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  1. The intrinsic value of an asset refers to its actual value, which is arrived by evaluating the underlying perception that the said asset is worth when both intangible and tangible factors are considered. While intrinsic value is easily calculated for precious assets such as gold, including cryptocurrencies, and — by extension — ICOs, into the same fold is cumbersome. This is because the life cycle of tokens thus far has often been characterized by bullish runs and steady rallies followed almost certainly by unclear performances only months after. This, however, cannot be said of ICOs, which primarily refers to the process of generating these tokens, and, as such, is just a means to an end. Nonetheless, it does not imply that cryptocurrencies do not have intrinsic value, they do! A look at worth in the cryptocurrency arena, however, should evaluate the value of the tokens as it is the only rational way to determine how such affects ICOs. The turbulent rise and falls of the price of the major tokens such as Bitcoin have led many to question how crypto coins that aren’t even tangible or visible can have value. This is the reason why it is essential to define the factors that determine such value in crypto. Utility and scarcity According to the fundamentals of economics, a commodity has value if it is scarce and has utility. Scarcity here just means that the said commodity has a finite supply. The utility of crypto, on the other hand, points to its ability to become a more efficient commodity compared to the next best alternative. For instance, the tokens that seek to offer better means of storing value such as Bitcoin, are attractive because they are decentralized, built on open-source programs, are trivially divisible, and not susceptible to price influence that results from corruption. Medium of exchange A currency can only store value if it’s stable. Stability in this instance refers to the efficient facilitation of transactions. Such stability calls for ubiquity, which relates to the extensive usage and mass adoption, and flexibility that comes with these two. Ubiquity rises when more people accept the token in question as a preferred form of payment. However, it is important to note at this point that tokens have evolved and a lot many churned out by the many ICOs the financial world is witnessing,offer utility only with regards to access of their respective networks. This means that they are just relevant to individuals that seek the services that the said networks provide. These two factors point to a growth in demand for cryptocurrencies since they offer a lot more than paper money can. Tokens that act as mediums of exchange, for instance, provide rapid, almost anonymous transfer at near-nil costs. These are attractive features; they most certainly will push for production of more of such coins that create even further convenience, a situation that will facilitate even more ICOs in the future, albeit with better structures. The MaxData.io company , a blockchain startup coming out with a crowdsale this upcoming May. has developed a blockchain platform connecting consumers and service providers directly, allowing for a more efficient marketing process that will streamline and reduce costs of transactions.
  2. Looks like MaxData! Is it your parter's website? The interface really looks the same😉
  3. Assi Zichlinski has always looked a step or two ahead, a man on top of the latest technological innovations. As a young high school graduate, with barely a stubble of beard on his face, he was picked by the Israeli military intelligence corps to be sent to study electrical engineering before serving a lengthy stint in its elite technological unit, time spent tinkering with cutting edge technologies. During this time, he continued to explore and deepen his knowledge of the technological systems surrounding us throughout our lives. His curiosity eventually pulled him to the world of finance, driven by an attempt to understand the ways to help tech companies find the backing to make their visionary dreams a practical reality. While still in the military, he managed to complete an MBA with excellence, eager to gain more tools and knowledge that he put to use with the myriad of tech companies seeking his advice after his release. It is at the meeting of these two worlds — cutting edge technology and finance — that Assi stumbled upon the wisps of a revolutionary innovation, one that would quickly find its way to the lips of investors, commentators, politicians, journalists and even celebrities the world over: the blockchain. The meteoric rise and fame of Bitcoin has brought the promise of the blockchain and the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency to the fore. Assi was fascinated — here was an exciting synthesis of the areas he loved. Having identified the potential of such technology relatively early, Assi was quickly recognized as an expert on cryptocurrency within the Israeli technology (even being asked to advise the Israeli government on crypto regulation). However, one thing bothered him: how could the blockchain be used to bring benefits to the masses — to the ‘smallest’ people, those who needed it the most? Bitcoin, while giving banks and governments worldwide a well-deserved scare, remains confined to a fiercely loyal, but small, close-knit group of investor-activists. How could the advantages of the blockchain reach a wider community? It was here that MaxData was born. If decentralization could be applied to the banking world, Assi wondered, why not apply it to the world of marketing as well? In our age of Big Data, we find a small group of giant corporations collecting and storing nearly all of the world’s user data — the very foundation of marketing in this day and age.This centralized control of the flow of data leads to higher prices on nearly every product or service we need. Each company looking to get in on digital commerce finds themselves needing to pay exorbitant marketing fees for access to this data driven targeting. This leads to an increase in the final product prices — a price we all end up paying. But what if consumers and companies could connect directly — using user data in a safe, secure, and voluntary way? Both sides would benefit. Companies could lower their marketing costs while finding relevant customers, while the consumers would enjoy the reduced prices. Assi got to work immediately on such a platform. He put together a team of some of the brightest and most creative developers to found MaxData — a blockchain based platform decentralizing the control of data and facilitating direct interactions and transactions between consumers and service providers. We invite you to visit the MaxData page and continue following our incredible journey to bring the benefits of the blockchain to the masses, decentralizing data to bring price reductions to all.
