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  1. If you want to win some ROCK2 Tokens from Ice Rock Mining’s ICO, you can join their giveaway! They are giving away 10 x 25 ROCK2 among all participants. 1 ROCK2 = $1 equivalent 25 ROCK2 = $25 equivalent What do you have to do? 1. Join their Telegram channel Telegram Ice Rock Mining and when you enter it, you have to make the following post: referred by @MK_BTC 2. Stay in this group until the winners are announced (at least until 2 of June) 3. Follow one of the channels from Ice Rock Mining: LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/icerock-mining/ (recommended) or Facebook: https://facebook.com/IceRockMiningICO/ or Twitter: https://twitter.com/icerockmining That’s it! If you are one of the winners @mnafta from Ice Rock will announce it in the channel by mentioning your @name. The registration for this giveaway will be possible until 25 of May. Maybe you’ll be among the winners! Good luck!!
  2. Only 6 days left to invest, if you want to invest, you can still do this!
  3. New Q / A with CEO Malik Murzashev and ICO-Manager Dias Kurmanov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tW-BuXcFrjo
  4. Ice Rock Mining is planning to do a new Q+A on YouTube today (Sunday 22 March) at 4.00 GMT+0. Don't miss it!
  5. Ice Rock added the amount of tokens, that are already sold in the ICO, to their website: And still 6 days remaining for 20% Bonus :)
  6. Mannabase - airdrops every week!! A few days ago I read about Mannabase on steemit. Mannabase pays every week Manna Coins (actually 0,40$ per week). It's like a passive income, not much, but very nice. There is no Telegram following necessary and no Twitter follwing necessary - only register and receive Manna Coins every week. If you are using my link, you'll receive a 50% bonus of your earnings from the first year (0,60$ instead of 0,40$): https://www.mannabase.com/?ref=a9a317440d What do you think about this project?
  7. Dias Kurmanov, presenting the new contract with Bitmain, to purchase miners:
  8. Interview with Malik Murzashev, CEO of Ice Rock Mining: https://www.totalprestigemagazine.com/malik-murzashev/
  9. New Q&A from Malik Murzashev an Dias Kurmanov on Youtube. They answered to some questions of investors:
  10. Project is going, looking forward for the next Antminers end of march. ICO still in pre-sale, 6.000.000 already collected, only in pre-sale! Current Bonus 30%. More infos: Ice Rock Mining
  11. Airdrop is still running a few more days, get yor 100 free Coins (10$) just for signing up via email: Get your 100 free Coins The company seems to be legit and plans to do: - Exchange for crypto and fiat currency - worldwide eCommerce platform - ICO Gateway - their own coin will work like binance coin and some more What do you have to do? - only sign up (mail) Team is from australia.
  12. The pre-sale of Ice Rock Mining (ROCK2) runs since the beginning of February until 20.03.2018, then the main-sale starts. End is 25.05.2018. Why is Ice Rock Mining so Special in comparison to all the other ICOs? The idea of Ice Rock would solve many of the current problems faced by established Cloud-Miners like Hashflare or Genesis. For a long time, cloud mining companies have been accused of wanting to rip-off their customers, which in many cases also applies in full. Over 95% of all providers who pretend to mine Bitcoin, lie to the "customers" brazenly, because they have no facilities (so at least my objective impression). There are so many scammers in this area, so trust in cloud mining has been lost. Many of the remaining vendors who really own equipment only pass on a small portion of the revenue and instead line up their own pockets. At the moment, this is Hashflare, which has limited its contracts to 1 year, withholding many maintenance and repair fees, and even canceling the contracts if the revenue from mining exceeds the Hashflare maintenance and repair fee for 21 days , furthermore, the payout fee of currently 400 USD is a joke! The only reputable provider that could be recommended is Genesis Mining, which is actually sold out. You see, the demand for cloud mining is very high, so other providers like Genesis would have good chances of success. So I looked for alternatives to how the mining market might evolve in the future, and I heard abut Ice Rock Mining, which wants to join mining business with a new concept: The CEO, Malik Murzashev, who has been mining Bitcoins since 2012, has bought the Kazakh government an old Soviet bunker built as a cave system into a mountain, which had no use after the end of the Cold War, and Malik bought some of the surrounding area, too. The facility is located near Almaty, Kazakhstan, the exact coordinates of the area are available on request from ICO chief, Dias Kurmanov. A look into the cave before installing the first