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  1. Greetings Hpmachining, How goes it... Hope all is going well for you... I for one, have no Idea how Coin Weight is calculated or how it changes, so I can't help you there.. Hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable can shed some light on the concept for both of us... I've noticed the same thing, and have asked myself that question, but haven't searched very diligently for that answer but maybe we'll all learn something on that subject. Welcome to the site by the way... hope to see you around more... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  2. Thanks for the Tip... I'll give that a shot... I myself would not go anywhere else if I was just wanting to buy GRC.. imo you're the best source.. <: -)
  3. My Pleasure... I'm looking for another way to handle GRC trades since Eobot quite supporting GRC... too bad too.. I really liked that site... <: -)
  4. Greetings Poty95coin, How's life? hope all is well with you... In my opinion pool mining is faster and cheaper to get started... You can set it up very quickly, and being to earn several GRC a week. The Solo Mining is good if you have several thousand GRC that you can use to stake constantly with. Yes, you have the potential to earn more, but only if you have several thousand GRC to start. There are a few folks here who would be happy to sell you some without having to go through the whole buy bitcoin, then trade it for grc deal in order to get them.. Look up dblanche256's post, it is on this thread, just a page or two behind, he is selling grc for those interested in getting a stake fast. If you have any problems, feel free to ask your questions here... and as dblanch256 said. to let folks here know if, and how much you appreciate their help. We really have alot of smart folks here who stick around just to help new folks get started. Good Luck, and please let us know how you're doing... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero) P.S. Got a few coins going your way...
  5. Just checked it now. It seems to be up and running right now.
  6. Few more on the way... Please pay it forward when you get the chance..
  7. That's very kind of you Dave... I too hope that other will understand the rules you've laid down, sounds very fair and reasonable to me... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  8. I know what you mean.. I'm still trying to reach 10.. hehhe I'm at 8 so far, but soon will have more.. hehehe
  9. Sounds good, feel free to write me if you have any problems.. <: -) L8
  10. Greetings Lilifa. it is fairly easy. For the most part you just backup your existing wallet, and send the files through e-mailed to your new machine. It will usually only be the wallet.dat and the gridcoinresearch.conf files. Install the current version on your new machine. And replace the existing wallet.dat, and gridcoinresearch.conf files. In my opinion the next best thing to do is download the snapshot.zip file from gridcoin.us and unzip it to your gridcoin folder. Then startup the wallet, and let it sync up. That should cover it. If you're running Linux, or a Mac it will be a little different, but not much. Let me know if you have any problems, I'd be glad to help. L8 The Gray Wizard (Aka: Matthew Romero)
  11. Well I can see I have not been watching the forums as much as I probably should... It's too bad that has happened... It seems to me their argument doesn't make much sense... I've been crunching for them for more than 8 years, long before I started with gridcoin... I have to say that after reading the forum, I may have to reconsider crunching for them. For me it's not because they have decided to not work with gridcoin, it's more about what appears to be the philosophy of those running the project... I have to say that reading the comments from admin left me feeling like something unsavory was climbing on me... I can't explain the feeling, it's just something I'm trying to understand myself... (Can't say I've had that feeling before, but it was kind of weird to me) I've always participated in projects that I've felt were contributing something useful to science, I'm a Science Lover, but also feel that knowledge and learning should be something for everyone... The comments i read make me feel that their running more of a "Game" or "Competition" that really doesn't care much for the science of what's there.. and that changes my feeling about participating... It's really too bad, because I know the science and knowledge that comes from math in general, and prime numbers help the knowledge of mankind. Definitely having to put some thought into this.. Sorry if my confusion has added any confusion to anyone... <: -) L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  12. That's pretty darn good Echotech, I'm working my way there myself.. Think I'm at 10% right now.. You're right though, that it's a sad commentary of the fact that most folks don't donate anything... That's too bad, and I think it's good that we call attention to that fact. Like most things, nothing is free, and those who just take, and never give make it even more likely that this all goes away from the weight of the takers... so I for one Thank you for being a decent contributor, and I look forward to trying to compete with you.. hehh hehe In my opinion, this is a good, and friendly competition... <: -) Keep up the great work everyone.. L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  13. Greeting Lilifa, That's pretty much what I'm finding with my dual mining... I don't have a graph of my stuff, but have noticed that income from the pool, and income from solo mining seems to be roughly equal, but like you said.. the pool is much more regular, and I can depend that every couple or 3 days I'll get my 10 or 15 GRC, where as my solomining, I might get 5 I might get 15, and there's no rhyme or reason as to when it comes... Very intersting work you all do with the numbers.. <: -) L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  14. Great Job Dblanch256, That's some pretty serious data gathering and process... (I guess processing because the data is coming from the explorer) but yeah... I always wanted to find out of one was better than another.. very interesting results.. Good work.. L8 The Gray Wizard
  15. Greetings wlaasmi, Ecotech, and Additude, Wlaasmi, I'd have to agree with the other fine gents on the pool... I make almost 6 GRC per week, and that includes a 10% donation back to the pool... It doesn't seem like alot, but it's alot more than you can get from faucets etc in that time... Also GRCPool has alot of resources to help educate yourself about gridcoin and why it's worth your time and CPU cycles to Boinc in the crowd. <: -) If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to ask, as you can see, people around here are quick to help and will get right to the bottom of any issues you may have... Alot of good brain power here, of which you've only met 2 so far.. maybe three.. <: -) have fun... Enjoy Life.. and I'm tossing you a few more myself... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)

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