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  1. It might be a good time to catch up some CAPS and HBNs right now. A main holder CrazyLoaf drive price down. He sold almost 200k CAPs and a lot of HBN too. I own both coins. Why?---> TRANZ
  2. Nice to see CAPS recommendation.
  3. Hobonickels HBN Information

    Definitely 112 HBN block is very small to stake and it take a long time to sake it if ever. Bigger blocks are gaining weight much faster. Bigger Blocks= Bigger Chance to stake. I own a few 5500 HBN blocks and they are staking easliy after 11 days.
  4. Hobonickels HBN Information

    "Stake it till ya make it Baby!"
  5. Hobonickels HBN Information

    My wish is to celebrate second HOBO birthday in next year:)
  6. Hobonickels HBN Information

  7. Preparing HBN v1.5

    Its about total numer. For a noob like me it would be much easier to do it in wallet.
  8. Preparing HBN v1.5

    Tranz is it possible to build in wallet stats that will tell us how many POS coins we minted in time period??
  9. Preparing HBN v1.5

    Many ppl were very suprised when they known that DOGE supply is unlimited:P What about BTC and LTC? Deflaction?
  10. Preparing HBN v1.5

    So in fact there is no Hobonickels limit like 120 milion coins...Supply is unlimited,
  11. Preparing HBN v1.5

    So when total supply will reach 120mln of coins what will happen then? Any predictions?
  12. Hobonickels HBN Information

    24.07.2014 of July is the first HOBO BIRTHDAY?
  13. Preparing HBN v1.5

    "reaching the half way target of the coin, of 150 milion" Not 120 mln?
  14. Hobonickels HBN Information

    Tranz are You planning 1.5 wallet for Hobo? IF yes so any new features to be implemented there?
  15. HBN Chart/Market Talk

    I bought already in the range of 16 -13k. But the low price trend may take longer..ppl are selling alts for BTC.

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