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  1. Very nice progress Smokeasy! I bet your hard work will make the coin great again! Regards CM
  2. I think main node went down. Chek post #1 for the correct nodes and try sync!
  3. Vote for BTCS to be listed on Cryptofolio: http://cryptofolio.info/welcome/vote If you have some spare Bitcoin, you can bribe the developer. [no, I am not related to them]
  4. BTCS added to http://cryptofolio.info portfolio site.
  5. It was down for 2 days, I was sick. Its okay now.
  6. Cryptominer.net BTCS pool is closing. Please check post: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/2275-btc2cryptominernet-pool-official/?p=131129 Thanks.
  7. Thank you Omega6! I didnt say this to ask money from anyone to cover my expenses, until fees cover my costs, its okay. Cheers!
  8. Hello, Any progress in the development? A little info would be great. Cheers!
  9. Indeed. And there is XBC (Bitcoin Plus), just found it. PoW already ended, only PoS atm, can be traded on Poloniex for a really decent price. Maybe this was the real reason Poloniex dropped BTCS? Anyways. Cryptominer BTCS cool remains active as long as I can pay the server costs. Have a nice day everyone.
  10. Ohh indeed. Well I woke up too early. Thanks for the clarification Smokeasy!
  11. Some big miners hop on to the pool 2-3 times a day. BTCS is doing great, no problem so far.
  12. Woot PoS BTCS! Just dont forget what happened to several PoS coins (TAG, Pennies), this needs to be working flawlessly.
  13. Updated node to 1.3.2. 26 blocks to 96000.

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