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  1. Dear members, ONLY 1 DAY LEFT UNTIL THE END OF OUR BOUNTY REGISTRATION !! https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3767214.msg37556479#msg37556479 ( more info )
  2. [iurl=#][/iurl] Telegram l Website l Twitter l Facebook l Announcement thread To be able to claim tokens from bounty reward you have to register on our Website and raise a support ticket with Subject: Bounty Claim and in text copy/paste your bitcointalk username. Every comment you have made please post it here on this thread. Join our telegram chat and type: Bounty Claim, one of our admins will send you PM and ask you your username on our website. Bitcointalk Avatar/Signature Campaign – Time frame for registration is until end of 18th of May -after 18th of May registered members will continue “Hunting SLTs” until further notice (probably one more week) Member - 30 SLT ( 10 Avatar + 20 Signature ) Full member - 50 SLT ( 20 Avatar + 30 Signature ) Senior Member - 80 SLT ( 30 Avatar + 50 Signature ) Hero - 100 SLT ( 40 Avatar + 60 Signature ) Legendary - 150 SLT ( 50 Avatar + 100 Signature) Step 1 - register here Step 2 - submit a support ticket, Subject: Bounty claim, Text in support ticket: Your bitcointalk username. Step 3 - Raise support ticket every day for your comment, just copy and paste links from your comments. Comment has to have date from day you raised support ticket. Subject: Bounty claim In text: your comment links Step 4 - Paste those links on this thread as well b]Step 5[/b] - Join our telegram chat and type: Bounty Claim, one of our admins will send you PM and ask you your username on our website. If you want to participate in Telegram Bounty Campaign. Minimum 7 to 10 comments (no spam) in one week To receive tokens, you have to create account here Website and submit support ticket with your Bitcointalk username. Please make comments on forum which make sense. Comments like: you rock, to the moon, this is great project without telling a reason, why do you think it is great are considered as a spam and comments like that won't be qualified for our campaign. Everyone make at least one comment per day on this forum, so just act natural, no spamming Additional rule is that you have to comment an various threads and subforums like Altcoin Discussion ( what ever thread you like and follow) Bitcoin Discussion and Announcements (Altcoins) minimum one comment in each subforum, the rest is up to you. Please do not comment on our Announcement Thread because it is against the rules if you have any questions you can always send us PM or ask in our telegram chat. Raise support ticket every day for your comment, just copy and paste link from your comment + copy/paste it here on this thread. Comment has to have date from day you raised support ticket. After you have reached 10 posts (comments) you will get additional 1 SLT for 2 comments (posts) Avatar: https://i.imgur.com/q4f7pqW.png + Personal text: Transparent decentralized exchange with debit card Signature: Member >[center][td][b][url=https://goo.gl/9ESJcx]ıllllı DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE with DEBIT CARD ıllllı[/url][/td] [center][td] ıllllı [url=https://www.facebook.com/slttoken][b]Facebook[/url] ıllllı [url=https://goo.gl/9ESJcx][b]ANN Thread[/url] ıllllı [url=https://sltpos.com/content/site/sltwhitepaper.pdf][b]Whitepaper[/url] ıllllı [url=https://t.me/sltofficialgroup][b]Telegram chat [/url] ıllllı [url=https://twitter.com/sltpos_crypto][b]Twitter[/url] ıllllı [/td] [center][td][b][url=https://goo.gl/9ESJcx] ıllllı Mobile App, Staking, Decentralized Exchange and Debit Card ıllllı[/url][/td] [/center] Full Member/Senior Member/Hero/Legendary Member >[center][td][url=https://goo.gl/9ESJcx][b][color=#CD5C5C]ıll[/color][shadow=red,left][color=#FF4500]llı DECENTRALIZED E[/color][color=#DC143C]XCHANGE[/color] [color=#DC143C]wit[/color][color=#DC143C]h D[/color][color=#B22222]EBIT CARD ıll[/color][color=#800000]llı[/color][/url][/td] [center][td][color=#CD5C5C]ıllllı[/color][url=https://www.facebook.com/slttoken][b][color=#8B4513][b] Facebook[/b][/color][/url][color=#CD5C5C] ıllllı[url=https://goo.gl/9ESJcx][b][color=#8B4513][b] ANN Thread[/b][/color][/url][color=#CD5C5C] ıllllı[url=https://sltpos.com/content/site/sltwhitepaper.pdf][b][color=#8B4513][b]Whitepaper[/b][/color][/url][color=#CD5C5C] ıllllı[url=https://t.me/sltofficialgroup][b][color=#8B4513][b]Telegram[/b][/color][/url][color=#CD5C5C] ıllllı[/color][url=https://twitter.com/sltpos_crypto][b][color=#8B4513][b] Twitter[/b][/color][/url][color=#CD5C5C] ıllllı[/color][/td] [center][td][b][color=#800000]ıll[/color][url=https://goo.gl/9ESJcx][color=#B22222]llı Mobile App, Staking,[/color][color=#DC143C] Decentralized E[/color][color=#DC143C]xchange an[/color][color=#FF4500]d Debit Card ıll[/color][color=#CD5C5C]llı[/color][/td] Youtube Create a review of our project and collect bounty reward 1000 subscribers - 100 SLT tokens 5000 Subscribers - 300 SLT tokens 10000 Subscribers - 500 SLT tokens And so on ….. Minimum 3 minutes video duration. Step 1 Telegram Ask friends to join our telegram chat. 1 SLT per invited friend. After you have added your friend in our telegram chat, please send us private message (any admin in telegram group) whom you have added. Even dough we can see who added who, we just want from the bounty hunters to "play fair game" Zero point tolerance on spaming adding people without their permission. If anyone complaints that it is added in out telegram chat without permission will get apology from us and member who added him/her will be disqualified from all bounty rewards. Remember, before you start our bounty reward you have to register on our website and join our telegram chat, type bounty claim and one of our admins will contact you and ask you, your username from the website. So we can remove you from Bounty program because we can check who added member who is complaining and check with our list of bounty participants. [li]Create a review [/li] [li]post it on our Announcement thread [/li] [li] Register on our Website If you didn't already[/li] [li]submit support ticket with subject: Bounty Claim and in text enter your bitcointalk username[/li] Media Publication Campaign -If you have a blog or you are a content writer/journalist for crypto news portals such as coindesk, CoinTelegraph, TheMerkle, Bitcoinist or any other relevant with crypto, ICO... you can earn by publishing an article about our project. -We will classify each article as standard (50), good (200) or extraordinary (1000) depending on the media outlet and it’s reach. If you have any questions or proposals don't hesitate to contact us via PM (bitcointalk) or any other social media channels. We are already listed on Coinpayments and even dough we are still in ICO phase (last round), Coinpayments estimated one SLT above 3$, check out our Twitter, Facebook or ANN Thread for proof. or ask Coinpayments by yourself.
  3. Dear SLT Community, We created a pool in our FaceBook group..please join us and tell us what you think https://www.facebook.com/groups/SLTTokenOfficial/permalink/188463778624610/ Thank you! Best regards, SLT team https://sltpos.com

    Check out our new introduction video. 

  5. Check out our new introduction video - https://sltpos.com/referral/slt
  6. SLT NEWS... Pre ICO & Round 1 are finished! Round 2 just started! Price is $0.50 per token Next Goal - listing on exchangers Register: https://sltpos.com/referral/slt ⏩Join our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SLTTokenOfficial/ ⏩Telegram: https://t.me/sltofficialgroup New video explanation is here (click on the picture)

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