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  1. Bitcoinz is giving free tokens to the community. how to get free tokens? chat with telegram - http://telegram.me/btczairbot?start=17388 complete social media taska to earn the free tokens What is it? Bitcoinz is a new cryptocurrency claiming to be the true bitcoin 2.0
  2. Libra Credit is giving 20 LBA to telegram users. how to get tokens? 1. go here: https://candy.block18.io/?code=9Q4OUX 2. join telegram group and send code Get additional 10 LBA to each referral you make. what is it? Libra Credit is a decentralized lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  3. Loandex is giving 250 LDX tokens to the community. How tot get tokens? visit the link below and follow simple tasks https://loandex.bountyplatform.io/airdrop/1160/join?ref=727c36d23b35f1de0debda012ea2ac92 get 100 LDX tokens for each confirmed referral. What is it? Loandex is a Decentralized Commission free Trading Exchange that consists of fully decentralized accounts and balances. All users balances will be held by a decentralized smart contract on Ethereum blockchain but not by the exchange. This will prevent loss of funds in the case of system breakdown or cyber attacks
  4. AICT is airdropping 0.2 ICTA tokens to telegram users. How to join? Visit the airdrop page: http://candy.aict.io/?code=F4NU6JF601 Enter your ETH address and click on submit. Join their Telegram group and submit your verification code: https://t.me/AictOfficial You will get 0.2 ICTA tokens. Also get 0.1 ICTA tokens for referrals
  5. Get 100 SPRING tokens for free. how to get tokens? Register here and join telegram chat and get 100 tokens https://referral.springrole.com?kid=N6ZH1 Get additional 100 tokens for each referral you make. what is it? SpringRole is proved to be the biggest filler in the industry for fulfilling the gap in verifying the resumes and online profiles of the professionals from corporates sector.
  6. ShareElectric is giving 500 SHEC tokens to the community. How to get tokens? register here - http://airdrop.sharelectric.io/?ref=bbasih8fr0100107tcr0 get additional 150 SHEC for each referral you make What is it? ShareElectric is a brand new energy marketplace with a special goal: making the energy market more equitable, more transparent and more sustainable.
  7. Get 100 VNX tokens for free. How to get? Register below, enter ethereum wallet and email address: https://vaynix.com/giveaway/bounty/?share=1170 get 100 VNX tokens more for each referral you make. what is it? Vaynix iѕ a financial system & crypto currency thаt ореrаtеѕ with borderless interaction аrоund the glоbе, оnсе уоu are соnnесtеd tо intеrnеt, nо matter thе geographical diѕtаnсе bеtwееn thе ѕеndеr and rесеivеr.
  8. OPS is airdropping tokens to ther telegram community. how to get tokens? 1. chat with telegram bot: https://t.me/OpsBountyBot?start=MEdPf3pFfk 2. join telegram chat group to earn 10 OPS 3. follow ops token on twitter to get 20 OPS 4. Invite your friends to OPS via invite link to get30 OPS. what is it? Token OPS aims to be a platform for organizing a valid infrastructure and marketing strategies for legit companies that aims for creating ICO. Companies planning to list their ICO’s in this platform will be verified before getting listed making this a reliable ICO marketplace for investors.
  9. Get free SPD tokens by doing simple tasks. HOW? 1. register here: http://vy.tc/f8NNe21 2. confirm email email address. 3. there are social media tasks available to earn more tokens such follow or like on facebook, medium, twitter, instagram and reddit. Referrals give additional tokens per referral. What is it? The SPINDLE project aims to enable more people to enjoy enriched lives through investment and asset management, and to become free from the conventional exploitative social structure that is based on centralized authority.
  10. Kotlind is airdropping free $KTD tokens to the community. How to get tokens? 1.Submit your ETH wallet address here - http://airdrop.ktd.io/?code=19QHCC1D01 2. Join the Kotlind Telegram group. 3. Send the verification code in the Telegram channel. invite friends to get 5 $KTD per referral. Kotlind guaranteed fair games by blockchain, and user-defined parameters more flexible and reliable without third party interference.
  11. Get 30 BST tokens for free. how? 1. go here - http://www.coinclub.global/airdrop/tIPcwheUUFHrP6kL0XEW 2. submit eth address 3. send code to telegram bot - @CoinClubOfficialBot 4. join telegram group - https://t.me/boosto_airdrop earn additional tokens by referrals. Make sure to join the telegram group to claim the rewards.
  12. Kryptono is airdropping 38 KNOW tokens to telegram users. How to join? 1. chat with telegram bot: http://telegram.me/kryptonoAirDropbot/?start=dan901 2. join telegram group Referrals give you 8 additional tokens. what isi it? Kryptono is creating a platform for crypto exchanges that places an emphasis on security and protection of the user's assets and also allows users to buy and sell cryptos via peer-to-peer network.
  13. Free 5 CTR tokens from citereum How to get tokens? register with the link below and get get your tokens: https://citereum.com/?id=3209469 Referrals give you additional 5 tokens each What is it? Citereum is planning to create a network to accommodate a future of self-driving vehicles, rail, ships cars and drones drones by creating a decentralized platform where services can be purchased, sold and discovered. For more details, visit their site.
  14. Sentinel Protocol is airdropping 4 upp tokens to anyone who joins them in telegram and reddit. How to get tokens? 1. chat with telegram bot: http://telegram.me/SentinelProtocol_AirdropBot/?start=dan901 2. join telegram group to receive 2 upp tokens. 3. subscribe to reddit to receive 2 more upp tokens. 4. Submit your Reddit username and ETH address. referral gives you additional tokens. what is it? Sentinel Protocol is a security intelligence platform for blockchain, aimed at preventing hacks, scams and frauds.
  15. Mstoken is giving 100 free tokens through an airdorp. How to claim? 1. go here: http://t.mstoken.io/?code=K7MFNFI001 2. submit ETH address 3. join telegram channel: https://t.me/mstgo 4. paste verification code to telegram. What is it? MSToken.io is the world’s first homestay blockchain asset trading platform. MSToken can be exchanged to homestay and hotels' token and help you sleep free in all of the world.

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