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  1. check out https://www.ethmint.io
  2. Because of Cryptocurrency wether or not your in it for the "technology" it is irrefutable to not believe it is the beginning of a new era, an advancement in the internet coming to be known. as Web 3.0, With advancements like Smart Contracts making it possible to cut out middle-men , I believe in the next 30-40 years the future will look NOTHING like it does today.
  3. i have been curious for some time now on what the space has to say on this particular topic, i have noticed rumors that some believe we need regulations, something to control bad actors and guide us down a moral and efficient path by the SEC for example, or do you believe we as a community are able to make these decisions for ourselves and we will establish our own thorough guidelines that work and are enforced? i feel as if Regulations are inevitable but the community with its cryptoeconomics will continue to build more methods to incentivize security.
  4. Coinbase is constantly the talk in the space recently, there has been talk about them possibly getting A. Bankers License allowing them to host more coins B. Just launched a new partnership with 0rx C. Has now Joined Paradex All this over the course of < months, how far will they grow? how do you envision coinbase's growth?
  5. Over time we will see low's and we will see high's though I have no crystal ball.... I can safely assume BTC at some point will most indefinitely reach it's ATH once again.
  6. So far we've seen Bears & Bulls clash this last week as BTC has gone form 8.4k to now 7.9k, how far do you. think the bears will take it? When do you think the next bull run will happen and are you buying the dip?
  7. @kathy pleasance Hey Kathy, feel free to e-mail me with any ICO Solutions you are in need of that can further help your project. [email protected]
  8. i am posting this topic to help announce upcoming ICO projects, post your upcoming project and reach out into the community😄
  9. There is so much speculation right now on the market, I would like to hear some opinions on how you think the upcoming bull trend will look like and how the bear trend will turn out?
  10. Want to build your own ico? check out this link. https://www.ethmint.io
  11. After being posted on Gemini, anyone got any predictions for this coin?
  12. What. are. you. talking. about.

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