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  1. Not a total loss at all, I will do a coinswap in relation to a fair % of the new coins Your 9 Million VGC should get you around 30 Million VEGAS once released!
  2. I would suggest you donate the funds to us the developers for updates on the new release and I'll promise you a % of the new 777,777,777 VGC I just minted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  3. Very cool, well we are talking about a possible relaunch and how that will be best achieved. For now, thank you for your support! I will be checking with my team members to see what actions are possible and how to best achieve those. If you don't mind me asking, are you holding your VGC or selling it? and if your holding it, how many are you currently holding?
  4. Lots of talk going on, and BTC is doing well... Might be planning a re-launch in 2017, any thoughts or suggestions to that idea?
  5. I will talk to my team, and have my main guy comment here before Monday with what we feel would help.
  6. I'll have my team look into a solution, we will put some time into this on Monday.
  7. I am open to working with a team, but not handing over full control of something I took investors money on. Sorry if your so set on having control, go make your own coin and I wish you best of luck. If you want to work with VegasCoin, I welcome all help and support.
  8. To everyone and all the talk about VegasCoin. The fact is at this time VGC was a loss for me and my investors of around $40,000 USD. We still have nodes up, and I will even speak to my lead developer about getting more info on that posted here asap. I have not given up on VegasCoin, its just at this point in time I cant honestly put any time towards this project right now. I do plan however to one day, just not sure when that will be. I was in talks with a guy planning to help run the coin, but he wanted everything including the website transferred to him. I can not just give away tons of hard work and investors money spent on work. I tried to get him to agree to access only, and I would still own everything. But sadly we could not come to an agreement. I only hold 2,000,000 VGC for myself and investors that we mined using our own machines. That being said, I would love for something to happen one day. But after further investigation into Casino's lab tests. To get into a gaming system is almost impossible, so we tried working with local businesses to help drive tech customers to new businesses. This however became a huge challenge as most people didn't even know what bitcoin was, let alone VegasCoin. I did however make many attempts to educate business owners, but the sad fact is I think the technology needs to improve with crypto before the masses accept it. I am always open to anyone who wants to take on running the community, I have servers and programmers that can donate some time here and there... but Sadly not a ton of time to really focus on it just yet. If I can get someone interested in that, I am 100% willing to work WITH them. Thank you all for the kind words and support, but I can only put time into things that make money or show some glimmer of hope... I still think there is some hope for VegasCoin as time progresses and technology is improved and educated to the masses.. but I feel VGC might be years away from profitable to me, so until then I am doing what I can to keep my lights on in my house and my kids fed.
  9. Just to let everyone know, RideWorks Las Vegas Escorts are now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment! Just check out https://rideworks.com/news/rideworks-las-vegas-escorts-now-accept-bitcoin.htmlfor more information and bitcoin payment address. They offer a range of girls, from Asian, blonde, brunette, red head, and ebony escorts for private adult entertainment in your hotel room. Why deal with strip clubs and over priced drinks, when you can get a girl direct to your room in 20 minutes or less!
  10. Well I'll be buying on the exchanges soon, trying to grab a few before a take over while they are cheap.
  11. I would want a lot, can you get around 5,000,000 coins?
  12. I will sell VGC currently via $0.01 per VGC, currently we are working on a listing platform much like craiglist, ebay, and yelp. The project will be http://igotit.com, and I also own http://igotit.vegas that I plan to feature local vegas deals. I do have plans to accept BTC and other ALT coins, I can for sure work with the VGC platform and possibly accept and sell them to buy credits for featured postings. I'll need to see where we stand in 6 months, but for now we are just working on functions. I would be interested to see what alt coins want to be accepted in the future, and maybe try to help combine marketing efforts.

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