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  1. I think in any economical deal, you must have to do some home work. Many people invest in the wrong assets or currencies and then they curse themselves with the losses which they do not deserve. You have to think before in order to achieve after. Thank you so much for paying attention!
  2. It was really a funny video to watch. Yes, it covers the reality about the crypto investments in the form of a funny but interesting song. We have to believe in the severity and risk of teh market in order to get profit out of it. What do you people think?
  3. As far as I know, the South Korean exchange was hacked recently via bitcoin gold. But I still would like to try trading with crypt. Does Forex Optimum have a lot of crypt? And what are its trading conditions?
  4. I think we have to take actions against the scammers in order to catch them from the neck. I am in favor of making the authority which deal with all of these fake people. There must be well defined laws for working on the internet. Cyber crimes must be nullified!
  5. There is no doubt to say that mining is the best business to do in the recent time if you have interest in the cryptocurrencies. I am sure it will be a good project as you do not need to give much time to earn handsome amount. Paid in Bitcoin is a dream of every youngster of the current age.
  6. I think if you do a job which is quite boring and time consuming then coffee is the best thing to keep you awaken and focused towards your job. I have the addiction of the coffee from my student age. I cannot imagine my life without the coffee. What's your choice? Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?
  7. It is really the best thread of this forum as I have seen a lot of best quotes from different regions of the world. I want to share a quote here as well which is the real source of motivation for me. "You have to sleep well on order to dream well, when you see a dream then never sleep much until you achieve it". Thank you!
  8. I have not seen as much excitement for a Marvel besides Blank Pather. When i watched the movie, i understood quickly what the fuss was all about. The graphics and story was awesome. I hope that they make many sequels of it. Where do you rate Blank Panther among other Marvel movies?
  9. You can generate a thousand of phrases and set a dozen of passwords. The weakest link in any protection is the person. Your fellow can find your note with the password on your table and steal all your coins. And you'll be left with nothing.
  10. tutapan

    Let's Invest

    I think crypto mining is an interesting business and I will surely participate in it as soon as possible. I have planned to buy an external hard drive of 1 TB. I would like to get your advises in this regard about the purchase of the Hard Drive? Looking for your kind replies!
  11. Well it's hard to say that it's the best wallet there are many other wallets so I think that it's better to use different wallets to protect yourself Do you use another one? share your exp
  12. I think we have to stay away from the fake people as they can prove devastating for you. These people have huge experience of making the innocent traders fool. I would like to request the authorities to take steps in order to keep these fake people away from the market. Am I right?
  13. Bitcoin and Ethereum both has the huge reputation on the crypto market. Bitcoin is more close to the Fiat currencies. I think these two cryptos are the best investment options of the current time. I would like to get your recommendations as well, Thank you!
  14. Hello guys! I think crypto trading is quite difficult as you have to deal with the tense market. The market is not fully matured until now as it is facing huge pressure in the way of its flourishing. Yes, things go weired for sure at most of the times. Are you ready for it?
  15. My answer was yes, is yes, and will remain yes all the time. I am a huge admirer and active user of the cryptocurrencies. I have multiple currencies in my wallets and I am earning well from them. I trade these currencies as well but, I believe more in holding on. Thanks

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