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  1. Hello. In my Gridcoin Wallet software appears this error message in the main window (in the bottom of the main screen): rejected 1 stakes. Everything serms work fine: I’m still acumulating GRC and everything is OK, but I don’t know what is the problem and how solve it. Anyone can help me? Thanks!
  2. In the last two weeks, Gridcoin decreased value from 0.040€ to 0.025€. Bitcoin decreased from 7000€ to 5400€. Is there any reason? All cryptos seems are decreasing value. Why?
  3. In the last days the ratios and the recmpensas for mining projects have changed. Until recently, TN-Grid was the project that provided the most reward for those who mine only with CPU. but now Cosmology and VGTU seem better options (please see attached image below). I have doubts about what is the best possible combination between TN-Grid, VGTU and Cosmology because I have understood that we must take into account the number of users and jobs available in addition to the recent average credit (RAC). Can someone help me and tell me which is the first best option, the second and the last? Thank you
  4. Today it seems that my Gridcoin client for Windows already works well. My wallet is already synchronized and the coins I have and a green tick appear as a sign of everything correct. However, the application has been crashed several times in the last two days and I had to restart it several times until it could finish the process. The total process since I installed the new version have been a duration of four days.
  5. Hello again @Chris Jenks I have attached LHC to my Raspberrys and all my PC’s, but only the Windows PC’s receive workouts of this project. I don’t know why the Pi’s don’t download any job of this project. Matbe is because the LHC project needs any special configuration? I have 32GB SD card on my Pi’s. Maybe is not enought space? Or I need another requirement? I think that crunch LHC in the Pi’s is better option that Universe or SETI because is a project with less RAC, but no workouts arrive :-( Maybe LHC is incompatible with ARM arquitecture or only a very small number of the available workouts are compatible with ARM? In Windows PC’s I don’t have any problem and the first results of LHC are reasonable good, equiparable as VGTU. Thanks.
  6. I am a pool miner. With the version 3.7.10 I don’t had problems but with 3.7.12 is imposible sincronize the wallet. Now I don’t see the ‘Investor’’ words and in the error Window appears: ‘Miner. Offline’. I have 40 active conections, the values of net weight, difficulty and blocks are changing, but nothing happens. The wallet is disconnected. Is necessary unblock wallet with ‘only for stake’ disabled’? :-( please help
  7. Thank you very much. I was in an error with LHC. I will try to crunch these project. Do you earn more, less or equal than Universe?
  8. Thanks. [email protected] needs Virtualnox, and this is the reason that not arribe workouts to raspberry. I also tried SETI on Raspberry and Asteroids, but I think Universe crunch is more effective. In solo mining mode you can try Yoyo, is a good choice. Do you know if is more difference in terms of performance to choose 0% or 1% of Universe? I think not but since I choose O% seems my Raspberrys receibe more TN-Grid jobs. I have 3 Raspberry’s 3B and 1 Raspberry 3B+ (this last for one month) and at the monent I don’t have see best performance on the 3B+. Now I have problems with 3.7.12 wallet windows Software. Have you tried this version in Linux or Raspbian? I sm thinking that maybe is a good odea use one of my Pi’s as a miner and gridcoin wallet, but I don’t know that if the last wallet version works fine (in windows I have a lot of probkems). Thank you very much.
  9. I’m just installed the Gridcoin Wallet software version 3.7.12 for Windows. When I select ‘download blockchain’ in advanced view, the app closes and nothing more happens. And the same when I select ‘rebuild blockchain’. Anyone has the same problem? Thanks.
  10. I’m a pool grc miner and I’m using BOINC 7.8.3 in my windows machines and 7.6.33 on linux. Now 7.10.2 is available. Anyone is using this version? Is stable and confiable or more efficient? I’m in confort with 7.8.3 and and I’m in doubt to change Thanks.
  11. I’m a pool grc miner and I’m using BOINC 7.8.3 in my windows machines and 7.6.33 on linux. Now 7.10.2 is available. Anyone is using this version? Is stable and confiable or more efficient? I’m in confort with 7.8.3 and and I’m in doubt to change Thanks.
  12. In https://gridcoinstats.eu/project/ appears TN-Grid as a project not available for reward. Why? Is this temporary or definitive? For me TN-Grid is one of the best projects. :-(
  13. Hello. I’m a bling person trying to find the best mining combination of my hardware. For me is very difficult and slow read and learn about GRC mining. This forum is not very accesible but I try to read everything because has precious information for the new users as me. I’m a pool miner and I mibe via CPU only. 1) I have three Windows PC 24/7 mining 100% TN-Grid and 1% VGTU and 1% Cosmology. 2) I have 4 raspberry pi 3 with 100% TN- Grid and 1% Universw and SETI. 3) I have 3 Google Cloud Plattform servers (8 cores, free try account) and one Cortabo Virtual Server (4 cores) with Debian 9 with the same configuration that Windows machines. i don’t know if I am naximizing my performance. In the past. days seems that VGTU and Cosmology give less magnitude but I’m not sure and I don’t know what is better or if that another project is recomnended for any of my machines. Thank you in advance.
  14. I’m a GRC pool miner via pool. I’m in doubt to mine via Cosmology or VGTU. In the past days seems that this projects provide the same credits and magnitude and practically the same profits. My first project is TN-Grid and I only mine via CPU, but in the second option I don’t know who is better. If you know that another project is better than this please tell me. And with Universe and SERi i have the same doubt. I have 4 Raspberry and I don’t know what of this two projects is better for mine in this machines. Thanks.

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