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  1. @SUBAJ It's all up to the businesses the way they want to make use of cryptocurrency to grow their user base. They can allow users to make use cryptocurrency to pay for their shopping. They can also allow them to get crypto loyalty cards for the same purpose. That's exactly what i am saying as some online businesses are already into getting their own cryptocurrency developed for their user base.
  2. That's right! Constant advancements in the domain of Blockchain development are contributing to this cause. I am calling a cause because social media users deserve to have full privacy of their personal information. Currently, most of the people in the world are using centralized social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ etc. These centralized social media platforms just keep on using users' personal information for their own benefit in one way or another. Facebook Data leak scam is the most recent example of it. So now social media users want to have a platform that is decentralized. They want such a platform to be able to control their personal information. More importantly, they will get paid for creating and curating content. They will also get paid for getting engaged with the ads of their preferred advertisers. However, the main reason will always remain the security of their personal information. Soon users of social media platforms (Decentralized) will also be able to shop online through them. The whole credit goes to the development of blockchain technology.
  3. I agree with you. Most of the leading online retail stores like E-bay, Amazon and Alibaba have already taken steps in this direction. Many online retailers are now allowing their customers to use cryptocurrency for shopping. Some of them are also creating their own cryptocurrencies or crypto tokens. Alibaba has already launched its own cryptocurrency platform. Ebay has signed a deal with some crypto payment platforms.This is enough to prove the way cryptocurrency is going to revolutionize everyone's online shopping experience.
  4. There are a number of websites where we can make money by answering questions. Steemit is social networking platforms which give https://www.softprodigysolutions.com/cryptocurrency-development-services.html cryptocurrency on your answer's every upvote .

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