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  1. Hello guys! I just want to share with you, a great opportunity for crypto enthusiast especially those who love Japanese culture and stuff. This project is currently one of the hottest cryptocurrency in Japan. The project centers around a fictional character called “Posi Hame-kun” similar to Hello kitty, Pokemon, Dragon Ball. The character is said to be very popular in the Japanese internet pop culture and they plan develop the character into a viable business with the help of PosiCoin Initiative. Important facts about PosiCoin: Name: POSICOIN Symbol: POSI Token type: ERC20 Total suply: 334,000,000 contract: 0x302ef9993efdceed5dea53ef1f0704d913038c65 Posicoin is listed in Forkdelta and soon it will also listed at crex24 exchange. CREX24 is a new cryptocurrency exchange. The official CREX24 website was launched in 2017. In the wake of the growing popularity of digital currencies, crex24 have been developing a convenient and functional trading platform. Holders and Investors will also have incentives from Posicoin. We will issue new token ”POSICOIN SECOND.” Our project has been nurtured by all the users. To ask you to support POSICOIN for a long time, we decided to give back to our users. This is a system to give back some of our company’s profit to POSICOIN holders if our project becomes profitable in the future. POSICOIN SECOND will be given to your ETH address if you meet the following conditions. Holder incentive conditions for this time Eligible holders ETH address holding over 35000 POSICOIN POSICOIN holding volume ranks higher than 1000th. Holding POSICOIN not in the address at the exchange but your personal address We will distribute POSICOINSECOND to people who meet the above three conditions. Incentive this time We will provide you with the same number of POSICOIN SECOND as the number of POSICOIN that you hold. POSICOIN SECOND will be transferred to the same ETH wallet where you have POSICOIN. Profit reduction method The management will place a buy order at the exchange and user can sell POSICOINSECOND. We are assuming ETH as currency. We assume FORKDELTA as exchange. POSICOIN SECOIND is token for profit reduction, so the management will not sell them. The price and volume for buy order that the management will place are decided each time depending on profits. The more this project grows, the more profit we will share profits with users. Others We will not announce the ranking confirming date. We just plan to do it within 1 month after listing this time. We will share a gift such as POSICOIN SECOND again and again in the future. We will make efforts to provide benefits for POSICOIN holders. The conditions for incentive would change each time. POSICOIN SECOND IS THE TOKEN WILL BE USING BE JAPANESE COMMUNITY IN PURCHASING PRODUCTS IN JAPAN, WHILE POSICOIN FIRST WILL BE THE VALID TOKEN THAT WILL BE TRADED ALL OVER THE WORLD. Website: https://posicoin.org/White paper: https://posicoin.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/POSICOIN_whitepaper_2018_eng.pdf FB: https://www.facebook.com/posicoin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/posicoin Telegram: https://t.me/posicoinDiscord: https://discord.gg/KWe9aFA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/posicoin/ Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4529623.msg40796875;topicseen#msg40796875 cryptocointalks: https://www.altcoinstalks.com/index.php?topic=31949.msg159920#msg159920
  2. @Jimmy this project will help a lot of people...Giving to a charity will helps make our community a better place to live...

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