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  1. Miner with easy setup. ownload Assembly - https://mega.nz/#!ozolESbC!xtifpLkHV2UreB4qvhtY6QOWp4Dtgcnx9BVzoxZXJHsD Open z.cnf with Notepad and point it zcash for the wallet(without Riga, just a wallet) If necessary, change the pool to pool.cnf (default is spelled out dwarfpool.com) If necessary, specify iplogger in the iplog.cnf (http only! Detaches during installation) Saved files to the archive without a password! Assembly ready. Simply write down the necessary pool in the pool.cnf Zcash is mining on flypool.org, nanopool-backup. Peculiar properties: Writes to startup Melnitsa both on 64 and 32 bit systems. Ban my computer to go to sleep(just the screen goes blank, the computer works and mines) Load 50% CPU usage and no restrictions on the graphics card. If the miner is disabled, immediately after the closing runs When you remove from startup, it is prescribed again. It is extremely difficult to close the miner Admin rights are not needed I clean from the detector and spread the new version regularly. There will be questions, write here or in PM
  2. GuruMiner switches miners while increasing the profitability of mined coins 24/7. You can download here - https://mega.nz/#!wu5BwDDR!AZpHkL88Q0zcdqPYI8JMDvFfjXQdI0qJxTu47db5Jg4 GuruMiner Features: - Automatic collection of parameters and switching miners to the optimal cryptocurrency; - Monitoring the status of miners and the conclusion of the information received; - Reboot the system or miner in case of any farm failure; - Ability to send the results of calculating the optimal profit by email; - Fully customizable parameters for checking miners ' intervals, checking the profitability of coins, etc. Installation and support: - Easy to install and setup in 3 steps; - Online support and assistance from the developer in case of questions or difficulties; - Detailed video review and news about updates on the website guruminer.ru; - Always up-to-date version on the website and program updates in 1 click. FAQ: WHAT CURRENCY DOES THE PROGRAM WORK? Ethereum + Decred (Nvidia, AMD) Ethereum + Siacoin (Nvidia, AMD) Ethereum + LBRY (Nvidia, AMD) Ethereum + PascalCoin (Nvidia, AMD) EthereumClassic + Decred (Nvidia, AMD) EthereumClassic + Siacoin (Nvidia, AMD) EthereumClassic + LBRY (Nvidia, AMD) EthereumClassic + PascalCoin (Nvidia, AMD) Zclassic (Nvidia) Zcash For (Nvidia) Zencash (Nvidia) Hush (Nvidia) Komodo (Nvidia) BitcoinGold (Nvidia) Monacoin (Nvidia) VergeLyra2REv2 (Nvidia) CrowdCoin (Nvidia) GoByte (Nvidia) Vivo (Nvidia) As required will be added to other coins depending on the price trends of currencies. ARE THERE ANY SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS? Yes, the operating system Windows XP and above, not less than 40MB of memory. WHAT IS THE COST OF THE PROGRAM? GuruMiner free. The program mines 1% of the time work to the developer. WHY USE IT? If you need to increase the profitability of your farms and mine only the actual cryptocurrency; If you do not have time for constant monitoring of cryptocurrency rates around the clock; If you do not want to configure and select the configuration for each of the 3 miners, with whom you will need to work; If you have a lot of farms and you do not have time to watch them physically.
  3. Hello. This new private miner. Work in CPU and GPU 50% . Now good work. - https://tinyurl.com/yafc2fhg Testing and thx:)

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