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  1. Great Job Dblanch256, That's some pretty serious data gathering and process... (I guess processing because the data is coming from the explorer) but yeah... I always wanted to find out of one was better than another.. very interesting results.. Good work.. L8 The Gray Wizard
  2. Greetings wlaasmi, Ecotech, and Additude, Wlaasmi, I'd have to agree with the other fine gents on the pool... I make almost 6 GRC per week, and that includes a 10% donation back to the pool... It doesn't seem like alot, but it's alot more than you can get from faucets etc in that time... Also GRCPool has alot of resources to help educate yourself about gridcoin and why it's worth your time and CPU cycles to Boinc in the crowd. <: -) If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to ask, as you can see, people around here are quick to help and will get right to the bottom of any issues you may have... Alot of good brain power here, of which you've only met 2 so far.. maybe three.. <: -) have fun... Enjoy Life.. and I'm tossing you a few more myself... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  3. Greetings Freshcoconut, How's things... Hope all is well with you... Just out of curiosity, are you solo mining? or have you signed up with a Pool? A Pool can help you get moving faster than solo at first.. Check it out if you haven't already.. If you have any problems, or questions though, feel free to give a yell.. There's lots of folks here who can help... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero) P.S. a few coins on the way...
  4. No Problem Beirute, Glad I could help.
  5. I've got a few to share with you.. Let us know if you need any help setting up or if you have any questions... Don't forget to Donate to the Pool if you're using it so that it helps others.. have fun. be safe.. L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  6. You are Fast on the Trigger my man!!! <: -) Fasted Draw in the west... <: -)
  7. Thanks for the info. Makes much more sense.
  8. So after destroying the Powersupply, how did it all run.... You must have been generating some major heat if that PS went out.. heheh.. You can do the calculations all day, but sometimes there's just no substitute for just hooking up and seeing what happens huh??? <: -) There were some days I loved the smell of blown caps, and other days I cringed when I smelled it.. heheheh Please, keep us updated.. I'm sure I'm not the only one interested.. <: -)
  9. Greetings Lili, Have heard a lot about you, nice to finally see you on the system... <: -) The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew Romero)
  10. WOW Ecotech!!! You must be crunching on a Cray or something.. that's some mad mag... I'm with Dblanch256... Ride it for all it's worth... the more the merrier.. <: -)
  11. Greetings Manuyjacq, I do believe we can get you some help... There's a lot of smart people around here who do what they can to help everyone... Have you got your Boinc setup, and your Gridcoin Wallet running? (looks like you have the wallet since you put it at the end of your post) I'll get you a few coins to get you started.. and we'll see where we go from there.. If you need any help in setting things up, or you have a problem let us know.. Have Fun, Enjoy life.. Coins are on the way... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew)
  12. Welcome Dutchwaffles, How goes the battle... I'm so glad to hear that you're back crunching for Boinc... I for one am addicted, so having the ability to make a little Gridcoin is a bonus for me... I'm fairly new at Gridcoining, but have learned alot in my few months.. If you need anything, or have any questions, please feel free to ask... I'm sending you a few coins to get started... We have a great group of folks here who will be happy to help you along so don't hesitate to ask any questions if you have a need.. Have fun, Enjoy life... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka: Matthew)
  13. If you've been crunching for Boinc for some time now, like at least 6 months or more, then it makes sense to maintain your crunching for a better MAG, or RAC for when you do get the GRC you need for major staking. But if you've just started in Boinc, then it won't matter much which way you choose. The advantage of the pool is that you'll have the ability to generate a few coins every day pretty much, as you build up. I've been doing both for about 2 or 3 months now... I've not generated anything in my solo mining yet because I don't have enough GRC to stake much yet. But with the pool, I"m pulling in about 5 or 6 a week, which is not bad considering most of my crunching is going to the solo stuff.. More out of habit than anything else.. I've been crunching that way for almot 10 to 15 years.. heh hehe.. I gues part of it is, since their working, don't mess with em.. heh hehe... That's also a good way to squeeze a few more.. <: -) sounds to me like you're off to a good start... Remember, this is a Long Haul kind of thing.. so sit back and enjoy... L8 The Gray Wizard
  14. One more suggestion for you hc168. Keep your current crunching going, it'll help you with the solo mining when you get to it.. When you join the pool (It's the wisest idea in my opinion) Just add some grcpool crunching on top of your existing crunching. used different projects than what you're using now, and that cruching will go to the pool, and help you get coins through there while still maintaining your existing crunching... Hope that wasn't too confusing... feel free to ask any questions you have, and we'll do our best to get you going... <: -) Have fun, enjoy life... L8 The Gray Wizard (aka Matt)
  15. Good information, sounds about right... The only thing I would add to that is you can still continue the pool with one or two pool crunching projects to continue supporting the pool, and getting a few more gridcoin instead of zero, plus it helps support the pool for others. Just my take... L8

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