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  1. To blockchainize or not to blockchainize: What do companies choose? American economist Nouriel Roubini stated that “blockchain is the most over-hyped technology ever, no better than a spreadsheet/database.” Well, many would disagree with Mr. Roubini. 84% of companies surveyed by the audit company PwC actively exploit blockchain and find it extremely useful. This most important discovery of recent years can disrupt almost everything. Together with cryptocurrencies, the distributed ledger technology brings the financial system to a totally new level of development. They make transactions and payments instantaneous, reliable, anonymous, affordable, and borderless, which opens many opportunities for users. In addition to the financial sector, there are a lot of markets where cutting-edge technologies are successfully employed. What are they? Learn it on our blog.
  2. Dakak: An Underrated Spot Worth Visiting in the Philippines If you find yourself visiting Mindanao and looking for some rest and recreation, Noah Resort is a soon-to-be-open beach resort you wouldn’t want to miss going to. It is definitely a great place to spend your vacation with its exceptional facilities that you won’t find at other tourist spots across the country. This small slice of paradise with all these wonderful facilities has also taken a huge step towards embracing a technological breakthrough. The resort has teamed up with Noah Coin to introduce cryptocurrency as a form of payment in all transactions within the resort. The Noah Resort is the result of a partnership between Dakak Park and Beach Resort and the Noah Foundation to allow people to use NoahCoin as their form of currency to enjoy a seamless system of settling the charges for all the services rendered. This bold move was fully endorsed by the local government of Zamboanga del Norte, making it known that the region of Mindanao is ready to embrace the technology and is open to new ideas for the sake of development and progress. Explore the Noah Resort on our BLOG.
  3. Does Crypto Valley move to Asia? The powerful and well-developed banking system, capacity for innovation, business-friendly environment, and low taxes induce entrepreneurs to rush to Switzerland in order to establish their ventures and conduct Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) here. Four of ten largest ICOs were carried out in this country in 2017, according to the audit firm PwC. Just imagine that startups already raised over $556 million through ICOs this year. The Swiss canton of Zug has been the largest center of development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency for the last five years. More than 200 fintech startups are operating here including Ethereum, ShapeShift, Monetas, Lykke, and others. Zug is rightly considered the world’s crypto haven. No surprise that it is also called a Crypto Valley by analogy with the Californian Silicon Valley. Things might change soon. The news from the Philippines has generated a big buzz around the world recently. The country announced its intention to allow blockchain and cryptocurrency projects operate within a special economic zone. What does this mean? Jump to our blog to find out!
  4. Make it or break it: What makes a crypto project viable Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have boomed in recent years. Almost everyone wanted to jump in on the ICO hype train. The number of crypto projects grew by 12 times since 2016! The main question is how many of them did not fall out of the race. Successful ICO is only half the battle. The major task is to turn into viable and strong projects. To reach this goal, the ventures should have a precise idea capable to unite a wide range of like-minded persons. The clear concept allows ICOs to shine and let them move on. What are the most promising projects of 2018? Entrepreneur, a famous American business magazine, named four best blockchain companies of the current year. The authors are confident that these four projects are able to utilize the awesome blockchain technology “in an open, innovative, and professional manner”. Meet AdHive, Blue Whale, VeCap, and the Noah Project. What makes them viable? Read the whole story on our blog.
  5. Entrepreneur: The Best Blockchain Companies Worthy of Attention in 2018 Blockchain is a young technological breakthrough. This means that the number of examples of successful blockchain companies is still limited. What makes a blockchain company worthy of attention is its ability to apply this amazing new technology in an open, innovative, and professional manner. Let’s go over some real examples, while demonstrating WHY a blockchain company should be worthy of attention. Noah Project is a cryptocurrency project that seeks to create a new ecosystem powered by blockchain and support economic growth with the latest technologies. They hail blockchain as the solution to economic disparity around the world. Their ultimate goal is to give a shift to the emerging crypto future and help millions of people embrace its essence today. The Noah team plans on building Noah City, a luxury resort in the Philippines, where everyone could access all the facilities with Noah Coin, receive discounts and special offers. No doubt, the Noah Project is an ambitious blockchain project, which everyone should be keeping an eye on. Jump to Entrepreneur to read the whole story. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/320809
  6. Blockchain forces a breakthrough in developing countries When traditional solutions don’t work anymore, innovations such as blockchain come to save the day. It literally brings financial services to everyone, regardless of income or location. Every unbanked person can create a cryptocurrency wallet and obtain an excellent opportunity to receive and send money in a more convenient, more reliable and faster way. Read our full story and see blockchain in action!
