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  1. New Airdrop Zeex (ZIX), get 20 ZIX free Zeex is facing the biggest challenge of encryption: buying products and services. Zeek, has relationships with over 350 global brands and offers a seamless exchange of virtual gift cards allowing shopping with encryption. Zeex has a 20 ZIX launch for participation and 20 ZIX for every friend you refer to. ICO token price: 1 ZIX = 0.0002 ETH 1. Go to the Telegram bot with airdrop: https://t.me/ZeexReferralBot 2. Participate on Twitter or Telegram (regardless of the bot) and click on "I joined" 3. Send your email and the address of the ETH wallet 4. Answer a simple question for human control 5. Invite friends to earn 20 ZIX for each referral
  2. New Airdrop Sanwyd (SWYD), get 222 free coins + 22 to ref The blockchain and Sanwyd code are designed to allow the development of top-level apps using Java and further testing of apps via custom chains. The custom chains are made possible by Sanwyd after having activated the experimental development mode inherent in the last main code base and also incorporated in Sanwyd. Go to the form: https://sanwyd.pw/?ref=7ec734590fde687b20a2a6905bfab5d1 Subscribe to the newlester and send your public ETH address to request your 222 SWYD (15 $) and 22 SWYD for referrals (max 880 extra SWYD)
  3. New Airdrop GladAge (GAC), get 70 free tokens + ref GladAge is an ecosystem for older people with the best personalized care options powered by Ethereum Blockchain (ETH) and awarded as the best ICO of the Year in the Cryptocon Conference 2018 1. Start the bot: https://t.me/GladAgebot?start=359053091 2. Join Telegram and Follow Twitter 3. Submit your details 4. invite other persons and get 30 GAC 1GAC=~0.1$
  4. Hot Airdrop Unboxed(UAB), get 400 token(worth~23$) Unboxed is an influencer marketing platform and wants to create a blockchain based network of millions of people who get paid to post and engage on social media. Unboxed is airdropping 1 million UAB tokens to airdrop participants. Each user can earn up to 400 UAB and 25 UAB for every referral. ICO token price: 1 UAB = $0.057 1, Sign up on airdrop page: https://unboxed.network/r/6347e0 with your email or with one of your social media accounts 2. Complete simple tasks, like joining Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and more and earn up to 400 UAB 3. Refer friends to earn 25 UAB for every friend you refer
  5. Neuromachine Bounty (NRM), get up to 120 coins NRM is the first decentralized expert and analytical platform in the world for the management of your cryptographic resources and the exchange of information on the world of cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology Go to http://bit.ly/2K8vEHU? 1. Registration and confirmation 2. In the dashboard click on BOUNTY and perform simple social activities 1NRM=0.036$
  6. Acorn is a blockchain based crowdfunding platform that is the first to be free and open to any legal project in any country. It is a huge and growing market in developing countries. Acorn is airdropping 5 OAK (worth $ 7) tokens to 5000 airdrop participants in phase 3 and $ 1.40 for every friend that you refer! Your unique referral link works for all phases! 1. Go to airdrop form: https://airdropalert.com/join/Acorn/f96e0c43-7fbb-3b91-b713-fd4b585bd5e1 2. Complete social media tasks with Twitter & Telegram 3. Submit form with your ETH address and other details 4. Refer friends to earn $ 1.40 for each friend you invite
  7. Parsec Frontiers is a rich and feature-rich space MMO experience, built from the ground up with blockchain in mind, where players are free to explore and conquer the entire galaxy. 1. Go to the Airdrop module: https://airdrop.parsecfrontiers.com/registeragain/0x23a8c8D890b3D2f2D7eb0a3C262d971B1561afe9 2. Sign up for Telegram and follow Twitter 3. Enter your ETH address 4. Use link for refer(earn~1$) join for more Airdrop on https://t.me/hipeAirdrop
  8. New Airdrop PreVUE (SDA), get 120 coins for free(worth~18$) PreVUE Blockchain is an adtech blockchain solution that solves inefficiencies during the creation and distribution of new value in the "Circle of Advertising Value". Using an open ledger ecosystem, PreVUE enables secure, transparent purchases for advertisers, increases the value of ads for publishers, and compensates viewers for the time it takes to consume ads. Follow and submit your details below to be eligible for the PreVUE launch and receive a total of 120 SDA coins worth $ 18. 1. Join the PreVUE Airdrop bot: https://t.me/PreVUE_bot?start=359053091 2. Join the Telegram group, Twitter and Facebook (all links are provided) and you will earn 40 SDA from each task 3. Send your email address, ETH wallet address, Twitter username to receive SDA tokens. 4. Invite more people and you will earn from each one completing all 40 SDA actions Estimated value: 120SDA = ~ 18 $
  9. New Airdrop Kryptono, get 38 KNOW free Kryptono is a new Exchange platform, Cross-blockchain Crypto Exchange with Fiat conversion capabilities. The launch will take place in 10 days the first of May. Kryptono releases 38 KNOW tokens to join Telegram and 8 KNOW tokens for a friend who joins Telegram, to the first 50,000 participants. ICO Token Price 1 KNOW = 0.0002 ETH 1. Go to the Telegram bot with airdrop: http://telegram.me/kryptonoAirDropbot/?start=erminioferrari 2. Participate in the Telegram chat, the link is provided 3. Send your name, email and ETH address 4. Invite friends to earn more tokens
  10. Airdrop Anything App (ANY), get 20 tokens to interact with the bot Anything App is a new generation search engine. Rather than giving the usual results, it offers you a list of people related to your question. You can call, chat or video call immediately with these people. If they ask for a rate for their time, you can pay them with AnyCoin. 1. Go to telegram bot: https://t.me/AnythingAppMoneyBot?start=5ad8aad5bb46e 2. Join Telegram @AnythingApp and follow the bot instructions 3. Get way more tokens for other easy tasks
  11. Airdrop Iris phase 2, get 200 token IRIS+ref Iris is a digital healthcare ecosystem, built using blockchain technology. The Iris Electronic Healthcare Record (or "Iris EHR") gives you back control of your healthcare data and lets you decide who, when and where your data is being accessed. Iris is airdropping 200 IRIS tokens worth $5 for supporting on social media and extra 68 tokens worth $1,66 for each friend that you refer! 1. Go to the airdrop form: https://airdropalert.com/join/Iris/d10a4342-0839-3185-9d39-c8d13fb1a245 2. Complete some social media tasks, which will take less than 3 minutes and submit your details to the form. 3. Get ~$1.66 (IRIS) per referral with your unique referral code. You will see your code on top of the page after you submit the airdrop form. 4. Check your referral balance on dashboard.
  12. New Airdrop Bitmillex(BTML), get up to 50 tokens(worth~25$) Bitmillex is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange that aims at taking advantage of the opportunities presented in the cryptocurrency exchange space, addressing the areas of deficiencies identified in current exchanges and providing a solution to the specific needs of traders and investors. Bitmillex is airdropping 50 BTML for joining Telegram and Twitter and 5 BTML for every friend you refer. ICO token price: 1 BTML = $0.50 1. Go to Bitmillex airdrop page: https://bitmillex.com/airdrops/ref/@erminioferrari 2. Join Telegram and Twitter 3. Submit your ETH and other details
  13. New Airdrop Endorsit(EDS), get 666EDS free 1. Submit your e-mail https://sweet.eds.ren/from/jwpL2YxQ 2. Join Telegram @endorsit (https://t.me/endorsit) and enter the verification code 3. Afterwards submit your NEO (NOT eth) address in the same Telegram group EDS you get will be issued within 15 working days after airdrop ended.

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