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  1. Every token that goes out, makes us one step closer towards the project realization. Now there are already distributed 9M+ XMN tokens. This will fuel the token economy when we go to exchanges. Those who didn’t join before can do it before we reach the Soft Cap: https://xmoneta.com/buy-tokens We see the future, where people can consume, create and regulate distributed services and products in one decentralized Xmoneta Cryptomessenger Bank, where all the processes are based on smart-contracts. We take the path free of the mass surveillance to give us back control over our thoughts, finances, and life- this is the path of the future. Our goal is to create a universal and completely secure messenger. This new application will be based on Blockchain technology and will give users the opportunity to chat, send messages, make orders, buy goods, trade with people and manage his/her money. Everything for our daily needs and business is here in this compact application. By supporting the project, you will be able to access its benefits early on with big bonuses. Now there are only 9 days left for our ICO A round. During this time we give EXTRA BONUS + 50% if you invest more than 1ETH = 30 000 XMN. At the ICO B round the Extra BONUS will be +40% to faster launch the project. At the exchanges, the price will be 1 ETH = 20 000 XMN. Join in now!!!
  2. Do you have too many apps? And they are using you and not you them? Xmoneta Cryptomessenger all-in-one concept will allow you to remove many apps from you mobile. It’s it meant to fully enjoy the mobile lifestyle. Platform integrates social and business communication, shopping, trading and sending money (crypto/fiat) just with an instant message. We are building Xmoneta ecosystem it to meet the needs of different groups like everyday users, businesses and cryptoactivists. And more importantly we think that their interests need to match and not to overcross. With Xmoneta you will be able to earn with the ads and select which ones to choose. There will be many opportunities how you will be able to earn the native XMN token like creating content, activities, paid phone calls and many more. Afterwards you will be able to boost your activities and projects with the XMN. All of your social and business life can be supported with one all-in-one app. We have already huge supporter base with more than 30 000 followers and from many social channels. You can join and support the mobile blockchain revolution with Xmoneta. Our tokensales is also active now. You can join in when it is the A round with eXtra bonuses up to 50% - https://xmoneta.com/buy-tokens If you find the investors, then use the link generated by the site and you both will benefit. Everyone, who will click it, will be redirected to our website and get 3% bonus, as well as you will get 7% bonus for every new deal: https://xmoneta.com/affiliate
  3. Nowadays when cryptocurrency investment is becoming increasingly popular, it is easier to find those who are interested. We made this process simpler for the investor partners. With the Xmoneta Affiliates program, you will generate a unique Affiliates link, that is connected with your wallet. Once, there is a deal, the smart contract will send the 7% to you. For choosing your partnership investors receives +3% and you both will profit from the deal. Just find a friend who also want to invest and you will both receive the + % rewards. This offer can specially benefit the group investors. You can also create a good content that will be a good read for the investors and leave your affiliates link below. Check out the Xmoneta Affiliates program - https://xmoneta.com/affiliate If less than 50 affiliates bring any ETH then the lottery will be con- ducted between the affiliates, who brought results. The more you share, the more rewards you will get in the end! Plus, Three iPhones X are going to be distributed to the TOP 3 affiliates, and two are going to be randomly assigned to two affiliates in the TOP 50! Read here how to get and buy the XMN tokens: https://xmoneta.com/buy-tokens
  4. Why and how will you use the Xmoneta token? Our XMN token is an ecosystem-based cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is interlinked with the all-in-one mobile platform opportunities, where XMN can be applied. There are three main reasons why people are buying the XMN at Xmoneta ICO. These can be seen as the three groups of people according to their end goals. 1. Trading – Most common use of the tokens is for trading. People are interested to profit from the tokens price fluctuations. When they go to the exchanges, their value rises and the traders collect the profit from that. 2. Influencing – As a core aspect of the ecosystem, the XMN token holds a great value to those who want to use it to boost their business. Among this group, you can find the shop owners, business organizations, retail agencies, service and consulting providers, etc. This is a form of B2B investment who are interested in the tokens utility aspect. That will give you a strategic advantage in the platform for business communication, operations by being among the first to be in the marketplace. 3. Holding – People who are having cryptocurrencies and want to keep them and raise their profits by that. We offer as the special loyalty bonus for the yearly holding of + 10%. Your reasons why to buy the token can be mixed, but it’s better to choose your priorities. How would you use it? It is best to buy now with the ICO prices when you can get the additional Extra Bonus of 50%. Also, the current price drop in ETH prices will secure you a great advantage in buying more. Define your priorities and get the XMN: https://xmoneta.com/buy-tokens
  5. Xmoneta is ICO is live! BONUS + 50 % .