  7. Let’s find out why Mr. Rafael Reyes, one of the Board of Director of NOAH Foundation, said that cryptocurrencies will enhance business technology and how Mr. Clark Robertson, also NOAH Foundation Director, explained the vision of NOAH – The NOAH Resort and NOAH City. https://youtu.be/xlJK7euvj6s Enjoy the video!
  8. 6 Crypto Exchanges Where You Can Trade Your Noah Coin Today it’s starting to get a whole lot easier to invest and use cryptocurrency. You only need to have two things to make cryptocurrency work for you: a cryptocurrency wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange. The good news is that Noah Coin is now included in seven crypto exchanges, making it available for trading. HitBTC - https://hitbtc.com Changelly - https://changelly.com Livecoin - https://www.livecoin.net Mercatox - https://mercatox.com BTC-Alpha - https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/ Yobit - https://yobit.net/en/ IDEX - https://idex.market Learn more about the exchanges on our Medium blog.
  9. Crypto traveling as the new black Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are changing the travel industry, making the market participants develop completely new programs for the growing number of crypto adopters. The Noah Project, a Japanese blockchain venture, has an answer. It is building a luxurious resort that will be running entirely on decentralized solutions. The team standing behind this project expects this place to become a crypto paradise for tourists from all over the world, who want to embrace their experience in dealing with emerging technologies and digital funds. Noah Resort will become a part of the Filipino Dakak Beach Resort on the northern part of the island of Mindanao. This place is famous for its long white sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes, warm sea, and hospitality. It is called one of the most peaceful places in Mindanao. Blockchain cruises, crypto resort… What will be the next? Like other markets, the travel industry changes under the influence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There were a few places earlier where the crypto community could make use of their digital coins and enjoy the advantages provided by innovations. Now, new products and solutions that can give crypto fans such a chance are appearing on the market. Check out the full article on Medium: https://medium.com/noahcoin/crypto-traveling-as-the-new-black-56cf6ddd9b37
  10. Noah Resort: Ruling travel industry with cryptocurrency and blockchain The project team is building a luxury blockchain and cryptocurrency-based resort in the Philippines. For this purpose, the Noah specialists have created the internal project token — Noah Coin. Guests will be able to spend Noah Coins in every corner of the splendid Noah Resort to get access to a wide range of tremendous activities and amenities. The Noah Resort will be located at Zamboanga del Norte, one of the most charming and remote places in the Philippines. This picturesque part of nature will suit both calm and active pastime. Sunbath fans will appreciate long sandy beaches and warm sea, loving couples will enjoy sunset cruises while adventurous persons will be offered to investigate caves, dive into mysterious sea world, climb rocks, and participate in other activities for every taste. So, blockchain and cryptocurrencies can make travelers’ lives as much as possible. They drastically reduce their costs, save their time, and allow them to make settles in any way they want — by spending cryptos on recreation and entertainment. The Noah team hopes that the Noah Resort will become a bright example of a stable and fruitful cooperation of digital money, high tech, and tourism. Are you ready to enliven your traveling experience? To learn more, check out the article on our blog. https://medium.com/noahcoin/noah-resort-ruling-travel-industry-with-cryptocurrency-and-blockchain-bdeab1e770d2
  11. World Blockchain Festival: Noah Project Gathers Thousands of Crypto Geeks Under One Roof Less than a week is left till the long-awaited World Blockchain Festival, which will take place in Japan on October 13. The Saitama Super Arena, the third largest indoor arena in the world, will gather thousands of crypto adopters from different countries to meet and listen to global influencers, top policymakers, contributors, and entrepreneurs. This event becomes possible thanks to the hosts, one of which is the Noah Project, an ambitious blockchain venture from the land of the rising sun. The hosts have realized almost impossible - they invited pop diva Mariah Carey as the special guest to make the festival truly unforgettable! Five-time Grammy Award winner will perform her best hits. Are you ready for the show? The list of speakers is no less impressive. The organizers invited many outstanding and well-know people who will share their ideas, present innovative products and projects. For example, Miguel Cuneta, co-founder and chief community officer of Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), will