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  1. #Join Treasures Project on Telegram -Telegram username: @mata_mu -wallet eth: 0xD10F25f7c74c611EB82dD4f9Fa43b4A06A771041 #INVITE FRIENDS REWARD - -wallet eth: 0xD10F25f7c74c611EB82dD4f9Fa43b4A06A771041
  2. I sent 2 request for : 1. Twitter Promotion 2. Instant Messaging App Promotion Already waiting my token 😀
  3. Dev what must I fill in ref code coz u don't post it lol😂
  4. Yes I do but in google doc no task about put wallet Marketcash broh?
  5. #Proof ownership Post fb: Post twitter: My wallet: MrSizEGLJEkgtsUC5oUB2L3eZZAHg52UhVsPGGfkis9h7MynRgNtS3yRkLHcRw7WQMHpg6f2Chng14vN13ufeHxV22DSRp9
  6. Dude plz fix the link again😂
  7. wow awesome project good luck dev :)

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