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  1. Digital Gold, digital asset, digital currency and many more buzzwords are used to describe the new phenomenon in the financial industry, Yes, what you thought is right, let’s discuss about cryptocurrency - the digital gold’ and its development. Developing a cryptocurrency involves the following stages: Ideation and White paper creation Pre-ICO Marketing & Dashboard Setup Initial Coin Offering Wallet Setup Ideation and white paper creation Ideation is the preliminary stage, where you brainstorm and ideate on how to increase the value of your coin. When writing the white paper, make sure to keep the target audience in mind. Pre-ICO marketing & Dashboard Setup Pre-ICO is the token sale that the blockchain enterprise runs before the official ICO sale or campaign. After Pre-ICO, a powerful dashboard with explicit data visualization should be implemented Initial Coin Offering With the report from Pre-ICO sales, you can go for main ICO, which helps you to determine the price of your coin. ICO is a fundraising platform where advanced SEO and digital marketing strategies are advisable. Wallet setup The final stage in cryptocurrency development is the wallet setup. Setting up a wallet helps you to store cryptocurrencies with different options. A lot of companies are involved in the process of cryptocurrency development. Finding the right company to develop your cryptocurrency is crucial for your success. Blockchain App Factory excels in the cryptocurrency development services space. Follow this link to know more about us.
  2. in case bitcoin lost its value, by the time other altcoin can overcome it. lets watch
  3. Today’s gaming culture has grown from a nerd’s hobby to a multi-million dollar industry. Gaming has come a long way from physically hooking up a game console to an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). This revolution was bound to happen. This blog post will elaborate on how Blockchain technology can be used to develop game.
  4. What’s one way to stay ahead in the crypto race? Join us! The cryptocurrency development are an essential factor in the ICO and STO. Find exceeding solutions with our cryptocurrency enthusiasm. We are currently developing cryptocurrency on Hashgraph and DAG which is going to dominate the future of decentralization. Blockchain App Factory provides you with advanced and innovative cryptocurrency software development services with encompassing solutions for custom altcoin development that meets your objectives.
  5. How do you start with a cryptocurrency development plan? The development is a crucial aspect. Do not worry! We offer the best services at affordable rates. Now, build your blockchain on Litecoin, Bitcoin or Monero fork. All these are customizable. It’s just about time to start your endeavor.
  6. Blockchain Technology — The new revolution in the digital economy! It is undeniably ingenious invention and has evolved into something more significant than everyone expected. But, what exactly is Blockchain? A blockchain is a decentralized technology. It is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. The general idea is that a global network of computers uses blockchain technology to manage the database that records Bitcoin transactions jointly. In layman terms, decentralization means the network operates on a peer-to-peer basis. BAF — Blockchain App Factory Services Blockchain App Factory has a team of experts in blockchain app development who ensure to provide custom blockchain based solutions for various applications across industries. For more Read ---> https://medium.com/blockchain-app-factory/blockchain-technology-the-new-revolution-in-the-digital-economy-3d225ad1b0ec
  7. Blockchain App Factory, a reputed cryptocurrency development company provides top-notch local bitcoin clone that can be used by entrepreneurs who can provide peer-to-peer exchange under reasonable transaction fees. With excellent escrow service, you can create your own local bitcoin exchange with the help of few clicks.
  8. Cryptocurrency development company are proficient in blockchain technology create a practical digital currency for startups and offer them to the public by means of an ICO campaign to gather the funds that are required to establish the business.
  9. Any Cryptocurrency has a wide range of services. What makes Blockchain App Factory stand apart from the crowd is the plethora of cryptocurrency development services from the inception of conceptual token design till the dedicated wallet development, we have it all. Create perfect whitepaper to reel in potential investors and even create your own cryptocurrency.
  10. Security is a concern when dealing with cryptocurrencies. Initiate your venture with the best cryptocurrency development company in town, Blockchain App Factory provides the top of the line security practices in developing cryptocurrency. Create transparent blockchain for business transactions with ease.

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