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  1. Ambrosus is in a prime position to vastly increase by the end of the year - due to the fact they'll be officially launching their full industrial grade network in Q4 this year. Incase you don't know, Ambrosus is a blockchain-IoT, sensor integrated system for supply chains in the food & medicine sector. This year so far, has been spent successfully developing and perfecting their blockchain protocol, with the price of the Amber Token (AMB) naturally remaining relatively stable between around $0.30 -$0.80 since February this year throughout this process. Whereas the second half of the year, will see further release and updated versions of the AMP-NET being deployed and tested with big name partners in Q3; I dare say we can almost certainly expect to see this price vastly increase along with the popularity and adoption of Ambrosus as this starts to take place. As mentioned above the completed fully functional industrial ready version (AMB-NET 2.0) will released by the end of the year in Q4. Their supporting partners are really impressive too, being some of the worlds leading institutions, such as the United Nations - 10YFP Sustainable Food Programme, European Institute of Technology, Swiss Food Research and Parity, (to name a only a few) who will be first in line to trial the Ambrosus system. Ambrosus currently ranked 170 on CoinMarketCap, with the Amber Token (AMB) currently sitting on $0.27 USD, with its all time high at $1.72 back in January. We can assume with the successful implementation phase this price will likely go from where it is now, back up to its all time high of 6X ...& hopefully beyond! 🤑 Definitely worth a research!!!
  2. The Ambrosus iOS SDK is now officially released on GitHub. Who and what is Ambrosus? Ambrosus is a blockchain platform that leverages the combination of blockchain technology, IoT and sensors to track every step in the supply chain process. They are powerfully working with some of the largest corporations in the world to test out and integrate their technologies for industrial adoption within the supply chain industry. Ambrosus is now inviting & encourages the community to build dApps extensions and protocol upgrades by offering robust developer tools and modules, along with their open sourced protocol. Compatible with other Ethereum-based protocols, to ensure seamless integration and functionality of Ambrosus dApps. Written in Swift 4.0 supporting Xcode 9.0+. It works with apps written in iOS 10+ and supports Objective-C. The Ambrosus iOS SDK makes it easy for iOS app developers to create their own dApps powered by the Ambrosus Network - AMB-NET. AMB-NET API gives access to assets and events tracked by Ambrosus. With the SDK you can create iOS apps with end-to-end tracking of any asset or product stored on the AMB-NET. You can see detailed written instructions here in an article posted by Ambrosus which outlines the step-by-step implementation, via their blog @ Medium, or if you prefer video... Ambrosus Chief Product Officer Dr Vlad Trifa demonstrates how Ambrosus seamlessly integrates into supply chains here:
  3. Covesting is a new cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that's attractive to both beginner and professional traders. The platform provides the highest quality of security, cutting edge technology and an intuitive interface. Here's a handful of key elements that differentiate Covesting from other exchanges, and what I believe will make them the crypto industry leaders: The platform rewards both pro traders & beginners, with the available option to copy-trade other successful traders. The pro trader receives an 18% success fee for allowing other traders to copy them, & the trader who copies, profits on the pro traders’ success. The success fee is only deducted if the trade is successful, of course. Anyone can share their trade portfolio & allow others to copy them. So anyone can be a pro with an impressive portfolio and gain extra profit for just trading as they normally would do. The platform is designed with all of the features you expect from the current industry leaders with the addition of the most technologically advanced and professional handled infrastructure. Quick and responsive execution, tight spreads, and aggregated liquidity from multiple exchanges, the most advanced charting software, algorithmic strategies and arbitrage trading bots - (everything a trader needs to be successful). The platform incorporates a “crypto intelligence portal" to educate users on the best way to take advantage of these tools. The portal provides daily relevant news, trading tips, a crypto intelligence academy (containing tutorials and courses), and real time market cap information. They're proud to be legally complaint & DLT licensed in Gibraltar (which follows the most rigorous KYC policies). More on security, the majority of the platforms assets are kept in cold storage. Only the amount necessary for immediate transactions are made available so customer assets are safe and protected. Lastly, Covesting provides 24/7 live support, which is crucial when dealing with the current volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Actually I lie, one more thing - Covesting Exchange is backed by their own utility token COV, (same as Binance,) but Covesting offers various other facilities. The best part is the max supply of COV tokens is limited to 20 million with a "buyback and burn" program, which means the supply of tokens will systematically reduce, and as a result the value of the token will increase. It's an awesome platform to help you while you develop your trading skills and confidence, and offers numerous ways to add profit to your everyday trading, whether its through copy-trading, referral commissions, or simply developing your skills to assist you in trading more successfully. I hope this helps and best of luck with all your crypto ventures.
  4. Currently I'm excited with the direction the Rentberry is taking. It has a fully developed working platform/product thats been facilitating a better long-term rental ecosystem since 2015. It raised over $30,000,000 in its ICO token sale, which is the most funding a start-up has ever raised to date! This shows an enormous amount of confidence and support for the future of the project. While blockchain and crypto is scary for general population (mainly because they don’t understand it), Rentberry has applied its benefits into real world practice that’s easy to use and understand. The excitement from the general population is what really makes me confident that this project will go the long haul. Unlike a lot of other ICOs which are only promises, Rentberry is listed in HitBTC now and already raising revenue. A few more to exchanges are said to be listing soon also! To answer your question, ultimately the goal is to be making a passive income from successful blockchain projects and potentially get involved to a greater capacity as I'm excited to see crypto intergrate our day to day lives, changing processes for the better!

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