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  1. I have an AMD GPU, and for some reason Boinc uses none of it. It WILL use all available CPU, but my GPU gets no use. How can I make the research happen faster? I only noticed this problem today (after years of using Boinc). Any help is appreciated!
  2. @dblanch256 My address is SHxk7wwKAXyu6rZnHTu1gEyt4QKaMQC3Zd I'm also looking back a few pages and I'm confused as to what you want me to look for. I have found the numerous posts by Lilifa, who seems to be quite generous and helpful, but I'm not sure what you mean by "how was your way." I would also like to know what the pool is. I'm guessing it's a, well, pool of users who share earnings, but how do I join it, and what are the requirements and drawbacks of using it? A few more questions: my client refuses to sync, and seems to think that I'm in investor mode. The Gridcoin from the faucets also isn't showing up despite me using them last night. how do I fix either of these? Thanks much!
  3. I've been on Boinc for a few years now, and only today learned of Gridcoin. From what I understand, I need some Gridcoin before I can make my own gridcoin. Could somebody please donate some number of Gridcoins so I may start offsetting the cost of electricity towards SETI? Thanks!

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