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  1. Check out our new telegram channel at http://t.me/ethbayofficial Please note that we are no longer posting our ICO address on telegram for security purposes to avoid scams. Our ICO address can always be found at http://www.ethbay.co/contribute
  2. Our current bonus period has been extended. The current bonus period will now end on June 28 at 10:00 AM UTC.
  3. We've decided to extend our current bonus period for an additional 48 hours. The current bonus period will now end on June 16 at 10:00 AM UTC
  4. Hello, we would greatly appreciate if ticker spam was not posted in this thread. Please provide a short description for any links posted in this thread.
  5. Check out a review of our ICO that was just posted by AMTV's Christopher Greene! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeUgnu8dz0U
  6. In addition to ensuring proper gas limit is included with investments, please also make sure proper gas price (in Gwei) in included. We've had some investment transactions take a long time to confirm due to low gas prices on transactions. Please visit ETH Gas Station (ethgasstation.info) for up to date information on proper gas prices to include with transactions for fast confirmation.
  7. Hello everyone! If you are investing in our ICO please make sure to include the appropriate gas price to ensure the transaction goes through. We've noticed a few users whose transactions failed due to out of gas errors. We recommend a using gas limit of 200,000 or more.
  8. Our 25% early investment bonus period is ending soon! Don't miss your chance to buy Ethbay tokens at our discounted price!
  9. Our ICO is now Live! This is our ICO investment address: 0xDFB4524b1C1fE01075FAB0bB4E16Db991D58A3Bd As previously mentioned, please beware of anyone claiming to be us sending an unsolicited email with a different ICO address.

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