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  1. As SUBAJ Global Network has launched the latest blockchain technology, SUBAJ ICO is going on, You can join our bounty programme in the retail industry at SUBAJ. Join SUBAJ Bounty Programme Get All Details Here Social Links FACEBOOk | TWITTER | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | GOOGLE PLUS | TELEGRAM Official Website | Whitepaper
  2. Subaj Global Network can be used by various merchants, businesses, companies, institutions and service providers who can offer either SBJ tokens or their own business tokens as loyalty rewards to their customers. Adapting this kind of reward mechanism will also help them in augmenting their daily sales. The cryptocurrencies will be operational within the SUBAJ global network. You also can be the part of this blockchain technology SUBAJ Pre-ICO Sale Will End on 1 August. BUY SBJ COINS NOW Get 30% additional Bonus in Pre-Sale only Read Whitepaper Get Daily Updates FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | GOOGLE PLUS | TELEGRAM
  3. Subaj Global Network is a very promising blockchain platform in the retail industry. Where user can shop anything with SUBAJ cryptocurrency. SUBAJ has transformed the shopping industry with its cryptocurrency. Make your shopping more interesting with SBJ Coins. SUBAJ PRE-ICO SALE IS LIVE BUY SBJ COINS NOW & GET 30% BONUS IN PRE-SALE ONLY OFFICIAL WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER
  4. SUBAJ has launched its crypto coins in the retail industry which the latest blockchain technology. Where you can shop anything with the SUBAJ cryptocurrency called SBJ coins. Subaj Global Network offering the bonus during the pre-ICO sale. SUBAJ Website | Whitepaper
  5. At SUBAJ users can get digital loyalty rewards in SUBAJ cryptocurrency and they can easily use them at any merchant store. SUBAJ Global Network has introduced the flexible loyalty reward system thorough its cryptocurrency called SBJ coins. SUBAJ PRE-ICO WILL END ON 1 AUGUST BUY SBJ COINS NOW GET 30% BONUS IN PRE-SALE OFFICIAL WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER Social Links FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN | INSTAGRAM | GOOGLE PLUS | TELEGRAM
  6. SUBAJ is a global blockchain ecosystem for online/offline payments, promotions, and sharing of rewards via the use of mobile applications. SUBAJ, has its foundation on the distributed blockchain platform presenting a marketplace for businesses, retailers, merchants and service providers for all to participate and reap mutual benefits. SUBAJ is breathing life into a platform that integrates cutting-edge technologies such as social gamification, augmented reality & GeoDrop technology. The combination of these technologies on the SUBAJ platform is set to revolutionize the shopping experience with the implementation of reward sharing. Every kind of retailer, merchant, club, and community can create their business tokens using the SUBAJ Blockchain Platform (SBP) and offer them to customers as a reward for loyalty. SBP branded business tokens can also be traded for SBJ, which is a public cryptocurrency, consequently allowing loyalty rewards to be also traded for fiat currency.
  7. SUBAJ is continuously revolutionizing the retail industry with its cryptocurrency because of its unique business model. The SUBAJ business model is fueled by the four ultra-modern technologies including: Augmented Reality (AR) Pokemon Go Concept Social Gamification GeoDrop Technology JOIN SUBAJ PRE-ICO SALE BUY SBJ COINS NOW
  8. SUBAJ provides a new way of shopping with its cryptocurrency, where you can get best offers by geo drop notification. SUBAJ Benefits To The Customers: Customers can easily identify different types of offers, discounts and loyalty programs offered by the Merchants in a given Proximity zone. They get a transparent system where they can easily interact with the Merchants in their area or anywhere across the world. Most importantly, the customers will be able to redeem loyalty reward points received from one Merchant at any other Merchant or retail store. They will be getting rewards in terms of SBJ Tokens which for the first time, will have a discernible market value and are accepted anywhere across the SUBAJ Global Network. They get a quick and easy mode of communication with the Merchants. SUBAJ PRE-ICO IS LIVE BUY SBJ COINS NOW SUBAJ WEBSITE | SUBAJ WHITEPAPER
  9. Subaj Global Network is continuously transforming the loyalty reward industry with its cryptocurrency. If you buy SBJ coins then you can use them at any merchant store to buy anything apart from this you can get a digital loyalty card in cryptocurrency with SUBAJ cryptocurrency.
  10. SUBAJ is a decentralized platform and marketplace where different companies, retailers, merchants and service providers can participate for their mutual benefit. The participants can create their respective crypto tokens and offer them to the customers as loyalty rewards within the Subaj Blockchain platform. SUBAJ Pre-ICO Sale Is Live Join SUBAJ Bounty Programme & Earn SBJ Coins Check all the Bounty Details here SUBAJ Bounty Join Telegram Chat for any Query SUBAJ Telegram Chat Offical Website
  11. SUBAJ is one cryptocurrency, which you take at any crypto exchange in the world. SUBAJ coin is acceptable at top crypto exchange platform. Invest in SUBAJ Cryptocurrency Buy Now Other Links Whitepaper | Bounty | Telegram
  12. Subaj Global Network is a platform where you can get digital loyalty cards in SUBAJ cryptocurrency coins and you are autonomous to use these SUBAJ digital loyalty card at any merchant store and buy so many products and services. Get SBJ Coins Now Get 30% Bonus on Pre-ICO Sale
  13. SUBAJ cryptocurrency coins transforming the retail industry. you can join initial coin offering at Subaj Global Network. SUBAJ ICO Details PRE SALE IS LIVE NOW! PRE ICO END DATE: 1 August 2018 SBJ TOKEN SALE 1st Round: 2nd August to 31st August 2nd Round: 1st September to 30 September WEBSITE
  14. SUBAJ has launched its cryptocurrency in the retail industry for both shoppers and shop merchants with its blockchain expertise. Which is beneficial for both, shoppers and shop merchants, Shop merchant can distribute cryptocurrency as loyalty reward points, where shoppers can use that cryptocurrency at any merchant store, they are not in the boundary to use the loyalty card at any particular merchant store. SUBAJ PRE-ICO SALE IS LIVE BUY SBJ COINS NOW Official Website SUBAJ Whitepaper Social Links FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | LINKEDIN | BLOG | TELEGRAM
  15. Subaj Global Network successfully enters in the third week. Blockchain Technology is revolutionizing retail industry continuously at SUBAJ. SUBAJ Pre-ICO Sale will end on 1 August July. Buy SBJ Coins Now Visit: www.subaj.com

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