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  1. Super-easy! Fast sign-up for free coins. https://referral.rays.network?mwr=7751-1dfda4d9 Get more for referrals, too. 🙂
  2. Easy sign-up! Get 10 free coins after confirming your e-mail. https://ethx.co/u/?ref=SALM345367 Refer people and get more. 😀
  3. Awesome faucet for a relatively new coin, Liteblocks! https://liteblocks.net/airdrop/referred/id/559 Download a wallet from liteblocks.net and start getting some LBS. I've earned over a thousand coins in just several days! And the wallet stakes! ☺️
  4. Get some FREE altcoins that are not found in most faucets! https://btcpop.co/Faucet/?ref=220386 I've already withdrawn to my wallet. Or let your balance sit... many of these coins stake! Other coins like 1337, Emercoin, and Reddcoin too! 😀
  5. So easy... free BTC from simply interacting with a Telegram bot! No annoying captchas! http://t.me/btc_ticket_bot?start=532116220 I got 14,000 sats on my fist use. 😀
  6. Get 50 ETNX for FREE! https://app.electronero.org/invite/rSly3a4ObjmhWg Electronero will be forked off of Electroneum. 🙂
  7. Here's another new coin: EOT! https://eotwallet.com?__wallets_faucet_ref=925716e584e8ccac Faucet pays up to 10000 coins! 😀
  8. This is an incredible faucet: http://karimundoge.xyz/?r=DRTKBugYhvPPera37Cdw3uNtGmAp5DaNDL Pays out to FaucetHub. 🙂

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