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  1. Seeing as how the pool is collecting rewards for other coins (GBYTE, DCC, and BBP) and converting them to GRC for you unless you have done the work to collect those coins as well as GRC I think you are better off using the pool and selecting projects that give more than just GRC rewards. Can someone shoot me some GRC please? SDB1BMegYLNKM23DhQKZuuNfsrBcbC6nRs
  2. Have some USD burning a hole in my pocket. Anyone selling some GRC right now? My goal is to solo mine.
  3. As I've been scrounging up some coins I've been keeping an eye on time to stake. I'm looking for the amount of GRC that gives an estimated stake under 180 days (six months). With 30 GRC I was seeing around 288 days. But then difficulty has shot up and stayed up for a while. I now have 46 GRC and my estimated time to earn rewards is 1001 days. Is there some place that shows difficulty over time and what the average difficulty is? Spare some change so I can buy beer? SDB1BMegYLNKM23DhQKZuuNfsrBcbC6nRs
  4. Sportbiker

    Giving Up?

    From some of the stats I've seen it seems many people start trying to earn gridcoin and give up. I imagine they ask for starter coin, use the faucets, and maybe get a small pay out from the pool. And then stop putting as much time in trying to optimizes earnings, or checking what they have made, or give up trying to buy GRC from the exchanges for now. And eventually forget about gridcoin. If you see this post, and later are no longer interested in gridcoin please consider doing on of the following: 1) Backup and verify your wallet in case you want to revisit later. 2) Donate your GRC to new people on these fourms like others likely did for you. 3) Give the coins to the faucets: http://www.gridcoin.ch/faucet.php https://gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php 4) I've created an address for 'Thanks for all the Fish' donations to me: SDB1BMegYLNKM23DhQKZuuNfsrBcbC6nRs My idea for funds to this address is to Pay It Forward, ideally after I can start solo mining and can stake within 180 days. I think it is very important for more people to solo mine and stake for the security and stability of the network / block-chain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/So_Long,_and_Thanks_for_All_the_Fish I am also working on a gridcoin 101 blog based on my experience and what I found helpful and current. If you found this to be a good post and would like to support my efforts I have another address setup. My 'Patreon' address: S8H2nBzHpeMpnx86xqx4C7zVb24qQjFQ9H I'm using a bunch of address to track different kinds of community interaction and plan on discussing the experience and responses on my blog, so please leave a message in the transaction. Thanks!
  5. I have ~28 GRC and my stake time is estimated by the wallet to be over a year.
  6. Thanks. I'v done some web development using CMS and setup hosting. Do you know of any scripts for grid coin? Market, Exchange, Faucet...?
  7. Can any one help me be sending an invite code?
  8. As long as all the computers are using the same account for boinc the wallet on one computer will give credit. I read it was best to make sure the computer with wallet & bionic have the same projects as the other computers so wallet see stats. But.... You need initial GRC to solo mine. Best to start using the pool. Unless you get 2000+ GRC somewhere. You can use the faucets if you just want to get your beacon sent. I'm a noob too. Spent most of yesterday / today learning.
  9. Howdy I have, and can get more, 'books' (20) USPS Forever Stamps. Would like to trade for GRC. Can make a regular thing if people are interested. reply or send message.
  10. Thank you, I'll let it run over night. With all the fork talk I'm a bit concerned about getting going.
  11. Not so quick or simple. Unless your getting a lot of ref clicks. With GRC in maintenance mode on exchanges how do you get initial coins for solo mine? Is pool the best option? Donations for noob: S3nYQehESomiLSnY64kYBPezz8Vm881bHf
  12. How long dose the first sync usually take? I've downloaded the blocks and rebuilt the chain. Still says out of sync, no CPID, or coins from faucet. 😕 If you can help with starter coins: S3nYQehESomiLSnY64kYBPezz8Vm881bHf Thanks!

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