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  1. Imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to succeed...
  2. Smart Scheduling 4.0 ORS solution for cutting average production time thanks to optimal lot-sizing and sequencing, efficient robotic production and real-time dynamic adjustments at a tyre manufacturing company. ORS Smart Scheduling 4.0 solution optimizes lot-sizing and scheduling thanks to adaptive smart algorithms and HMI, for all kind of manufacturing plants including fully robotized ones. The solution is fully integrated with robotic lines and ERP production systems and collects all relevant information from databases and sensors. Watch the video and get a first overview of the features enabling our customers to reduce the makespan up to -15%, to real-time precisely adjusting production and to improve quality. https://www.ors.ai/index.php/en/18-ors/company/stories/126-smart-scheduling-4-0
  3. Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts (“HSC”), aims to provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community and to established businesses. At ORS, we envision a planetary network of entrepreneurs and independent companies empowered by the new digital alphabet: ABC – Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency. Contact Email Address [email protected] Supporting Link https://orsgroup.io https://news.bitcoin.com/pr-ai-on-the-blockchain-ors-group-launches-ico-for-hypersmart-contracts/
  4. Get to know our team a little better – Fabio Zoffi is a serial entrepreneur and international investor. He is the President and Executive Chairman of the ORS Group and a pioneer in the intersection of A.I. and Blockchain technology. – Bryan Woods is an expert in Ethereum Smart Contract development. He has worked on six previous ICOs and developed his own identity management solution based on cryptography. – Felice Pollano is the Chief Software Architect of ORS and an engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in .NET, Java, Javascript, C++, and the Hadoop ecosystem. He also has experience working with the full stack, with RESTFul web services, with strong adherence to software design with well-known patterns, and in designing reliable architectures in complex enterprise applications. – Antonio Vetrò is a Project Manager at ORS S.r.l. Has was Director of Research at the Nexa Center for Internet and Society at Politecnico di Torino (Italy) from 2015 to 2017. Formerly, he was a research fellow in the Software and System Engineering Department at Technische Universität München (Germany) and a junior scientist at Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering (MD, USA). He holds a PhD in Information and System Engineering from Politecnico di Torino (Italy). He is specialized in empirical methodologies and statistical analyses, applying such an empirical epistemological approach to study the impact of technology on society. Pros The ORS Group is a strong and well-established company. Small business processes are often not fully optimized. Providing them with sophisticated AI solutions can help them to become more efficient and save money. The solution uses off-chain calculations in combination with on-chain data storage. Cons It’s not an easy task to bring HyperSmart contracts to a farmer or other non-technical people. Finding a suitable algorithm for the optimization problems of a particular business isn’t always feasible. Conclusion A combination of AI and blockchain can bring many new opportunities for existing businesses. In addition, by using the AI algorithms organizations can make better decisions and therefore save money by optimizing their processes. The ORS Group has successfully collected €10,000,000 during the private sale. https://cryptopotato.com/ors-combining-ai-blockchain-hypersmart-contracts/
  5. Watch this awesome review and let us know what you think!
  6. Don't forget to join our Telegram @ORSToken for the most comprehensive and up to date information straight from the ORS team.
  7. ORS Token & Platform The development of the ORS Platform & Marketplace (open to third parties) for buying and selling Algorithms and Hypersmart Contracts will enable both established businesses and new blockchain projects from the Crypto Community to dramatically enhance their own business models and gain higher profitability and competitive advantage. Hypersmart Contracts, Algorithms and other digital assets developed by both ORS SA as well as by third parties shall be freely tradeable on the Platform & Marketplace through ORS’ own utility token. https://icoengine.net/ico/ors
  8. Here is what we are up to for the next couple of months
  9. ORS GROUP is a pioneer in this area: for more than twenty years our AI-based software solutions have helped Fortune 2000 customers from various fields to automatically optimize trillions of digital transactions daily. What makes such achievements possible are so-called Hypersmart Algorithms, i.e. combinable modules of sophisticated algorithms. They are the building blocks for more than a hundred proprietary software solutions (the “ORS Hypersmart Solutions”) sold to global organizations. https://bitcoinchaser.com/ico-hub/ors-sa
  10. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the ICO during the token sale! We raised over $14M and we could not have done that without the support of the crypto community.
  11. Founded in Italy, now with global operations, the ORS GROUP is a software company with over 20 years of experience in delivering sophisticated A.I. based optimization software solutions to a large international client base ( http://www.ors.ai ). Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts ("HSC"), aims to provide access to more than 1,000 proprietary algorithms and hundreds of software solutions to the Crypto Community and to established businesses ( http://www.orsgroup.io ). ORS Department of Communications at [email protected], +39-0173-620-211
  12. Combining A.I. with Blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts can be very powerful for increasing efficiency within modern value chains, therefore releasing significant cash. Start your journey with ORS, lead the way to your success.
  13. Be sure to go check out our website :https://www.orsgroup.io
  14. ORS PLATFORM The well established ORS GROUP ‘RAMS 4.0’ platform shall constitute the core of the ORS SA Platform for making Hypersmart Contracts, Algorithms and other digital assets available to businesses and to the Crypto Community.
  15. Want to compete against major players? Learn how ORS GROUP’s Hypersmart Contracts (HSC) can help your company reach maximum efficiency by optimizing the flows of goods and services, information and currency within any value chain.

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