network formed by peer-to-peer computing models at the application layer. The participants of the network share some of the hardware resources they have (processing power, storage capacity, network connectivity, printers, etc.). These shared resources provide services and content over the network and can be directly accessed by other peers without the need for After the intermediate entity. The participants in this network are not only the resource, service, and content provider, but also the resource, service, and content acquirer (Client). Such as CoinonatX and so on. In a P2P network environment, multiple computers connected to each other are in an equal status. Each computer has the same function. And one computer can be used as a server to set shared resources for the network. Other computers can be used as workstations, and the entire network generally doesn’t rely on dedicated centralized servers or dedicated workstations. Each computer in the network can act as a requester of network services, respond to other computer requests, and provide resources, services, and content. Just like Etheriya , which is a cryptocurrency about trade markets. Usually these resources and services include: information sharing and exchange, computing resources (such as CPU computing capacity sharing), storage sharing (such as the use of cache and disk space), network sharing, printer sharing, and so on. Here are some examples of P2P-related cryptocurrencies: 1. Anoncoin Anoncoin was developed by a German group and one of its main features is the perfect support of the I2P protocol (I2P is an anonymous network plan that combines intellectual property and P2P, which is also an encrypted peer-to-peer transmission protocol). The ANC generates a block every 3.42 minute (approximately 205 seconds). Each block currently contains 5 ANCs as a bonus (production is halved every 2 years) and the ANC has a total currency of 3,103,954. The biggest benefit of using an I2P anonymous network is that it allows ANC to further liberalize. For example, the national government hopes to regulate Bitcoin, which can be blocked by shutting down bitcoin trading platforms, mining pools, etc., while ANC allowing developers to deploy websites and applications to I2P peer-to-peer networks without the need for server hosting in I2P networks. No one (including the government) could crack the key and could not seize any information about ANC. Compared to Deutsche-eMARK , which is also from Germany, the ANC has an advantage in terms of price because of its low output. When ANC just logged into the trading platform, the price of each coin has already reached 0.002 bitcoin, although it was later hit by a large amount. The fall fell to 0.0004 bitcoin in August last year. With the introduction of major forum websites, ANC rebounded strongly within one month. In general, it is still a cryptocurrency with good ideas. Rank: 673 Socre: ★★★ 2. Ethbits The Ethbits official website expresses this: I have already introduced the definition of P2P, and Ethbits is such a comprehensive platform. Just like its name. As a blockchain which relate to the wallet, this platform can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and 169 kinds of cryptocurrencies. Not only that, its official website also supports its users recommending the promising cryptocurrencies. It has been perfecting its own wallet system. How can I find the reason to refute such a wonderful blockchain platform? Rank: 767 Socre: ★★★★ 3. Impact With more and more cryptocurrency that can be mined like MAZA , global power consumption is increasing every year. This large-scale energy waste has caused great pollution to the earth, and it has also added great pressure to the life on Earth. In response to the protection of the environment, Impact coin was born. Unlike Bitcoin, which requires $2.5 billion in electricity bills each year, Impact can mine through non-polluting methods. It provides very plenty of useful help in protecting the environment. Rank: 964 Socre: ★★★☆ There is no fourth altcoin today. The reason is that I did not find a suitable cryptocurrency. Of course, many of my past articles mentioned the concept of peer-to-peer. And I hope you can recommend me some interesting currencies to do, okay?
