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  1. Website | Telegram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Reddit EkkBaz will be developing BAZ Protocol, a next-generation B2B collaboration for FMCG businesses as part of its battle-tested EkkBaz Business mobile app, to be powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, social and collaborative technologies to significantly simplify B2B interactions, removing middlemen and empower the root level business users. BAZ Protocol uses EKK, which will power transaction and give business users access to privileged features. EkkBaz is thankful for the contributions and supports it has received from the community. EkkBaz is excited to unveil the airdrop open to everyone. A total of 10 million EKK Tokens will be airdropped among the first 30000 participants. Every participant will get 150 EKK Token and can earn extra 100 EKK Token for every referral completed. . How To Participate Airdrop 1. Register for EkkBaz Whitelist at https://ekkbaz.com 2. Complete your profile and share your referral code with your friends on social media like Facebook or Twitter. 3. Join our official Telegram Group 4. Submit Airdrop Claim Form How to Participate Referral 1. After registering in EkkBaz Whitelist web app, you will get your referral link on your account dashboard. 2. Share your referral link in selected social media. 3. If anyone completes registration using your referral link, you can earn 100 EKK Tokens. Your friend will get 100 EKK Tokens! 4. The list of those who used your referral link will be available on your dashboard. N.B. Also, check our website for Airdrop & Referral details. Rules > While creating your EkkBaz Whitelist account, use your Ethereum wallet public address. Please beware, DO NOT use Exchanges’ addresses for the airdrop signup. > Use the same Ethereum wallet public address when you submit the Airdrop Claim Form. > Ensure that you do not leave our Telegram group before the token sale concludes. > If you don’t follow the Airdrop participation steps, you will not be eligible for free EKK Tokens.

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