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  1. Vegascoin It's not "Our Pool" just a company that worked with us to help launch it today, they are upgrading the server. It should be fixed soon, along with 2 other pool locations tomorrow. Like · 19 hours ago So what is it. did you Brian make the coin and are trying to make a pool company or did you just want a pool company so you made a coin that you could launch exclusively in your pool.? I mean it is all ok But say what it is don't try to hide behind double talk.. |I think it is a good name dont get me wrong but you have to admit the way it was launched kind of gave you some exclusive control of the initial launch of the coin so you could instamine it instead of the heavy miners get a piece of the action until difficulty got high enough..
  2. Right now we are Mining GAY coin ... soon we will post an open wallet with all of the GAY we have collected in donation.. Then we will petition with our followers and supporters of our network to help us on an exchange where GAY can be traded Freely. Once this is in place we will post on our website GayCoin.ME exactly where, when and why we will liquidate public funds. We will take suggestions through out the month and then let the community decide on which project deserves the most attention. We want this to be fair and transparent as possible.
  3. The Website Giveaway is picking up too. Please tell everyone you know.. we are doing this as humanitarians not to get rich. Come Mine with us and we will donate proceeds to help change unfair legislation. All proceeds that are donated to the website will go directly to make a change.
  4. Yes the proceeds that I will be donating will go directly to help Gay rights.

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