  2. With the development of blockchain technology, ICO has become popular and everyone wants to blend in and make some money. More and more forked chains, tokens and dapps appear in the market. The platforms which skyrocket above all the coins are the ETH and EOS , and the most widely part are the tokens from ETH. They all comply with the ERC20 protocol. So what is the ERC20 protocol? Why do most altcoins follow it? Plz keep reading: Tokens represent digital assets and have value, but not all conform to specific specifications. Currencies which based on the ERC20 are more easily interchangeable and can work the same on Dapps. The ERC20 standard makes the token more compatible and allows other features, including vote tokenization. In other words, these altcoins originate from the Ethereum blockchain, which is a combination of Ethereum and different from Ethereum. Token holders have full control over the assets and compliance with ERC20 tokens can track how many tokens anyone has at any time. Based on the eth contract’s child currency, it is easy to implement. The standardization brought by the ERC20 is very beneficial. It means that these assets can be used for different platforms and projects, otherwise they can only be used in specific situations. And ERC20 defines six different functions for the benefit of other tokens in the Ethereum system. These are basic functional issues, including how to transmit tokens and how users access the token’s data. The ERC20 also specifies two different signals. Each token has a signal that other tokens follow. Having said so much, let’s just look at how it is applied to the cryptocurrency. 1. Autonio Autonio is a currency that appears for blockchain trade issues. It is also an Ethereum token based on the ERC20 protocol. It focuses on trade issues: Q1: Because the blockchain is still in the initial stage, coupled with the chaos and inefficiency of the entire market, it is easily overlooked by most trade organizations. So, how to solve this problem? A: To be compared with the other currencies which like Bitz (coin with no official site), Antonio’s biggest advantage is that it is a decentralized artificial intelligence operating platform. In addition, this convenient platform also allows amateur traders and professional traders to trade at the same time, greatly solving the waste of human resources and increasing work efficiency. So this is why it is called a “convenient platform”. Q2: The energy of people is limited, but the blockchain works in 24 hours. In this new field which is full of competition, besides watching daily changes in market trends for 16 hours or spending a thousand dollars to buy a robot to help analysis. What better way does Autonio have to make everyone more profitable? A: This problem is well solved. Autonio’s monthly members only need $50 to enjoy the perfect experience brought by high computing power. 2. SyncFab The United States and China already account for more than one-third of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). Their dominance is expected to continue until 2050. The spark that ignited the prosperity of industrial manufacturing was the industrial revolution — a shift to a new manufacturing process. And SyncFab is a cryptocurrency that creates hardware through the blockchain to create supply chains. SyncFab is a technology company headquartered which is built in 2013 at San Leandro, California. SyncFab is the first point-to-point industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) production blockchain for the hardware manufacturing supply chain. On the Syncfab platform, manufacturers can list their hardware processing capabilities, and then buyers can send part orders directly to them. A set of smart contracts, defined in digital form, ensures that both production standards and intellectual property rights also guarantee payment. Blockchain technology makes the supply chain more efficient and cost-effective. By eliminating intermediate steps such as brokers, outdated software and inefficient procurement processes, smart contracts will easily reduce costs. Syncfab can also connect smart machines to factories and allow innovators to connect effectively with manufacturers. It is much more convenient than the chaining out of bitcoin like CacheCoin . MFG is an ERC20 token used to reward buyers, manufacturers, suppliers and logistics service providers, and can be traded on the Syncfab platform. Through smart contracts, MFG will be used to motivate manufacturers or buyers who place orders using SyncFab. 3. Bit-20 To be honest, the connection between Bit20 and ERC20 is not close. The only similarity between them is “20”. But precisely because of this, we can make a comparison. Bit20 is an index fund created based on Bitshare . It can be used in Bitshare decentralized Exchange. Bit20 ranks the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. If one of them falls outside of 20, then another cryptocurrency will replace it. It will always “contain” the most successful currency and give up the rest. If all cryptocurrencies go down, Bit20 will do the same. If the value of all cryptocurrencies is growing, then Bit20 will catch the best. Although not very comparable to ERC20, Bit20 is definitely a currency you are worth investing in. The only problem is that its price is too expensive. In this era of rapid development, hesitation cannot solve any problems. The only way is to do it and work hard to find a way to achieve results. If you have good ideas, then go ahead and do it. The ERC20 is definitely your best choice!
  3. The speed with the development of modern technologies is accelerating rapidly. It takes more than 20 years that Internet become popularized. But it just takes 5 years that from the blockchain 1.0 which is based in currency to the blockchain 3.0 like EOS which is cored in dapp. The subsequent development of altcoins in vertical fields just like the internet companies which is spring up like the mushroom. Perhaps the blockchain becomes internet-like is because of the “Internet Thinking”, Everyone wants to be the entrepreneur, but the competition is cruel. However, the idea is always there, the question is who can be the first one that makes it come true or better. Here are 6 altcoins that develop in the vertical field which I will introduce to you: 1. Insurance field – Aigang Blockchain 2.0 provides a platform for smart contracts which embeds software code that contains defined rules and can execute code based on these rules. And this creates a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which can function without staff. It greatly expands potential applications beyond digital currency, especially in the financial industry. The following part is that Blockchain is beginning to be applied in the insurance field. Aigang provides a new distribution and payment method for the insurance sector, increasing the effectiveness of pricing, claims processing and fraud detection, which is suited in the IOT field. IOT has shown a rapid growth and is expected to surpass $75 billion in 2025. It provides an emerging market for auto insurance. Because these devices can detect the damage and take the initiative to file a claim. For example, if a broken smartphone can’t detect a functioning microphone. 