  4. Mass advertising and marketing accounts for a huge part of a company’s budget, while so much of it is wasted on targeting people who neither need nor want their services. The UK comes fourth among the world’s largest advertising markets. In the latest figures available, advertising expenditure was estimated to be £21.19 billion. According to a report by AA/WARC Expenditure Report, advertising growth is estimated to have risen by £22.35 billion in 2017. In the UK, digital advertising now accounts for the greatest share of advertising expenditure — with newspaper advertising losing its share, falling to £1.7 billion. Social media advertising spending grew in 2015 to nearly £1.3 billion. The amount spent on internet advertising in the UK has now reached a record high of over £10 billion, according to the latest study. Data compiled by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, a trade association, reports that companies spent 17.3% more on internet advertising in 2016 than they did in 2015, while the amount spent on mobile video advertising doubled to £693m over the same period. THE PROBLEMS FACED BY SERVICE PROVIDERS One of the main challenges for suppliers is targeting the right customers at the ‘right’ time. Businesses find it extremely difficult to determine exactly who their customers are, and what exactly they need. So, they try to improve their potential customer identification with targeting efforts, yet even then they are left to make ‘cold’ offers — offers that may be completely off target. Identifying the most relevant offers to send to the customer is almost impossible. Even when businesses manage to identify relevant consumers, they usually have no way of knowing how much they are paying for their services. They either use third- party software or develop tools of their own, based on intricate algorithms that sift through mountains of data, a process that is expensive, complex, and far from perfect. This whole procedure is a massive waste of both time and resources. MAXDATA HAS FOUND A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM MaxData allows service providers to interact with consumers in a direct and more cost-efficient way. By letting service providers access anonymized user data directly, businesses can drastically reduce their advertising costs and cut down on the need to spend money on mass advertising and pay for data. MaxData users can upload their information onto our platform stating what services they use — such as mortgages, loans, electricity, gas phones etc. and tell us how much they are currently paying for them. Using this anonymized data, service providers can provide personalised offers to consumers, or a group of consumers without having to pay the Data Giants for their targeting services, thereby dramatically slashing their advertising and marketing budgets. The user can then choose to accept this improved offer and, with a click of a button, complete this efficient, hassle-free transaction. The provider then receives the contact details of the customer and contacts them directly. In this way, both services providers and consumers benefit. Service providers benefit by gaining access to targeted data of customers who are looking for better deals and, as this data costs the provider nothing, they are in a position to make better offers and get more customers. Simultaneously, consumers benefit as they do not receive any more spam while being constantly provided with cheaper, more relevant offers by service providers. Our dream at MaxData.IO is that one day all business will be conducted this way — right across the globe. This will remove the need for expensive data-supply chains which, in turn, will reduce commodity and utility prices for all of us.
  5. Great news for ETH as Amason's support propably work out. Let's wait and we'll c
  6. Crypto market is great, but quite unastable. Check up Maxdata! It will dffinitely work out as it aims to allow users everywhere to use their simple platform, setting them apart from the rest of the crypto crowd. Any person making purchases online (basically, each and every one of us) can find cheaper prices on any service they need, through an easy, automated process. Any small business owner can use the platform to find customers easily and accurately, instead of relying on expensive data corporations sifting through mountains of data with their imperfect algorithms. With so many parties standing to gain, the prospect of MaxData fulfilling their vision of revamping the way we make purchases online is promising. In addition to its universality, another one of the advantages setting MaxData apart from other blockchain projects is the simplicity of its usage. The platform may sit on a blockchain, but the users needn't have even the slightest understanding of the technology in order to take advantage of it. As far as the user is concerned, they simply submit what services they are looking for, as well as their current contractual conditions, and the app will automatically find better deals - deals they can close with only the click of a button. That’s it. No need to program, no need to research the market and no need to follow crypto prices. With such simplicity and universality, MaxData.io is aiming to do what no other blockchain company has done so far - bring the benefits of this exciting technology to the masses.
  7. You can try this one http://maxdata.io MaxData has built a platform where users can offer anonymized data regarding their service needs and requirements. Consumers have the ability to make this encrypted data available to service providers who in turn can offer customized offers and service solutions to potential clients who are truly interested in the offering of the service provider. MaxData allows companies to pay consumers directly for accurate information instead of wasting money on mass advertising solutions effectively increasing the revenue for companies while reducing consumers’ cost of living.
  8. Hey, guys! Check also MaxData platform. It utilizes blockchain technology aslo uses ETH to reinvent the global service economy that brings tangible benefits to the masses. Their platform facilitates the direct connection between consumers and businesses, transforming the way people buy their services. The company’s vision is to give ownership and profits on personal data back to consumers, reducing consumers’ cost of living while giving unprecedented value to companies making them more efficient and reducing their marketing costs.More details, visit our official website: https://maxdata.io
  9. Wow)) Congrats)Tha's nice experience and example

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