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  1. Guys just to let you know. There is a telegram group which is not a legit group and they refuse to help you because they want to make money over false hope. Please remember that speedcoin is still very much an inactive coin but that doesn't mean nothing will happen. There is no exchange for you to trade speedcoin. if someone comes up to you and offers to sell you speedcoin for bitcoin or eth then consider being scammed by a non developer of this particular project. please join the speedcoin {spd} channel to chat more about speedcoin. this is purely for information purposes only and stay away from a chat group called speedcoin exchange, they only want your money. if anyone has managed to contact the developer and has got through then please join the spd chat. We can all help each other to get this coin into a couple of small exchanges so we can start trading. never do deals outside of the exchange. If anyone has experiences with exchanges then please join the spd group.

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