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  1. Really? Where can WINSTARS banners be found? I did not see, I thought that you can only create banners yourself. This can save time
  2. Do you have a blog or website? You can make a banner to attract referrals, put your link in it. Or you can chat on the forums by putting a link in the signature.
  3. It is important that now we can attract when there are no similar projects. When everyone starts creating a casino using smart contracts and blockchain, it will be difficult for us to interest users.
  4. I understand it. The players must make money on the platform, buy tokens for the game. And if they do not and will not spend them, then I can not make money. As soon as the organizers show the test platform, I can attract players.
  5. I also think that the bonus will accumulate. You can attract potential players in the future now. This is a platform for gambling and everyone can find a game that they like
  6. I already received the bonus for attraction. It's profitable to attract referrals, you can not invest yourself, but by attracting people you can get tokens. WINSTARS has 3 levels of affiliate program
  7. But you can attract referrals in another way. For example, write an article and publish your referral link in it or advertise a project in your blog. You can write on the forums about the project.
  8. Developers should make the platform active. To do this, they need to actively involve players on the platform. The referral system was invented for these purposes. Do you attract referrals?
  9. Of course the price will not grow right away because the growth depends on many factors. One of them is the work of the team. If the team will do everything in time, then the price of the token will also grow. But it is necessary that there was a demand.
  10. I think the same. First, tokens will start trading on the exchange. And when developers start to publish news gradually, it will affect the price of the WINS token. And on growth it will be possible to sell, on falling to buy
  11. We will not see anything new in this video. I'm not interested anymore. I wonder how many coins will be sold. This is more important. It depends on how quickly the project will develop.
  12. I'm not sure. We already see what they are doing, now all the forces are aimed at attracting investors and developing a platform. What kind of report do you want?
  13. I know that 7 exchanges for listing and 3 casinos as partners should be connected. But the developers are still keeping a secret of what their names are. I did not hear any new news.
  14. And why can not we attract? WINSTARS has a good referral program. The investor's cabinet is. You can see the "Referral" section there. Here you can take the link of attraction and see the attracted people.
  15. I also think that if they showed a report from Barcelona, then it will faster buy tokens. I'm also waiting for a report from Barcelona and a private office to decide how much to buy tokens. there is little time left until the end of the ICO.

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