miners In this big tunnel system in the mountain, the team wants to operate Bitcoin mining. The system offers these advantages compared to conventional providers: - Due to the constant low temperature in the mountain (about 10 to 12 degrees), there are no costs for cooling the equipment. - There are no rental costs, as the owner, CEO Malik Murzashev, already owns the facility. - Ice Rock Mining gets his energy from a nearby hydroelectric power plant, Ice Rock has already signed a contract. The electricity price is therefore only 3 cents. In addition, the mining is 100% green. So Ice Rock Mining can offer the most profitable cloud-minig. Advantages of Ice Rock Mining How to finance Ice Rock Mining from mining-revenues: 50% payout to ROCK2 token owner 20% Reinvest to expand mining performance in new ASICS 20% costs for operation, maintenance and repair 10% Ice Rock Mining Management, PR Profit-sharing So you can see how the company is financed and how Ice Rock can survive in the future. At Ice Rock Mining, the customer gets 70 percent of the revenue (50% direct and 20% through reinvestment in expanding the capacity of the facility). 30% stay at Ice Rock. At their Website you can also find a calculator showing 400% in one year, I think it's very optimistic. I get to know, this calculation was based on a Bitcoin price of $ 13,500 and a difficulty from the beginning of January. Now I would say, profits of 150 to 200% are more realistic, but it's still very good. Calculation of your profits - a little bit too optimistic. I've asked the ICO-Manager and he said, this calculation was made in early January. So today are profits almos half of this - enough to be very profitable. Why you need ROCK2 tokens and the ICO? The ICO now offers the ROCK2 tokens for sale until 25.05.2018 (unless they are already sold out before). These tokens will be used when the mining starts in July to get mining-revenues contributed to the people who own them. The "Smart Contract" developed by Ice Rock automatically recognize which ETH address contains the number of ROCK2 tokens. The monthly profits from the mining are then paid to the individual addresses in Ethereum, depending on how many tokens you own. The project is currently in the ICO, but there are already 300 Antminer S9 (13,5TH / s) in the cave, so you do not invest here in something completely unknown, but there are already various tests. The technical director, Mikhail Pluzhnikov, already has 3 years experience in mining and leads the project in technical aspects. With such a project, I also consider these pre-tests are necessary, not to invest here without references. Antminer S9 (13,5 TH/s), already in the cave Very positive too is a high transparency of the project. Many videos about the current activities as well as about the pre-tests with the equipment that is already running in the cave. Just such transparency is very rare in the mining business, which makes this project very trustworthy. Such a video can be found here: All in all, I think that this concept has the potential to displace the established mining providers, because the costs in the highly competitive mining business are very low at Ice Rock. Cheap production costs, such as Ice Rock, are fundamental to the future. Another very important point is, that Ice Rock does not offer contracts to buy, but tokens that you can resell at any time. At Hashflare the purchased contract expires without substitution after one year (!!),you have additionally the value of the tokens with Ice Rock. And so they run "lifetime" as long as mining is worthwhile. These can someday be sold, but they do not have to, because who wants to sell something that yields very good returns? With this token model Ice Rock has a decisive advantage over the established competition. It's a whole new funding system that I think will replace the current contract system (like Hashflare). After all, the value of a token that consistently generates high profits is very likely to be in great demand and rise accordingly in price. As the total project's processing power will steadily increase due to the 20% reinvestment (the difficulty increases on average as well, but significantly less), the income per token will also increase, which will also increase the value of the tokens over time. Of course, investing in ICOs there are very high risks, so either high profits or heavy losses are possible. So you should be aware of the risks, yet I see good potential here, that could be very profitable through the experience of the team, its transparency and the marginal factors of the concept of an investment. So I recommend anyone who is interested in this project, make your own research before you do the first deposit: Website Whitepaper Telegram Twitter Do you have any questions?

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