explain how his financial technology company is building the blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines. The world’s first Blockchain university is of particular interest at the festival, where it will be finally unveiled to the general public. Dan Khomenko, co-founder of UBAI (University of Blockchain and ICO) will present the first-ever education, where everyone could become a certified professional and build a desired career in the blockchain industry. The panel of speakers also includes Randy Hencken, director and co-founder of Blue Frontiers, a company developing floating islands that will be stationed in special economic zones, first in French Polynesia. Read the details on Coinidol: https://coinidol.com/world-blockchain-festival/
  12. Noah co-hosts WORLD BLOCKCHAIN FESTIVAL! This long-awaited meeting will take place in Japan just in several days – on October 13. The Saitama Super Arena, the third largest indoor arena in the world, will gather thousands of crypto adopters from different countries to meet and listen to global influencers, top policymakers, contributors, and entrepreneurs. A great number of cool speakers, non-stop networking, and hot discussions - that’s all about World Blockchain Festival. The hosts have realized almost impossible - they invited pop diva Mariah Carey as the special guest to make the festival truly unforgettable! Five-time Grammy Award winner will perform her best hits. Thanks to the efforts of the Noah team and all the guests, the World Blockchain Festival promises to become the greatest event in the crypto space. It provides the participants with a cool opportunity to meet the best representatives of the industry, exchange their experience and innovative ideas, as well as simply have fun, listen to charming Mariah, and enjoy communication with each other.
  13. Acceptance of Cryptocurrency in the Philippines Nilo Cruz, Former VP and CIO - Development Bank of the Philippines walks us through the current government initiatives that will pave the way for Crypto players like Noah coin to operate seamlessly in the Philippine Government agencies such as the BSP and SEC. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/i6A3V7yHfNs
  14. Noah Project: Repairing broken remittance system Remittances are the main pillar for citizens in many developing countries, especially in Asia. The money transferred by migrant workers in advanced countries to their emerging homelands constitutes a huge share of their GDPs. For example, the Philippines received a record $33 billion worth of remittances in 2017 according to the World Bank’s report. This sum made up a considerable 10.2% of the country’s GDP. The existing remittance system is imperfect and suffers from several urgent problems such as a great number of unwanted middlemen, high fees, and risks linked to cross-border transfers. That’s when innovative technologies appear to offer guest workers a reliable and effective way to send money to their loved ones. Blockchain is called to improve the old system by providing an efficient set of incentives that benefit the remittance landscape. What are they? Learn on MEDIUM. https://medium.com/noahcoin/noah-project-repairing-broken-remittance-system-1f883669acf4
  15. Noah Resort: Tropical Paradise for Cryptocurrency If you plan a vacation, you’ll see many alternatives in front of you: go by plane to Europe, enjoy a sea cruise or even fly to space. The choice is huge indeed. Evidently, today’s tourism industry is changing at an astronomic pace. But as people are turning more sophisticated in their desires, they seek for even more unique forms and ways to rest. And cryptocurrency can become a gateway to a new unrivaled travel experience. With the focus on long-term projects, the Noah team seeks to develop a splendid resort complex in the Philippines and popularize the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, showcasing the benefits they can provide to travelers. The luxury resort created by the project will find its place within Dakak Beach Resort and expects to become a true haven for technology adopters and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world. By creating the internal token, Noah Coin, the project aims to unveil the full potential of digital money and let every visitor of the Noah Resort transact in it: conveniently, securely and hassle-free. The token, in turn, will become the gateway to the facilities and endless entertainment the resort will offer. Located on Zamboanga del Norte, Noah Resort will open its doors to those who wish to find inner peace and admire natural beauty. Here, tourists will enjoy a soul-searching kayaking trip against pristine landscapes and quiet magnificence of lush jungles. Tours will take travelers to a series of lovely coves with picturesque view of the sea. Explore Noah Resort on our blog. https://medium.com/noahcoin/noah-resort-tropical-paradise-for-cryptocurrency-3b636abef184

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