2. Golf field – Golfcoin Just like its name, Golfcoin is used in the golf field, and it will be the first digital currency that used by golfers, clubs and golf courses in the world. Although the specific participation method is only limited to wallets, the vertical development of sports from this large field to the precise field of golf has already represented the direction of blockchain. Maybe the education currency such as CampusCoin will become “mathematical currency” or “physical currency” one day. But the problem is that there is no white paper on the official website until now, and there are only a few scattered articles and introductions. On May 10, the official website announced that the development team will join several researchers related to the golf industry and the financial sector. So, let us look forward to the development of this currency. 3. Charity field – BROTHER If you dare to think, there is nothing you can’t do. You may not think that the blockchain has been extended to the charity field. BROTHER is a blockchain platform related to charity. Its goal and significance is to create an international ecosystem for the implementation of humanitarian operations in the charity field to ensure assistance to those in need. It is a convenient tool for benefiting the society. It is also a blockchain about wallet. And BROTHER has its own association, an international encryption community that brings together developers, investors, active players and regular users. The aim of the association is to create a comfortable, confidential and friendly environment for the development of its own encryption projects and cryptography. 4. Music field? – Songcoin A cryptocurrency with song industry. It forked from the Litecoin, and also used in wallet. Remember, songcoin is just a currency about wallet, money, cash, but not technology, song, and Rihanna. 5. Agricultural field – AgrolifeCoin Maybe there is no one can predict that the blockchain has touched the agricultural field, and how they do it? The answer is not a wallet, it is POS mode. AgrolifeCoin is a promising currency in the agricultural field. Because by 2050, food demand will increase by 70%. Compared with the share of agriculture in the GDP of developed countries, the proportion of developing country banking loans to agricultural loans is much smaller. This limits the investment of farmers and agricultural enterprises in agriculture. This also shows that the loan barrier is not due to the lack of liquidity in the banking industry, but because of the lack of willingness to expand agricultural loans. So, Agrolifecoin can be more hopeful development because it catches this point. After all these currencies, which one is the most promising coin in your mind? Please write it in the comment area.
  4. You must have heard those names like “The Tiger Team” or “The Hawks Team” when you were at school. The reason why people keep connecting things with animal names must because that they want to copy the habits of animals into these things, so that they can make that more powerful. Compare with the real life which is full of animal names, the virtual life is more complicate than that. A large part of online names was inserted with animals such as “Lion Lee” (I know it sounds weird…) and used it for blog or forum name. What’s more, part of cryptocurrencies is also mixed with the animal names. Some of them are similar to the coin-self, some are full of ambitions from its founder, and also some humorous coins are there. So, I will introduce some of them with the following part. 1. Ethorse This coin is named with “horse”, and you will find a cute geometric horse head on Ethorse’s official website which can move with your mouse. The application of Ethorse matches its image very well. It is a dapp game which is based on the blockchain technology. And also born in Ethereum. Each of them has different genes, looks and properties, these are the unique part. But not only differences, the same part is that each Ethorse can produce a different generation and continue to multiply. It just like the entire blockchain which is connected closely. Of course, as a collectible, the Ethorse can be traded, and the better it looks, the higher it price. Although it is a simple game dapp, it become a representative of the technology which is attached to the characteristics of the blockchain. Just like a cooperation that CanYacoin with other businesses, dapp will always produce the better products. I believe this is the future of cryptocurrency. And plus, the two horses are not allowed to close relatives. 2. Dogecoin Do you guys know that famous sticker which is a dog keep watching you? It named DOGE. And the following part is that a coin has been named by DOGE, it called the dogecoin. Unlike Others, dogecoin has already been born in 2013. At that time, it soared sharply to the position which just below the bitcoin. The funniest part is that reddit make the dogecoin become popular. Which is that all the reddit sub kept talking dogecoin, and the powerful flow is just like a waterfall. In less than two weeks, its blogs and forums set up for dogecoin have been established. Moreover, the subsequent effect is even more powerful. Its flow is more than 6 times that of Litecoin. Dogecoin seized the opportunity and make a nice marketing, just as Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash. After this, there are plenty of copycat such as zozocoin, want to earn the same achievement as dogecoin, but no one can exceed it. 3. Phoenixcoin “Open-source”, ”Decentralized”, ”Global”, all these words were used in the cryptocurrencies. And those are also suitable for Phoenixcoin. As a coin which is a further development of Litecoin, Phoenixcoin has 98 million total coins, and some insignificant features such as faster, stronger, etc. It is just one of the altcoins and with a common introduction. How it can be named Phoenix? 4. Tigercoin First of all, I need to praise the home page of Tigercoin, it’s bloody fashion (anti-word)! The banner style takes me back to 2000. In photoshop, you can just use three layers to complete this banner. Let's get down to business, same as Phoenixcoin, tigercoin is forked from Bitcoin version 0.8.99, with addition of super random blocks. And proof of work with SHA256 is used as in Bitcoin. But its rank has already told me that it is also a rubbish. There are some other coins named by animals, like rabbitcoin and so on. I will introduce it in another time, and if you have some new idea, please tell me under the post.
