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  1. SUBAJ platform will allow any kind of company to create their own cryptocurrency within its network & They can offer it to the customers. Customers can take SUBAJ (SBJ coin) to any exchange in the world like Bitcoin & Ethereum.
  2. If cryptocurrency will launch in the retail sector with geo-drop technology. Where people can go shopping with cryptocurrency so how it will perform.
  3. There so many cryptocurrencies but one can foremost because it is in retail sector even you can buy so many things with this cryptocurrency coin
  4. You can experience the new way of shopping in the retail industry with Augmented reality and Geo-drop technology with its Cryptocurrency. Where people can buy anything with cryptocurrency and retailers can create their own Crypto tokens to distribute among the customers.
  5. ICO's is just like IPO's, though you can raise funds, basically, you tell investors about your project and road map to raise the funds. In ICO you can issue tokens. and through the token sale, you can raise the finds.
  6. Cryptocurrency is coming in so many industries, There is introducing augmented reality concept in retail commerce which can reduce efforts of customers and they can buy so many things with the crypto token, even they can get automatic offers on so many brands.
  7. Cryptocurrency is spreading in so many product & service industry. It is great you can buy so many things with coins
  8. So many cryptocurrencies is coming in the different type of industry. If crypto coin would launch in retail commerce with geo drop technology so how it will work.

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