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  1. Yes, I saw this news, but so far I do not understand how it will help. It seems to me now is more important that the developers launched the platform. now everyone is waiting for beta version of platform
  2. Really, you know? I have not heard this news yet. This is good news, more partners will bring the project great popularity.I think this is beneficial to everyone.
  3. Soon everyone will know everything. Large investors will find out earlier. I'm more interested in the platform and attracting referrals. When will it be known exactly how the bonus for attraction will be charged?
  4. Why wasn't the new information immediately published? It will be known later. Why do not you know these intrigues? It seems to me that all investors should know everything.
  5. And can the tokens be accepted for payment when they are on the exchange? I thought it would be sooner. don't you know the team tokens will be frozen for a while?
  6. And when will this partner begin to accept tokens for payment? Developers talked about three casinos. What will they add as partners already known? The more partners will be the better
  7. I heard about the private cabinets. The new game is interesting. And it will be ready only on the alpha platform, or will they be tested on the beta version? Beta should show next week
  8. The game is very simple. Probably the second game will be more difficult. Do you know what the next game will be? It would be more interesting to see the platform cabinet. And what it will have interface.
  9. I will agree. Especially the devs would not show it, they said that it will be possible to see the beta version of the gaming platform and the cabinet interface in a week
  10. the token will be released to the exchange not before the ICO ends, do not you think so? Today the devs showed the first demo game by the mechanism of the main platform.
  11. This is a good idea. But at the moment I do not know how to use it. Maybe I'll understand when the devs will create rules for attracting referrals
  12. Devs offer three-level program with distribution of 5 per cent, 3 per cent, 2 per cent by levels For crowdsale investors. These are excellent conditions for attracting referrals
  13. There are several options for earning money from WINSTARS on White Paper. This is an affiliate program, referral marketing, investment and Bounty. Everyone can choose what is convenient for him
  14. Of course not. As I understand the referral program will operate continuously. But the features of the work have not yet been published. I don't know how it'll works
  15. 3 levels of the referral program as I understood it. If you'll attract referrals then your income can grow if they too attract referrals. This referral system is very convenient.

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