  5. Market volatility is both a blessing and a curse, and it is true for any market. Investors rejoiced when the market boomed. However, investors may also suffer unpredictable losses, and that can be potentially damaging. The high-risk following with the high-return, it’s like today’s cryptocurrency market. If you can get ready to accept the storm, then it is very attractive. But what if you are looking for a less risky investment? Even under the best conditions, participating in the volatile cryptocurrency market is very complicated. Therefore, sometimes we need to adopt more mature investment methods. In order to cope with this risk, there are already projects on the market that can provide solutions. Among them, Olympus Labs from the US financial sector can be said to be ranked first in this regard. So, what is Olympus? The Olympus ecosystem provides digital currency investors with an integrated digital currency financial market covering financial products, financial services, and financial applications. The ecosystem is built around a core agreement that produces decentralized digital currency-based financial instruments and products, allowing anyone to build financial products such as index, fixed income products, futures, options and other digital currencies. Olympus will provide investors with the ability to build a diversified portfolio of tools, hedge market risks, and gain revenue under any market conditions. Olympus plans to introduce more products, bitcoin collateral and index are just two products that Olympus Labs plans to provide. Later, with the Olympus project and the team’s development, there will be more and more better products appears. The team’s wishes are good, their exploration is also very innovative, and there are many similar currencies, such as the Tokenbox and BelugaPay. At present, the development of their team is progressing smoothly. This will be a potential unicorn and we will continue to focus on their development.
  6. From the birth of Bitcoin till nowadays, the most troublesome issue is always that the cryptocurrency is stolen by hackers. By the beginning of 2018, there were 22 cryptocurrency thefts. Unlike before, the current cryptocurrency is worth a lot, and the value of a bitcoin even exceeds $8000. In this situation, there will inevitably be some very safe currency. So, this is my theme today. 1. Carando As a top ten cryptocurrency, the ADA is the first currency to focus on security. ADA's team is a technology-based team. The entire team is composed of academic authorities and PHD. And compared to money, Cardano's team is more concerned with whether a problem which is "Have the newly developed technology once again broken the limits of human technology? " Carnado wanted to make a chain that would not be forked. It also hopes that “rewards collaborators and fights spoilers” by designing a voting mechanism, the community can determine the direction. Let miners (consensus implementers), currency holders (consensus participants), and programmers (experts) work together. Coupled with the POS mechanism, the security of the Haskell language and the like are similar high technologies. We have reason to believe that ADA is the future. 2. Radium Radium is a global coin, as a share-based cryptocurrency, accessible on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Also, Radium is a coin that acts on SmartChain and it ensures that the user has a secure and protected blockchain identity. At the same time, when the document is verified, the transmission environment and the secure download environment are improved. It can guarantee the user's data is not modified. However, its security gets too much dependent on the shareholding system, which has reduced its availability. Perhaps it is because there is no such technical team as carnadao, but we can still look forward to its performance afterwards. 3. Uptoken Uptoken is a private currency used by CoinMe, a Seattle-based company that simplifies the management of digital assets by establishing a new ATM portal network globally. Users can use the platform for instant encrypted currency transactions. it’s very convenient that both the novice and veteran can use it. Also, it does not require users to link their bank account details to their UpToken profile, which greatly guarantees the security of user information. And each time the user uses CoinMe ATM cash, it will provide rewards (such as cash back rewards). Not only that, it even has a dedicated customer service team that makes it easy for users to connect around the clock to help customers solve problems with the use of the platform. 4. redcoin Just as uptoken is as easy to use, Redcoin is also a decentralized and secure cryptocurrency that can be spent and traded like any other currency, making it easy for the general public to use. Redcoin is also very secure. It is not under the control of the central authority but is controlled by Redcoin users worldwide. As a "funny coin", it can be used for online games. There are still a lot of security-related currencies, but the article is limited in length. Next time I will add some interesting currencies.
