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  1. Airdrop was close i guess😊...by the way this is a waves token not bitcoin...so use waves wallet address to all waves airdrop...goodluck
  2. But this token still reissueable....how could that be?is it still not mature yet?
  3. When this token Will be get pump on dex?
  4. Westland storage ngadain bounty nih gan.... Tiap task yang kita selesaikan akan mendapat reward WLS token yang bisa digunakan sebagai stake fund. Raih hingga 200 WLS token dan raih 0,1% profit dari hasil bounty kalian selamanya. Withdrawl hasil profit kalian kewallet koin lainnya seperti BTC,ETH,LTC,bitcoin cash,dan DASH(dengan kata lain refund WLS menjadi koin mahal lainnya)...dan simpan untuk mendapatkan stake profit yang sama.Harga 1 WLS=$1... Bisa jadi alternatif mining lho gan.... Tertarik? Join aja disini : Link bounty Berlaku selamanya alias gak ada batas waktu Note : Withdrawl hanya bisa ke wallet coinspayment Next ane share link buat token legit lainnya Atau jika emang mau dapet info lebih silahkan gabung di channel ini : Channel airdrop Salam profit....
  5. xrb_39kfaczys4htmc8jbkxbing6w9rbaftxhw8ekie7wus4c6p8so3d44x9wf18
  6. 0xD7BE0A835f1daBd569Bf5472024aa7B85e3410B0 I only got 1PKX🤔
  7. Done follow and like...my Instagram is : michaellaborscky
  8. Hi all member...let me share my referall link here😄😘 And here it is.... 1. SpringRole #Airdrop ≫ The project is airdropping 100 SPRING 1. Go to airdrop http://bit.ly/2springRole 2. Enter your ETH address and click on Submit. 3. Submit your email address. 4. Join their Telegram group. ➡️ 2. K-Starcoin airdrop Earn 10000 KSC points worth of 10 KSC(exchange on may) Step : 1. Press Join now via link : http://bit.ly/KstarCoinbounty 2. Log in with email and Facebook account 3. Enter eth amount ( write 0),enter eth address 4. Done you got 10000 KSC points 5. Join telegram group to earn more KSC points 3. Pokemongo airdrop Free 10.000 PKG=$79 1. Signup : http://bit.ly/PkGairdrop 2. Join telegram,follow Twitter,retweet 3. Enter eth address,email,telegram username 4. Submit 5. 10.000 PKG recieve 4. Claim your first 100 giftone token worth $25 and collect again daily...just signup here to start earning https://gift.one/i/73886500765 5. Cryptoccino airdrop Get 100 CCC=$5 token just for register an account.... All you need to do just click the register link http://bit.ly/2Cryptoccino 6. Free 3 QASH = 0,003 eth How to earn : 1. register via link http://bit.ly/2HFIDCI 2. Fill all form 3. Get KYC to verified 4. Wait KYC to be verified 5. After verified enable google authenticator 6. Done you got 3 QASH 7. Licence Way: *LICENCEWAY AIRDROP PRORAM 2018 * _END DATE Jun 30, 2018 or 20.000 Telegram User_ Join our LIC Token Telegram group chat, follow our official Twitter channel in order to receive airdrop rewards! A unique referral link will also be given to you after you complete this submission. Just join here to recieve 400 LIC token https://goo.gl/QqnBgZ 8. Konios (1000 KON) = $10 Linkto the AIRDROP : https://goo.gl/LMTsQL 1. Enter your e-mail 2. Open the link in the verufication e-mail 3. Join Telegram (+500 KON) 4. follow Twitter (+500 KON) 5. Fill in the details Evaluation: Another great project with a huge team and a detailed whitepaper. The airdrop is pretty easy to claim especially if you compare it to the value of $10. There just some of my airdrop list...if you need a full list join our telegram channel in: http://bit.ly/AirdropnFaucet and http://bit.ly/Wavesclubbri Happy Hunter😉
  9. Me as a blogger😉

  10. 0x3dc4a46bfb9ce42e4f2f7b9e4839b94e1ce3c3aa
  11. 3PBDuYxkexn8UAE4umrqZzRhZ6erXgv9dx7 Thanks
  12. What kind of address sir? Eth,erc20,waves dex or other?

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