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  1. Premium VIP Crypto Signals & Education - Free for a limited time

    Market updates for 17 March: https://telegram.me/snipertradesignals Cheers, SniperTrade Team
  2. Hello Everyone, There are many scams/get rich quick telegram channels around especially pump and dump groups. Please beware of these and be mindful that trading is risky business. There is no such thing as guaranteed XXX% in XXX days. Anyone who tells you they can help you to get rich QUICK or make BIG gains are just trying to profit of you. Trading ANY asset class be it FOREX, Commodities, Stock or Crypto involves RISK. What you can look out for is credible cryptocurrency education channels where trade ideas are given with technical analysis and fundamental news to back. Even so, one should always exercise caution and do their own research on whatever coin they're investing in. Even the best telegram education serves to ASSIST you in your decision making not make the decision for you. We have just launched a new free telegram channel @ https://telegram.me/snipertradesignals We started this channel as there are too many scammy channels around ruining the image of crypto. We would like to change that by bringing reliable & quality crypto information to the community. Do check out the channel and invite anyone you think will benefit. Cheers, SniperTrade Team
  3. Premium VIP Crypto Signals & Education - Free for a limited time

    Unlike pump groups who just hijacked my thread above... we do not give calls like these with no technical nor fundamental analysis. We recommend staying away from such groups as the only ones who are going to profit are the channel owners. Trading is risky business and one should always exercise caution. Always always do your research on every coin before investing. You can check out our channel https://telegram.me/snipertradesignals and learn technical analysis and fundamental news instead of scammy pump groups like these. Anyone can pull up some random numbers and said they gave XXX% etc. But we don't do that. Education over Reliance. Cheers, SniperTrade Team
  4. Premium VIP Crypto Signals & Education - Free for a limited time

    Our team have found some interesting dump timings on BTC. Check it out at our channel: https://telegram.me/snipertradesignals Cheers, SniperTrade Team
  5. Hello Traders, We are a Crypto Education & Signals Channel. At our channel, we will never promise XXX% Gains in XXX days. There is no such thing as guaranteed gains and any channel telling you that is just pure marketing. At SniperTrade Signals, we strive to equip you with credible knowledge to help you find confluence in your trading setups. We believe in Education over Reliance. All our signals come with: -Risk level -Buy price -Tiered targets -Stop loss -Fundamental & Technical analysis We also provide daily "weather reports" on the market, Crypto & blockchain education and news catalysts. Currently the channel is FREE and you will enjoy full unrestricted signals. If you like our content, please subscribe and invite anyone you think will benefit. Thank you! SniperTrade Team https://telegram.me/snipertradesignals

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