    Now it’s our third day of the ICO and we can already feel the dynamics of the global shift.

    Blockchain VS Web 2.0
    Before many would have thought the Web 2.0 would be naturally succeeded by the Web 3.0. And that would be the next revolution and evolution of the Internet. Yet there was another revolution — the evolution of money — the blockchain.
    The revolutions are never about the tools and things, but about the shift in consciousness and the people perception of realities. It’s about the changing the injustices and making new rules. Revolutions and neither evolution come easy and the dominant actors are keeping their positions till the end. The evolution of money somehow twisted the linear scheme of the internet development. Because the dominant hierarchy of the internet was hugely based on the old money. Now there are ongoing online repressions against the cryptocurrencies and new ICOs.
    Before it was the Facebook ban and now recently the Google joined the fight. Censure is as always is masked as the interests of common people. The petro-dollars and ad-dollars have common interests. This is the point where we can’t look at the technological development from a merely technical standpoint, but need to understand the political economies of the global money cartels. Blockchain might be the new layer and paradigm of the internet, but society is still hugely manipulated by the old paradigm of money. Decentralization is what hurts the most for that because it removes its tentacles. Whether it is a software, company or network, when it’s out from the pyramid, it doesn’t serve its purpose. That’s why the decentralized technology is now the greatest asset for the humanity that can disrupt the power dominance existing over the centuries.
    This shift is very complex and multilayered. Probably there wouldn’t we just one project, coin or token, that can change it all. We at Xmoneta understood, that we need new tools, that will boost in and help to access it in more simple form for the everyday user. Xmoneta will be an open platform and messenger for the new technological paradigm. We are creating the multi-currency blockchain, that will allow using many cryptocurrencies and fiat money. It is a shift technology and a switch between the crypto and fiat.

    Our ICO has also recently started and you can join in now to support the cause: https://xmoneta.com


  6. ICO or initial coin offering is one of the best currently available crowdfunding method. This allows to raise the project funding for the start-up and allows easily to connect for the investors and community. Our ICO smart contract is based on the Ethereum Solidity, that allows making the ICO secure and transparent. Every transaction can be viewed and the invested ETH can be refunded. Even though at the time of cryptocurrency market crash, there is skepticism in the media, while for the investors it is a great opportunity to invest, while the ETH prices are low. Xmoneta pre-ICO has shown that it is a great opportunity to connect with the next users from all around the world. In total from all our channels, we acquired ~30 000 supporters and next investors. Now we are entering the ICO phase. Our token price without bonus on the exchanges will be 1 ETH = 20 000 XMN. During the ICO with more ETH you will get higher bonuses: • Token price with 50 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 30 000 XMN • Token price with 40 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 28 000 XMN • Token price with 30 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 26 000 XMN • Token price with 20 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 24 000 XMN • Token price with 10 % Bonus: 1 ETH = 22 000 XMN The total amount of the tokens offered during the ICO 200 000 000 XMN. What do we want to achieve? • ICO Soft cap: 500 ETH • ICO Hard cap: 8000 ETH The legal qualification of our XMN token is utility token, therefore it doesn’t undergo the strict regulation that is attacking now the security tokens. Accepted currencies: FIAT, ETH, BTC, LTC and other. You can even start with minimum Investment, that is unlimited but recommended: 0.1 ETH. With more ETH you will get more + % Bonus. For more information please visit: https://xmoneta.com
  7. Security tokens are regulated for example by US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and now undergo strict regulations in many places in the world. While the utility tokens not. Tokens need to pass the Howey Test, to consider them to be the securities. Our XMN token is utility token, that doesn't have such problems.
  8. Hello! Our project is global with the utility token XMN and not the security.
  9. Hello! Thank you for spreading the good word of Xmoneta!
  10. Hello! Thank you for spreading the good word of Xmoneta!
  11. Hello! Thank you for spreading the good word of Xmoneta!
  12. Hello! Thank you for spreading the good word of Xmoneta!
  13. Hello! Thank you for spreading the good word of Xmoneta!
  14. Hello! Thank you for spreading the good word of Xmoneta!

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