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  1. Future Expansion Plans
    The launch of the SLT token is a part of a strategy that will be instituted to reduce transaction fees for users and eventually to speed up transactions.
    A key part of this strategy is the opening of the SLT cryptocurrency exchange. Combining these two solutions, it is the hope that users who currently face problems with opening different wallets and with withdrawing money they earn can find a quick and easy resolution to these issues.
    The platform will have a wallet exchanger and a digital asset exchanger in one place for the first time, giving users as much flexibility as they need to access and convert their money rapidly so as to be able to keep up with the dynamics and vagaries of the cryptocurrency trading market.
    Eventually, it is expected that users will even have the opportunity to make payments and withdraw money using the SLT Card, which will be integrated with major existing fiat providers to give maximum flexibility across crypto and fiat channels to SLT platform users.


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    1. Passive Coin

      Passive Coin

      A key part of this strategy is the opening of the SLT cryptocurrency exchange. Nice! I like the ambitious goals and gonna follow this project! :)

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