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  1. i mean to put asset in wallet after using the exchange. thats all
  2. the only exception for this (to me at least) is when i have something like IOTA, which is complicated to secure custody of, i just read too many horror stories about IOTA disappearing. SO i just leave it on the exchange tbh.. a crypto sin but i don't want to take the risk, ofc this prevents me from holding much of it.
  3. @HARVIEW well not only do exchanges get hacked, or seized, or freeze accounts, or disable withdrawals, but even the most reputable exchanges have periods of time where the website is down for whatever reason, access to your funds would be unavailable. this is especially true when trade volume is high, which is when you might need to access your money the most. When price is dropping crazy or rising crazy, maybe you wont be able to touch this money. this is more common than you think.
  4. Convenient way to trade your coins for tasty Zcash?? Switchain makes sure you get the best rate
  5. Just never store your coins on an exchange please. It is best you maintain control over your assets
  6. There a few options, custodial (or traditional exchanges) are popular but have their drawbacks. I prefer non-custodial exchanges for my transactions, they're quite convenient. Shapeshift is popular. There are also services, like Switchain, that compare rates across exchanges to ensure you get the best deal. No sign up is required for these kinds of exchanges.
  7. It is hard to choose sometimes.. having a diverse portfolio doesn't hurt. Buy some of the classics to start, Bitcoin, Monero, etc. There is tons of info and much of its false so careful research is important if you intend to stay in for a while (i would advise staying in the space long term) I would advise buying-in incrementally also. Don't dump in all your investment cash in one day, try to hit buy in points. Don't leave your coins on coinbase or any other exchange. DON'T DO IT. Even reliable exchanges have problems and the last thing you want is to be unable to access your crypto when you need it most. Get a good multi-coin wallet like coinfy. Become a positive member of the community. Use due diligence and try not to annoy your friends and family too much when you fall down the rabbit hole.😉
  8. Not only do the offer non-custodial exchange services but they also show rates for competitors so you can make sure you always get the best deal. No account needed. Private, Secure, Fast. The best alternative to Shapeshift

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