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  1. Oxtans

    Just like the it’s gone I had at least 350 US invested still wow this sucks
  2. Oxtans

    This is the correct screenshot been saying this for about 2 weeks now woke up and went to check my bitcoin trades and mining projects and this is what I get and like I said it’s like it never existed
  3. Oxtans

    I am sorry i sent wrong screenshot
  4. Oxtans

    Oxtans cloud mining been doing this for almost 2 weeks now it’s like it is gone or never existed even though you can find all kinds of videos and advertising for it on YouTube
  5. Oxtans

    Oxtans.com its a cloud miner that was working pretty good have even had some successful withdrawals saying server had stopped or something
  6. Can not find oxtans cloud mining anymore can anyone please help me 

  7. Oxtans

    Oxtans says server has stopped responding does this mean I got ripped off

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