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  1. This is an incredible faucet: http://karimundoge.xyz/?r=DRTKBugYhvPPera37Cdw3uNtGmAp5DaNDL Pays out to FaucetHub. 🙂
  2. Hit this faucet for free Gulden coins! http://gulden.news/free_gulden/ref.php?address=Ge5iS4xFuEn2SS5AbZNsTLdbYYJbi3rYGn Pays directly to wallet! 😀
  3. Brand-new faucet launched! Claim STRAT, Zcash, Monero, Verge, and many more... every FOUR minutes! Pays out. Autofaucet and browser mining options as well. This is my new favorite! https://allcoins.pw/?ref=1137 Referral program, too! 😀 Get in early!
  4. Paying out about 10 ETN every 3 days or so. And my phone never gets hot! :)
  5. I signed up 2 months ago. Received NOTHING. All withdrawals "pending." I hope you didn't waste your 0.5 LTC.
  6. Sign up with CoinBundle for 300 free tokens and get early access! New investing app coming! https://vrlps.co/a?pt=vugkPGdXq4l0EZCtnQYqOUp5Mgk&referralCode=rJABgOVcz&refSource=copy More FREE tokens for referrals! Earn up to a $900 value! ☺️

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