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  1. Programmer

    They are top ratings the most popular technology about block-chain, supply chain, bit-coin. they are in silicon valley office. But they have strong partnerships from different parts of the world. They are launching a program to select strong C++ developer for themselves. https://twitter.com/chronicledinc
  2. Help to improve

    We are Bookmaker Ratings, the most popular technology about block-chain, supply-chai, bit coin. We are in silicon valley, but we have strong partnerships from different parts of the world. If you want to participate, have any questions or ideas – do not hesitate to reach us. Looking forward to hearing from you! https://twitter.com/chronicledinc
  3. Have a look this twitter account. you can find many marketing expert. They can surely help you https://twitter.com/chronicledinc
  4. Blochain on the pure C

    Appreciating o your decision. C++ is now strong language. Our team is working on block-chain technology. can you please have a look at and help us to share your idea. https://twitter.com/chronicledinc
  5. Developer wanted for Dash-based new crypto

    Hey our team is working on block chain technology. They are doing excellent. you can contact with our developer team and can hire them, trust me they won't disappoint you. https://twitter.com/chronicledinc
  6. Wow, you have explained so nicely, it will really help me a lot and i was seeking some information regarding block chain. can you please help me regarding of this post please
  7. Hello friends, I am confused how to promote twitter account. can anyone suggest me to regarding to promote and follow up my tweet. Here is my account can you guys have a look it? https://twitter.com/chronicledinc
  8. Twitter account

    can you please visit our twitter account https://twitter.com/chronicledinc

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