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  1. That would be great, if Bittrex was allowing new accounts. But sadly, no Bittrex account for me. 😐
  2. Hello everyone. I've been a staunch supporter of BOINC since 2005. I've just learned about GridCoin and think it is a great idea. My most crunched projects are GPUGrid, [email protected] and WCG. I also love the idea of doing science with my electricity, instead of just wasting it, like when mining BitCoin! Any coin assistance to get me started would be appreciated and paid forward, as I and we grow as a community. SFZH4utPnimtuLi9Vq9LVBsJzGE2T21f7J Thank you, JChojnacki BOINC CPID: d6ce886c7dffce0dd54368ffdb467f54

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