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  1. Yes. A few hours ago Eobot allowed to generate GRC address but now no. I supose isca question of time.
  2. Thanks. Eobot now allows to generate GRC wallet direction too. I’m searching a good and easy of use exchanger. I’m a Poloniex user but I’m am searching a most easy and clear exchanger that allows buy with real cash (if is possible) and store cryptos with security and easy to use. Can you recommend me C-Cex or other? Thanks
  3. Cosmology@home don’t transfer files to the pool

    A few minutes ago my computers sended the pending Cosmology jobs to the projects, but in grcpoool.com a message indicates that the project is down. My doubt is: the workouts sended will count for in my pool account when the project return to be online in grcpool.com? I hope yes because in the past days I acumulated some workouts of Cosmology that are being sended at this time.
  4. I’m crunching Cosmology@home via pool and in my computers I have a large number of files pending tobtransfer. Is the project down or something else? Is normal in this project that the files take a long time to transfer? Thanks
  5. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    @Herbert Simpson do you know if VGTU@home works in Raspberry Pi via pool?
  6. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    In yoyo@home some workouts crashed at 33% of the execution time. Others crash at 66%. In all cases I receive the message ‘client error’ on my Yoyo acount web. I use BOINC 7.6.33 in Raspbian. @Herbert Simpson you done some special configuration on this project? Maybe if Yoyo persist on this errors and TN-Grid has no work to do, I will choose SETI or Einstein. I know it is not the best selection but in this circunstances I don’t know what another thing I can do.
  7. Thanks. i’m and old Pi user. My three Pis worked perfect since the first day. The specification of the new Pis don’t apport avantages for me, but if is a 15% faster sounds great. Now I’m thinking to build a cluster with my 3 Pis
  8. Yes. I know it. Now I have 3 Raspberry Pi 3 ‘classical’ and I will buy one of them soon. But sorry, the new Pi is not the objective of my post. Thanks
  9. I am searching for the best project for crunch with Raspberry Pi 3. I have tried: - yoyo@home in Solo mode. But most of the workunits failed. - SETI@home in pool mode. Low reward (imost users crunching and is a capable GPU project). -Einstein@home in Sooo mode. Basically, the same as SETI. - TN-Grid . No work to do. - NOW I’m crunching in Asteroids@home in Pool mode but seems to be too slow and I don’t be sure is the better selection. Thanks
  10. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    One last question. For Raspberry? Better crunch Yoyo@home in Pool mode? Works fine Yoyo in Pool mode? In Solo mode wirks fine but matbe will be better in pool? P.D. I’m just see Yoyo is not in the pool list. I will continue in solo mode. P.D2: the workouts of Yoyo@home failed on my Raspberrys. @Herbert Simpson, do you have the some problem? I decided to change to pool mode with Asteroiflds in my three Pis, but I don’t be sure that is a good idea. This ptoject has Raspberry compatibility but seems crunch too soow. Thanks.
  11. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    @Herbert Simpson you can crunch with Raspberry Pi in Einstein@home in solo mode if you before attach the project to the machine select in the project web preferences to allow BETA jobs. It worked for me and every Raspberry Pi 3 returns 530 Boinc credits per day in Einstein@home. You are crunching in TN-Grid in Raspberry in solo mode? I tried this project in one of my Raspberrys and not works. Any special configuration? After read you I changed the configuration off the PC’s of my pool. Now I’m crunching VGTU and Cosmology, 100% resource shares on everyone. In a few days I’ll see the results and select one of them. Today in the whitelist project page of Gridcoin I see that Einstein@home is not supported. Is normal that projects enter and easy tonthe whitelist frequently? The last question for today... Is necessary and full recommend update to 3.7.11 versiin? I’ve 3.7.10 in Windows and seemscworks fine. For me is desesperating update the wallet every few days. It is not strongly recommended I prefer not to upgrade. Thanks. P.D @Herbert Simpson I attached TN-Grid in one of my Raspberry’s using boinccmd in Solo mode. But not receive work. Can you help me? P.D2: Don’t worry ahout TN-Grid. I finally configure my 3 Raspberry for crunch yoyo@home in solo mode. I think is a good selection because (if I’m not in an error) is a project that only uses CPU and compatible with ARM. What do you think? I’m still questioning me about TN-Grid and not work. Maybe the project don’t send workunits to the volunteers. Do you know something?. I have curiosity but if you think Yoyo is a good selection for Raspberry, I won’t change nothing more. Thanks and please be patient with me. I’m the braing full of questions that I’m trying to resolve. For me us important that everything us undercontrol and your help is much appreciated for me.
  12. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    Thanks. And what you can say me about Raspberry? Why you can’t put them in pool mining mode? Finally I added my three Raspberry’s to the account manager and are mining in the pool mode. You are my best reference in GRC Mining and you don’t put your Raspberry’s in pool mode. Why? Now I’m mining in pool with 6 machines: 3 PC’s mining Einstein and Workd Community Grid and 3 Raspberry’s mining SETI@home. I think SETI@home is the unique GRC prohect that can be processed by this type of hardware in pool mode. If you do you think that woth my PC’s is better mine another project that will be more effective forcGRC, please tell me. I choose them because are the projects that I know and the best for my hardware configuration (no NVIDIA or ARI VGA cards, only CPU mining) and are with low RAC in the whitelist. One more thing... what will I do with the wallet configuration when arrives the moment to return to solo mode? Only unlock the wallet with ‘for staking only option disabled? There will be necessary download blocks / revuild or something more? Seems it is more easy that I’m expected. Thanks again. You are my light in the obscure night of the crito’s mining :-) Your last post is repeated, I think that is the same text two times. Please if is something change tell me.
  13. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    Now I’m mining in a pool with my 2 PC (Einstein an World Community Grid) and continue in the same way (mining solo) in my Raspberry’s and my old Android phone. Now I think that I will wait. One dubt: What hapoens with my wallet? I don’t change anything on it. Continues open with the same configuration, exactly in the same way that before. It is OK? I have to change something in the walket now or later? I supose yes but in the instructions I don’t read anything about this. WHAT I have to change and WHEN? One mire thing... I’m NOT using the same email/password in the GRC Pool that I configured in the walket and all my BOINC Projects. This can bring sime problem? I’m thinking about put the Raspberry’s mine in the pool too. why not? Thanks @Herbert Simpson You are my hero!
  14. ‘List validcpids’ return anything

    Thanks. i csn mine at the same time in solo and pool mode? Solo in Raspberry and apool in PC’s? This night I will do the change!

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