  7. The ICO method of each cryptocurrency is different. Some of them are direct mining, some have large circulation in the first round, and some special currencies use continuous sales. Anyway, let me find some examples of ICO to illustrate. ICO of EOS: June 26, 2017 is a big day, which is the date of eos ico. And the block.one team also issued 1 billion EOS tokens. 100 million eos tokens are distributed to the block.one team. This part will not be able to trade or transfer on the Eth network. And 200 million eos tokens have already completed public offerings on July 1, 2017. The final 700 million are still in public offerings, but there are still less than 15 days to be completed. So, if you guys who have some thinking about it, just do it, because after the June public auction is completed, the price of EOS will double up. So, how many eos are there? The remaining eos tokens are only less than 36 million, and they will all be bought after 17 days. WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR????? Cardano with ICO: I remember that Cardano was born in September 2017 and directly jump to the top 20 of the all the cryptocurrencies. At the beginning, I think that top 20 may be a bit overestimated, but after the investigation, we find Cardano are very promising. The ICO of Cardano has not been publicly released. Cardano has gone through a total of four stages from October 2015 until January 2017. A total of 30 billion of the total 45 billion will be issued. The audit results released by Cardano can show that almost all the investors who invested ada io come from Asia. Especially in Japan, Japanese investors account for at least 90%. At the beginning, we felt very panic when we saw this sence, because the core idea of the blockchain is to decentralize, it is clear that Cardano did not meet the requirements of decentralization. Lykke in ICO: Lykke is a cryptocurrency issued by a Swiss fintech company. During the lykke ICO, it receives 1 share of the Lykke shares for every 100 Lykke tokens. Such tokens represent investors’ stock ownership of offline entity companies (Right to information, decision-making, income rights and residual claims) There are more ICO methods, and here are only the online and offline. I cannot list all of them here because of time. I hope the ICO chaos will stop as soon as possible.
  8. As you guys all know, eos website already told us that it will issue its new main-net in June. Then there will be a huge fluctuation waved among the cryptocurrency market. The following part may be the financial shuffle, which just like a destroyed land. So, what should we do to leave that place in a safety way? Data: Let’s start from the data, which is the most neutral part in analysis. 1. Price to USD EOS has already made two peaks in January and April. Compare with the other coins, it is more stable. The largest decrease didn’t exceed 50% and the increase has surpassed over 70%. While in the same time, bitcoin price had dropped under $9000, and all the altercoin also had different degrees of decline. Also, the price to BTC and its market cap is similar to the price to USD. 2. 24h vol What’s more, it is just a tough beast in top 20, it has the smallest drop rate with -1.60% in past few red market days. As the pic shows, EOS in trading market express its powerful endurance. That is enough to prove that EOS is a very promising cryptocurrency. Technology: 1. DPOS EOS take the DPOS as part of its main system, which is different from the POW or POS. You can also call it “Super node campaign”, which is born to solve the problem with mining machine. Because that machine just works for that guys who don’t care the technology but want to get more profit from it. Unlike blk (pos) , it may let people put more attention in the technology-self. That is why I like EOS. It means future (maybe). 2. DAPP I have talked it in too much articles before. So, let’s turn back and take a look at another coin-Ethereum. As the heir of ETH, EOS coin put its mind more on the speed and the ecosystem, because DAPPs need these two things more than the born place. Pretend the ETH as Android, then EOS will be the IOS. One in widely and another with depth. So, they both have a nice future. And the going depends on the develop team and the market performance. I cannot ensure the certain market going of EOS, but all I told you today will be a nice reference. The market always has the risk, clear your eyes and straight up.
  9. I saw a sharply upward trend of a coin on the website just few hours ago. A cryptocurrency called Bytecoin jumped from 1591 to 16 and squeezed a whole bunch of top-ranked currencies including OmiseGo and SingularityNET. So why can such a small currency rise to this level? After that, I checked the official website of the currency and found that it was developed from China. And this is their introduction: “Bytecoin, abbreviated as BYC, uses SHA256 as the algorithm, just as a byte is equal to eight bits, and the total number is also eight times that of Bitcoin, which is 168 million. The currency symbol of Baxter is β. The amount of money produced by each block of Baxter is 100, with an average of 5 mins per min, and the number produced after every 840 000 clumps will be halved. The number is again halved, and the difficulty is adjusted every 2016 blocks (one week on average). The P2P port of Baxter is 8888. This port is used to transmit transaction data and maintain the entire currency network. The RPC port is 8889. It is used for remote calls such as mining. In addition, Baxter also runs a test network for developers to verify the program's functionality. The test network P2P port uses 18888 and the RPC port is 18889.” In general, the currency is like a Bitcoin or Crypterium and also used for payment. And the output is extremely high, which can exceed 168 million. It is also shows that there is still a huge opportunity for huge profits in the entire encrypted currency circle. I really hope that one day I can get rich by it too. Do you guys have a similar bottom currency to recommend, such as SONO (ranked1469)? Although it doesn’t even have official website. Just kidding.
  10. Hello~Im a new comer both in blockchain and this forum. I'd like to share my opinions with cryptocurrency to u guys.😀

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