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  1. Hey there! Cryptocurrency trading may seem complicated at first, but I believe that as long as you're dedicating enough time to deepen your knowledge and do the research, you are able to become a trader. No one learns how to trade cryptocurrency in one day, but step by step you can get more insights on how it works. Here are several suggestions that I think are worth to know before the start: 1) Invest only as much as you are not afraid to lose - this is a golden rule when speaking about investing in general. Cryptocurrency trading is risky as its markets are very volatile, therefore, there is always a risk of loosing your investment. However, it's not necessary to start big when trading with cryptocurrencies. Of course, bigger investments may bring bigger earns, but first it is more important to learn how these markets work rather than start earning immediately. 2) Track the news and always do your research - cryptocurrency markets' conditions may be easily affected by what is happening in the cryptocurrency world as prices completely depend on traders' (buyers and sellers) actions. Consequently, by following the news about what is happening regarding this topic, you can predict some ups and downs. However, there are a lot of speculators and persuaders who will try to influence your decision for their own benefit, so it is important to remain critical and perform further research rather than completely rely on someone's opinion. 3) Decide between short-term and long-term trading - these types differ from each other in terms of tactics used and other important aspects. In my opinion, short-term trading requires more knowledge, time and skills while long-term trading is more similar to simply investing in cryptoccurencies. While one type may not suit your needs. you may find yourself more successful using another way. I am also a newbie at trading with cryptocurrencies, but what helped me to start is looking through various sources and tips&tricks on how to trade as well as practice, practice, practice! Here is my suggestion for one of the guides to start with if you want to learn about cryptocurrency trading I hope you will find this useful!

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