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  1. Join Bounty Campain ABP Network total pool 2,000 ABP BOUNTY CAMPAIGN The First Decentralized TV Channel Do easy task and done forget you need confir you entry in email also you can too join contes youtube or you can write articel special reward ABP Detail about ABP coin: Symbol : ABP Max Supply : 21,000,000 ABP Network : PoS 3.0 MN Colateral : 1,000 ABP POS : 10% MN : 70% Governance: 15% Developer: 5% Premine : 1,050,000(5%) Block size : 2 MB Block rewards: 2 to 10 variable Block Time : 60 Seconds (Re-targeting every block) RPC port : 5426 P2P port : 5427 Fast Send : FastTX Minimum Stake Age : 3 hours Transaction Fee : 0.001 ABP Coin Emission Rate : Maximum 1 ABP/block Coin Supply Control : All transaction and z minting fees are burnt from coin supply. Wallet Status : Requires wallet to be kept running & online. Confirmations : 6 confirms Privacy Technology : Zerocoin Protocol Accumulator Encryption : RSA-2048 Key Features : Custom accumulator check-pointing system Fees mint and spend : 0.01 ABP per minted zABP denomination, and no fee to spend zABP to ABP
  2. Hello, join Bounty & Contest ronde 2 total pool 5000coin Zest Contest & Bounty V2 Scalable, Effective & Platform Ready (And #Zesty) Jusk clik link do easy task and done forget u need confir you entry in email also you can too join contes youtube or you can too write articel about ZEST coin if you want know how much price this coin you can see in https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zest/
  3. Hello, want join bounty contest SaveNode coin? Jusk clik link in down here and sign up with email and do simpel task SaveNode Contest & Bounty Crypto Investing Made Easy Also if you rank 1 you will be get 1000 coin You can download wallet from https://savenode.io/#wallets And if you want know how much price this coin you can see in https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/savenode/ Good luck every one
  4. -Register here http://bit.ly/2PlNUzc you will be get 100 poin -klick "Rewards menu" -Do simpel task: a.Recomend use wallet metamask for verify your ETH address and get 200 poin b.Join telegram and invite you friends to join telegram and you get 25poin -Rember 10 poin that mean 1 token zeusprotocol
  5. To join this airdrop just following instructions here: 1. you need wallet Recordskeeper because this no't ethereum blockchain Go to https://wallet.recordskeeper.co/ 2. Save 12 key word, wallet address, wallet public key, and wallet private key,. 3. After you make wallet go link airdrop http://bit.ly/2LyWp7J 4. Register there and join telegram https://t.me/recordskeeper and follow https://twitter.com/records_keeper 5. After you finis step by step time to confirmation email 6. Check your email if you can't find it try look in spam folder
  6. jolet

    NON-ZERO free 14$

    Join NON-ZERO Airdrop, Breaking The Zero-Sum Bias! Link: http://bit.ly/2MBGBXt
  7. Join #Vertex Airdrop - The worlds first ICO aftermarket Link http://bit.ly/2wd2BgY
  8. MANO Masternode Foundation will be make airdrop and bounty airdrop will be reward by rank, higher your rank higher the reward you get and bounty you can join like bounty article or video campaign. This link airdrop and bounty: http://bit.ly/2MsRlr7 webside : https://mano.org/ Just register with email and put you real name also after do task don't forget fill your wallet address MANO. Happy nice day 😊

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