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  1. How AWESOME.......so I can invest $100.00 today times a 4096 times profit and make $409,600.......what a GREAT deal.....I think I'll invest my entire savings! I think a LOT of people are gonna fall for this one lol
  2. Right on man, glad to hear it:-) Wish I had the tech know how to help out!
  3. Man, I honestly don't think there is a choice brother......I hope you have not seen my posts regarding this issue negatively..I saw this coming and think it will hurt your project severely if not addressed.
  4. I knew this problem and the complaints would start getting worse! This is VERY bad for this coin man, more new people come in and experience this problem with not being able to control their coins and it's gonna be enough to turn many of them off!! Telling people to use a mobile or online wallet is NOT going to resolve the problems, complaints or loss of users. It's like having your money in the bank and needing access to it only to be told you can only withdraw $5 a day. It is VERY aggravating! I can't speak or remark to 20 out of 100 wallets having this problem, I personally have only seen this happen to one other coin and it was fixed quickly at that. I don't understand the difficulty or the technical problems with fixing this issue, but whatever it is it needs to happen or people are going to continue to turn blue in the face with frustration of NOT having control over their coins. Personally I think this should be the top priority to get resolved...this is a much bigger deal than is being considered and will continue to get worse and worse.
  5. Bro, did you read what you quoted?? "Please PM your details". He wants you to "Private Message" him with your payment addy that you mined with.
  6. I used many wallets and never encountered anything this bad. Surely this can be fixed as other coins don't give such problems! This is just crazy ridiculous to have to deal with, no one in the real world would ever use a currency that was this difficult to move around.
  7. Bro......please tell me you are going to remove the sending limits from the wallet man?! This is SOOOOOOOO annoying bud! Seems REALLY silly with a coin with a count as this one would be limited to 500 coins at a time. Took me 10 minutes to send 15k to the exchange to play around!
  8. I'm still mining solo and finding blocks. Looking like the dif is getting to a point though I might be better off pool mining. I just can't stand those types of pools that are currently running for MUE:-)
  9. The lottery thing sounds cool. I am still a bit concerned however with what I saw with my wallet brother. Wouldn't it mean the coin forked if this is what happened? How do I confirm I am mining the correct fork when solo mining? I'm not real familiar with using block explorers but will take a peak and see what i see.

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