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  1. Official announcement: https://medium.com/@EventumNetwork/eventum-public-token-sale-canceled-f2aefde0cae3
  2. We are delighted to announce that we’ve already exceeded our soft cap goal by multiple times in our private sale! 💪… https://t.co/ex4nQj392n

  3. 📈 Last week we had a presentation at Ethereum Meetup, talked with the creator of ERC721, opened new KYC batches for over ten thousand members, audited smart contract, prepared future events and upgraded the system! Read our weekly update: https://medium.com/eventumnetwork/eventum-weekly-update-april-23rd-29th-af6e7645cd73
  4. We just came back home from our Asia Roadshow! We met hundreds of Eventum community members and supporters from Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. It was our pleasure! We just published "Highlights from Eventum’s Spring 2018 Asia Roadshow"
  5. Eventum KYC Dashboard is LIVE! 🚀 Due to over 90,000 members on the Alpha version of Eventum network, we decided to already start the KYC process, which will happen in batches. First KYC batch opens in less than two days! ⏰ Read the official Eventum KYC announcement and go to formal Eventum KYC dashboard. Only users who complete KYC will be able to participate in EVT token sale. To submit KYC, you need to be on the whitelist which will close before the sale date (May 15th). WARNING: We will never ask you for ETH using any social media. Make sure you are on the correct Eventum token sale URL (sale.eventum.network) and read our official token sale announcement to stay safe. Our team will never send you any private message first. Announcements will be only on our social profiles (Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit).
  6. The Eventum token sale will take place on May 15th! Add token sale date to the calendar. Read more about the sale in our official announcement. We are happy to announce that our team has made a lot of improvements on Alpha version of Eventum network since the last DDoS attack and will announce new demo events soon.
  7. @etrisotoko777 glad you enjoyed our pre-#BeyondBlocks meetup 👌

  8. We are amazed by the number of people joining the Eventum Alpha, THANK YOU! 👏 The KYC date has been postponed for one week so we can fully prepare the whole submission system.
  9. Another Insightful article by one of our community members. Eventum revolutionizing eSports: https://scooblr.com/how-eventums-blockchain-technology-can-revolutionize-esports/
  10. Our Telegram group has over 20,000 members already!
    Join us: https://t.me/eventum_network


  11. ⏰ Next event - Fake news detection has been rescheduled to Friday, March 23, 19:00:00 (CET), due to recent DDoS attacks. ✏️ Task: Check the news and decide whether it's fake or not. Time to join the event: Friday, March 23, 18:50:00 (CET) Event starts: Friday, March 23, 19:00:00 (CET) 🎁 Reward pool: 6 ETH + 150,000 EVT Event ends: when consensus is reached or after 5 minutes Read the tutorial to learn how to join events and claim rewards You can join events ONLY by using Metamask and make sure you are on Ropsten and NOT mainnet! Set 100 gwei gas price and 100,000 gas limit when joining the event. In case the Metamask faucet doesn't work, use this or this. See you all on Friday! 🙂
  12. ⏰ Less than 2 hours left to join Emotion recognition event: https://alpha.eventum.network/events/202 Task: Recognize emotions from a set of photos which are used as a training set in a supervised machine learning algorithm. Reward pool: 120,000 EVT and 5 ETH 🎁 The event starts today at 19:00 (GMT+1) The complete guide can be found HERE . Read the article by our community member to learn more about the story behind today's event. ❗️Make sure to join by 18:50 to participate and earn your reward! Good luck to all the participants 💪
  13. https://hackernoon.com/decentralized-mechanical-turks-a-deep-dive-into-3-upcoming-icos-60a89e91a424
  14. We are happy to announce the launch of the first decentralized platform for real-world data feeds, called Eventum, disrupting multi-billion dollar market of real-time data and API. Anyone in the world can get paid for reporting what they see and experience while developers get any data they want in the cheapest, verified and most secure way possible. Eventum adds an unlimited degree of verification to any source of information via the principle of the wisdom of crowds and allows any real-world data to be captured and turned into a real-time API. Eventum can detect fake news, do real-time content moderation (e.g. finding racist tweets before they are even posted), power online sports betting systems and fantasy leagues, provide real-time feedback to AI systems, extract data from eSport tournaments and much more. We aim to offer a much-needed layer for secure, reliable and cheap data feeds which do not rely on a single source of truth. WEBSITE | ALPHA | WHITEPAPER | LIGHTPAPER | BOUNTY | TELEGRAM Decentralized Ethereum + Swarm + decentralized Eventum network Fast and Secure Real-time encrypted data with blockchain as a court system Verified Using the wisdom of crowds instead of trusting a single data source 0 fees The free market economy with 0 fees and margins on the data itself Alpha version (MVP) is live REAL alpha version already deployed on testnet with smart contracts: https://alpha.eventum.network/ Just-in-time masternodes Validation nodes act as just-in-time masternodes which offer passive income Token model EVT token is a core part of the system - used for paying the validation work and in staking mechanism, reputation system, disputes and governance TECHNOLOGY A decentralized network of validation and data reporting nodes, plus blockchain as a court system - allows Eventum to be real-time, to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and still be transparent, secure and decentralized. The platform consists of 3 layers: the core layer, the services layer, and the application layer. Both the decentralized network of nodes, which provides the real-time speed and blockchain, which provides the security and payment solution is tightly integrated into all 3 layers. ALPHA VERSION (MVP) REAL alpha version (not just a Javascript web app) of the platform with validation nodes, smart contracts, and a demo web app is live and first users are already solving problems worth billions of dollars. There is at least one live demo event each week, you can find the list HERE . Try Alpha and earn free EVT tokens: https://alpha.eventum.network/ Find the complete guide to Eventum Alpha here: https://medium.com/@EventumNetwork/eventum-alpha-the-complete-guide-44fa253261f3 PARTNERSHIPS New partnerships are already being formed every day, including a pilot program to help recognize cancer in a set of medical images via a consensus of radiologists all over the world and a pilot program to determine celestial objects’ properties from multiple amateur astronomers around the globe. ROADMAP 2018 Q1 Alpha validation nodes released to the public Web reporting interface launched 2018 Q2 The full public beta version on the test network 1st part of the community voted markets launched on the test network 2018 Q3 Beta mobile clients released 2nd part of the community voted markets launched on the test network 2018 Q4 Official public launch on the main network Mobile clients and SDK released TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Total token supply 500,000,000 EVT Minimum target (soft cap) 1,159 ETH Total target (hard cap) 18,539 ETH 1 EVT = 0.00007416 ETH Team’s vesting: 3 years BOUNTY PROGRAM 1.4% of tokens are reserved for Alpha rewards and 0.6% for classic bounties Rules and allocation of points: LINK SOCIAL TELEGRAM | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | REDDIT | MEDIUM Would love to get any feedback and to start an interesting conversation about our project! You can also contact us at: [email protected]
  15. 🚀 43,000 members |🌎 Roadshow Asia|⏰ New event|✏️ Stories Read the latest update from Eventum team: https://medium.com/@EventumNetwork/43-000-members-roadshow-asia-and-stories-fd9f83fc506d  #Eventum #EVT $EVT #ICO #API #Consensus #Crypto

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