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  1. I like the fact that you can see the volume of any cryptocurrency and that the support is available at all times. Definitely gonna keep up with the news and probably invest some money there in the future. Good luck!
  2. Alright. From what I've read, it's actually a feature rather than a bug. I'll do what you said, @johnson and johnson. Thanks!
  3. @jacobw I get what you mean. Thanks for clearing that out for me :) I understand your fears and they are reasonable. And yet, I've always been a gambler so I'll probably try crypto exchanges anyway. Probably gonna invest on that CoinDeal though. I like their support, the people there seem professional and they're actually available 24/7.
  4. @jacobw Why not? What's the risk?
  5. Hi! Since I didn't see any exchange markets-related posts here, I decided to make one :) I've recently been reading some bitcoin-related sites and some exchange naimed CoinDeal was mentioned a couple of times. From what I see they started only recently. On one hand, maybe it's better to use well-known exchanges, but if this one will offer the same features as others, I might get some more profit from registering there early. But if early cryptocurrency investors profit greatly now, so maybe it'll be the case with the exchanges as well? What do you think? I'd like to invest some money into cryptocurrencies since they seem to be very promising. It'd be nice to get some opinion from more experienced bitcoin fans :) Thanks a lot! Paula
  6. Paula here!

    Hey there! My name's Paula, I'm 26-year old and I live in Poland. I wanna learn how the technical side of how cryptocurrencies works. I like to know about things that interest me and even though I don't have much IT knowledge I'd like to learn how it works in the simplest explanation possible - all the mining, blockchains and exchanges. If I get the basics it'll be easier for me to learn more, and I think it's important to know exactly what you're putting your money in :) I'll probably invest some money in it in the near future because it seems very promising. Do you guys have any exchange markets you recommend?
  7. What are you listening to?

    Lorde - Million Dollar Bills
  8. The Walking Dead Playthrough

    The first, and so far the only, game where I actually bawled my eyes out at the end.
  9. Hey there, I have a problem with my PC. Everytime I use the "shut down" button, the computer - well - shuts down, but the next time I turn it on, all the applications and windows are still open and running. Only a hard shutdown causes apps to close. Any advice? Thanks!

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